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King Kong

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We watched the 1933 version of King Kong tonight.  It was.. er.. interesting.. hehe.  The stop-motion gorilla looks a bit tragic in this day and age, but I imagine in 1933 it would have been amazing.  And we couldn't believe how violent it was - not that you see blood and guts, but you do see bodies being thrown around/squished etc.  And having her being stripped? How'd they get away with that? hehe

We still have the Peter Jackson we taped months ago that we haven't watched yet.. must do that some time..

(and of course now I have "Science Fiction Double Feature" stuck in my head .. grrrr!! ;)

Snow Crash

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Snow Crash Finished reading "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson tonight.


Was hard to get into, slow going at the start, disjointed and hard to follow throughout.

It picked up towards the end, but then finished abruptly and you don't find out what happened to anyone.



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Didn't realise until tonight that we got married exactly twenty-two years after the Chernobyl disaster...

Is it just me?

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or does John McCain sound a bit like John McClean...? ;)  If only ... heh


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really must get to bed earlier more often.....
I need some opinions...

I'm trying to decide whether or not I should sell my wedding dress.

Reasons for keeping include:
  • I'm sentimental that way
  • Stu likes the idea of me keeping it
Reasons for selling include:
  • it'd never get worn again
  • it's been used for two weddings, and could easily go for a hattrick
  • it takes up valuable storage space in a huge box
  • it's likely to just decay in storage anyway
I really can't decide.  What do other people think?


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Went to Ruchi in Belconnen last night.

I might have enjoyed it had it not been for the fact that:
* they put heat warnings on other dishes, but not the particular dish I had
* my dish seemed quite expensive for what it was (smallest bowl of food ever it seemed)
* I got a bad case of the hiccoughs after the shock of the first mouthful

So this was all too much for me and I had a little meltdown.  The good news was, that crying hard seems to be fairly quick cure for the hiccoughs.  I never knew this.

So when they hit again at Scotty's later, I did it again, and sure enough it worked... bizarre...


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My little weather pixie has been offline since the weekend.  On Monday I found out about a fire/explosion in a big data centre in Texas.  Checked with all nettools, and sure enough, the weather pixie site is hosted there.  So have been following the progress ever since.

All I have to say is ... ooops!!
(and hey, it could happen to anyone.. so all sympathies to them!)


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Just watched the season four finale of House (aired here as a double episode).  Frigging brilliant!  Best episodes of House ever!

Cuddy pole-dancing - crackup!!
Ending - sooo sad!!

Day 1 flight..

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Finished Google-earthing my day 1 flight photos ..
Next step is to pick highlights of day 1 to add them to the travel-blog..
And make it look more betterer
And choose photos to print for wedding thankyous
And write thankyous


In other news..

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In other news...

  • not looking forward to going back to work
  • neither is Stu.. (according to his intestines at least anyway)
  • 6500-odd photos downloaded off various media from the honeymoon
  • no ETA on when any will be online
  • our "life planning" list has way too many items on it
  • my ordinary todo list has way too many items on it
  • new bus timetable starts tomorrow, could be, er, interesting
  • realised (again) that this blog is thoroughly boring
  • watching a marriage breakdown remotely via the blogosphere, which is sad, but understandable given the crap that happened
  • knew Sam would win the biggest loser (his face looked *scrawny* on the finale!!) (yes, finally got to watch it, taped it as it was on telly two days after we left on our honeymoon).  Bit sad for Alison - she got soooo close!
  • our diet of sausage, meat, cheese and beer for a month resulted in a 0.7kg weight gain for me and a 2kg weight *loss* for Stu (!!).  We're still trying to figure it out, as we expected to pile weight on.
  • I wish I had time to read more blogs
  • (I wish I had time to do lots more things)
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