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Food and Feet

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One of our favourite weekend breakfasts (or brunches) is home-made hash browns.  They are *so* simple - just grate some potato and fry in your favourite oil.  Or for a completely evil variation, add shredded cheese and bacon bits.  Soooo good!!

We also got some salad bits on Saturday, so had a nice (if not authentic) caesar salad for second lunch yesterday.

For dinner yesterday Stu roasted a bunch of veggies and a veggie roast.  Quite yum, but the potatoes could have done with *something*... not sure what..

Tonight I did a satay tofu stirfry.  Dug out the wok for this, which is much easier to use with bok choy than a small frying pan!

And last night we watched Happy Feet.  Meh.  I think it tried too hard.  It was almost like a Moulin Rouge wanna-be.  So it just didn't quite work for me.  Stu thought it was a little strange too.  Shrug :)

School kids are infesting the buses again.. sux majorly :(

Tonight a bunch of us went to Ruchi's in Belconnen to celebrate Damien's birthday next week.  It was a very pleasant evening :)  And got to know Amanda a bit better which was lovely :)

Damien and Amanda

While the food was pretty good, and the service not too bad, they did charge us corkage for five bottles of wine, when we only had three. Bastards. So we didn't give them a tip. They can take the tip out of the $9 extra dollars of corkage they charged us. That makes two strikes for Ruchi's in my book :)

As we arrived home, saw a rather spectacular moon bow. This is a hand held shot (cause it was all too hard to come and get my tripod).. mind you the moon already did look hazy behind the cloud. That's Jupiter up the top.



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So I found out today that Robocopy comes native with Vista! W00t!

Previously I've been using the old windows xp copy of ntbackup.exe, but that was a bit painful, so thought I'd give robocopy a go.  It worked pretty well, except for my profile directory.  Then it barfed all over the place and I had to fuss around with it to get it to do backups of well-buried stuff like Google Earth's myplaces.kml file. 

So anyway I have a bunch of command line options that I can script, which will make future backups to this backup disk much quicker. 

Now if only I had a bigger external hard drive that actually *fitted* everything I want to backup, and a usb hub so I don't have to ferret around the back of the computer to get the computer to recognise it...

Whiskey notes

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Hart Brothers - tasted like scotch.. strangely enough!  Fairly "clear" and clean.
Balvenie - a bit smokey, had a bit of character to it
Glenmorangie - also a bit smokey, similar to the Balvenie
Bushmills malt - an Irish one, a bit heavier
Sullivan's Cove - an Australian one.  Of course by the time I got to this one I was perhaps a little less qualified to pass judgement.  From memory it was a lighter coloured one as well... tasted like scotch... :)

Back to Germany

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On the way back from the movies, we popped into the Wig & Pen for a beer.  We got half pints of the Elders of the Black Forest, and their Kölsch. 

For a heavy beer, the Black Forest one wasn't too bad, tasting almost sweetly syruppy.

And of course the Kölsch just reminded me of all the German beer we drank :)

Wig and Pen German night

Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina So we met up with Damien and Jo and went and saw Appleseed Saga: Ex Machina.

It was pretty good!  Story was good, and not too hard to follow.  The opening scene was just like an Unreal map or something heh

And the graphics were fantastic.  But we did see it with subtitles, which meant while you were busy reading the subtitles, you missed out on some of the action.  Guess we'll have to see it again at some point heh.

Will have to see the first part too.


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Went to Antigo in town for dinner tonight.  Was pretty tasty.  I had the kangaroo which had a *lot* of meat, nicely done.  Stu had some veggies which were also pretty good.  There was only one waitress on, so she was a bit run off her feet, but very nice.
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