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Someone must have pointed out the idiocy of cancelling all the Northern Suburbs -> City buses, and have retained some of them during peak hour.  So I was very excited this morning.  Although the map page suggests it might only be during the morning peak which worries me, as then how are you going to get home again?  Whether this is just an omission on the map or in the timetable I'm yet to find out...

And yet another lame feature of the new routes, is that the express buses from Gungahlin don't actually go to the city!


Earth Hour

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Did the Earth Hour thing again last night.  Well sort of.  Forgot til about 8:20, oops :)

Just turned off lights, leaving on the computers to see by. Also turned off all the fish tank stuff for an hour, which had the effect of putting the timers back an hour a week early, so at least I won't have to reset those next weekend!

So is it true that candles produce more greenhouse gases than low-energy light bulbs?  That'd be funny in a tragic sort of a way ..!  (we didn't use any candles)
So recently I've been reading through the archives of Bête de Jour as recommended by Dave a while back. On one particular post I read through all the comments. First up I noticed a comment from Penelope who is a reader of Delmer who is a reader of Dave's. So not hugely surprising (since Penelope reads Dave's too). But much more surprising was seeing a comment from Suburban Hen. Surprising because I've never linked there, and yet she is there. So she would have found another path there. SH linked to some Javaira's recent posts and this morning I was reading "Patricia's" responses to them. It still spins me out how things people say on their blogs end up half way round the world touching other people's lives.

They say everyone is linked to everyone else on the planet by "six degrees of separation". I reckon it'd be much much less in the blogosphere..


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Borrowed Annie's exercise bike on the weekend.  At an average of 15km/h and only about 150 calories burnt, I don't expect rapid or huge weight loss... but a couple of kilos in the next six weeks might be nice...
The Cuckoo's Egg So I took a break after book six of Anne of Green Gables to read a book lent to me by a guy at work - The Cuckoo's Egg, by Clifford Stoll. 

What a difference!

A book with a plot!!

I'd read the Reader's Digest version of this years and years ago, and so when someone mentioned it at work, someone else mentioned that they had a copy so I asked if I could borrow it.

As it turns out, Stu also has a copy, and he also has Silicon Snake Oil, so I'll probably read that when I've finished Anne of Green Gables. 

But anyway.  Great read.  I could have used a little bit more technical detail but it was obviously targeted at a wider market.  I liked reading about the worm attack at the end as part of the epilogue, and the sprinklings of his home life.  Recommended :)


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Got to Scotty's in time to see most of Spiderman III.  It was both weird and lame.  Although some of the action was decent.  But the whole thing was pretty cringe-worthy.


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We went to the vegan place in Dickson tonight - Kingsland.  Was pretty good.  Had to wait a little while for our order to be taken, but the food was great.  We had mongolian "lamb" and salt and pepper "prawns" which were a little spicy for me, but still good. 

Anyone got any tips for vegan eating in Germany?  Dave?

La Niña

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Since I moved to Canberra, I've noticed that it's been wetter than usual.  It basically never rains in Canberra, but the past few months it's rained quite a bit.  I was talking to my boss about it one day, and he said oh see for me this is normal - when he moved to Canberra twenty years ago it was like this too.  I remembered back twenty years.  The 1988-1989 La Niña.  Where for the first six months of the year it rained on at least one weekend day just about every weekend.  (I remember because I kept a weather diary that year, and probably still have the diary somewhere).  So I realised it was probably another La Niña year this year.  Wikipedia confirms this

So the year we decide to get married, it's more than likely that it'll rain on our wedding day....
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