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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull So Stu and I toddled along to the Dendy yesterday to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Meh.  It was all quite fun of course, but it was very high up on the "yeah right" scale, even for an Indiana Jones movie.  As usual for George Lucas, the cgi is overdone which just made it a little ridiculous. 

But, I did rather enjoy it. 

*and* John Williams did the music!  Woot! ;)

My favourite is still Last Crusade though :)

They forgot to change the aspect ratio when the movie started, and so the whole thing was all completely squished.  Luckily someone else raced out and told them and they fixed it pretty quickly. 


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Japan.  Narita.  Very tired.  It being 10am where I was, and having next to no sleep all night.  It's 5pm here.  Getting in an overnight plane later on.  Wonder if we'll sleep any on that.  If not we're going to be an accident waiting to happen on the long drive home :(


At the free Yahoo internet cafe to use it for a bit cause there's not much else better to do...


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Stu bought some internet time at the airport.  So naughty, considering the price.  And what am I doing with this time?  Blogging.  How boring ;)


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For the last (many) months I've been a long way behind on my blog reading.  For many blogs, especially the "usa" ones, I'd been hovering at a month behind - any longer than this and the entries disappear out of my feed reader.  But now I'm finally caught up!!

A most momentous occasion!

Now maybe I should get on with researching Dresden and Prague .. hrmm.. :)
One nice thing about Berlin is that it was created by glacial sheets of ice so the whole place is dead flat.  Which makes it the ideal place to cycle around.  So that's what many Berliners do.  I love that here people cycle around in their ordinary clothes with their bags like *normal* people.  The only people that cycled in Sydney were die-hards in skin-tight lycra.  Cycling is a massive pain in Sydney (and even Canberra) because of all the hills, so only crazy people do it.

I'd post a photo, but the Eee PC photo tools are completely lame and don't have the time to fiddle with anything else at the moment.

Left out

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Been reading various accounts of TequilaCon 2008 and seeing pictures and I have this weird feeling of being left out.  There's this whole group of bloggers that all read each other and go to these meetups an I feel like I'm being left out here on the other side of the world.. actually a different side of the world than normal, but different nonetheless heh


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Stu found a very cool radio station here in Berlin.  No idea what it's called, but it's about 101MHz on the dial, and it seems to play predominantly soundtrack music.  Which is completely brilliant for me, as a soundtrack junkie. 

Wish I knew what it was...

UPDATE: seems it's "Klassik-Radio" - 101.3 :)
We bought a toy with our wedding present money... a little Asus Eee PC.  This was to replace the Windows 98 (!) laptop that I've been dragging around for years.  While the 98 laptop works ok, our new Sandisk 8GB Cruzer micro disks won't work with it, and it doesn't have wireless.  So on an impulse two days before we left, we got this.  And then swapped it with Yvonne who wanted a pink one but couldn't get it (and we could *only* get pink).

I have to admit I fell in love with it very quickly.  The keyboard is a bit hard to type on, the screen is microscopic, the drive is tiny (4gb)... *but* it's solid state so very little chance of the hard drive just dying, wireless just works, it's unlikely to get viruses, it's small and light, devices just work with it.

Of course Stu also likes it, so it's been a bit of an ongoing battle to get to use it ;)  He thinks we shoulda gotten two.  Which isn't *such* a silly idea.. hehe


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Put my travelogue for today in this blog instead of the other one....
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