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When the Olympic flame went through Sydney in 2000 I went and saw it.  Twice in fact.  On the same day.  heh

And all things being equal I might have gone to see it in Canberra today.  But decided to offer a silent protest to the whole Tibet nonsense and not go at all. 

I did however sneak a peak at the plane yesterday...  (sorry about the crappy photo)

Olympic Torch Relay Plane

See it's stories like this that worry me more than "actual" terrorism.  I am more worried about the goverments of countries like the USA and the UK than any potential terrorist threat there.  They are so utterly paranoid that I would fear my safety as a tourist going there.  Admittedly we didn't have too many problems going to the US in 2004.. aside from the little incident at the Canada border crossing.....

And if we ever go to the UK, we will *not* be going through Heathrow!

The Positive

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Had a kind of a farewell lunch today, with five different sections in attendance and even Stu.  And completely unexpectedly a lovely gift of a mixed case of wine and cointreau.  I knew there was a card going around, but I didn't know there'd be any kind of gift, because the person that usually organises that sort of thing was on leave.  So it was all very lovely :)
Seriously.  It's the best time of the year.  In Sydney it meant quieter roads and less traffic.  In Canberra it means a quiet and peaceful bus trip.  My bus this morning had two whole people on it when it got to my stop, instead of the usual 30 or so noisy kids. 


The Question..

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"If I took you to a concert, would you be able to enjoy it without humming?"


Sorry sweetie :)


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My head became a pincushion today as I had a trial hair and makeup application. 

So since I was having my hair and makeup done, we went out for dinner.  To Watersedge on the lake, which was very swishy.  And very expensive heh :)

$180 later... but it was all very nice.  I think I liked Stu's dishes of mushroom (entree) and lamb rump over my crab salad (entree) and duck.  But all so nice. :)

Two weeks, one day

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And not that that sounds *anything like* two girls one cup.... hrmmmmmm
I never thought I'd say it.... but I *miss* notes formula language programming!!!  I used to do quite a lot of formula language programming in my last job.. and everyone in the office would attest to the fact that I *hated* notes whenever I had to do this.  But now that I don't do it anymore, I miss it!!!

Musta been one of those love-hate things.... ;)

This was after helping someone at work debug some formula language programming.. and it was soooo cool to be able to do it!

Au Lac

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Stu and I went to Au Lac vegetarian restaurant in Dickson for dinner tonight.  Though fairly basic, the service was efficient and our food came very quickly.  We had a chili "squid" and soy roast "duck" and both were remarkably well done, approximating the taste and texture of the real thing.  And quite cheap too, the whole meal was only $32 for the two of us.
Well it took five months, but last Friday I finished book eight of Anne of Green Gables.  The last book picked up somewhat from the idle gossip of books 5-6-7, and was a bit of a history lesson for World War I (from a tiny snippet from the other side of the world perspective). 

My biggest gripe with the books is the lack of any real character development (and lack of plot!).  You'd occasionally get insights into characters, but mostly they seemed pretty shallow to me.  And you are never kept up to date with the characters you got to know and like from book one.  They barely rate a mention in later books.  Like Diana, Anne's best friend through her youth is still called "Aunty Diana" but she's mentioned all of twice later on (give or take).  And poor Marilla aged and aged and you wondered if she was ever going to die (which of course she did unceremoniously between books seven and eight).  The books spent far too much time on boring side stories that had no real meaning for the story and uninteresting gossip.

I really did want to like these books, but really only the first one was any good, with the next three "ok". 

I was going to read the Little House on the Prairie series next, but not sure if in the mood for them...

Mirror of Erised

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Stu asked me tonight what I'd see in the Mirror of Erised.  The first thing that came to mind was a quiet but happy life with my sweetie, on our computers, doing our own things but still together in a life of domestic bliss.

So there.  :)

(Gonna need more John Williams at the reception.. :) )

Winter PJs

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So after my weather pixie said it was zero degrees and there was ice on the car this morning, I thought it might be time to wear my winter pyjamas tonight :)

I've been living in denial of it getting cold.  Just a couple of weeks ago it was in the thirties for days in a row.  And I don't want it to get cold yet.  I'll freeze to death on my wedding day at this rate..!  In Sydney I don't normally have to start wearing a jumper until May...
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