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Kid Nation

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One of Stu and my guilty pleasures of recent weeks has been watching Kid Nation.  When I first saw the ads for it I was like "haven't these parents ever read Lord of the Flies??"  But it didn't degenerate that badly (until they got the arcade lol ;) ), and there were rewards to inspire them and keep them from going completely off the rails.

We fell in love with Sophia from day 1 and were very excited she won the second gold star.  And amazed that so many of the green district got gold stars.  So all up quite entertaining.

Checking in

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Went away to Bateman's Bay for the weekend with Scott and Kerry.  Several hundred photos were taken, less than half of them by me :)  I picked out thirty-odd of them, will blog them tomorrow night.


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It was my dad's turn today to get pieces of him sliced out.

Apparently he's doing ok, but has not talked to his doctor yet..


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I had to register my car this week.

So last week I had to get it inspected.

$1105 later.

oops :(

The most annoying thing was they didn't like my sports steering wheel, complaining it was too small for the ACT.  So now I have this massive thing.  It didn't feel like my car driving it away.  David suggested I put the old one back on now that I have it inspected heh :)

Registering it at the ACT Govt Shopfront proved to be time-consuming (45 min all up), but otherwise painless, me having all the appropriate documentation as specified here. I was fortunate enough to not have the problems other people have had.

My car does look a little forlorn without plates attached... but at least the new ones match the colour scheme a lot better :)

Naked car


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Spent a hideous amount of money today.

But one of my life-long goals is a step closer to reality...


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Watching "Out of the Question" ..
It's pretty lame and drawn out, but it has Fifi Box in it tonight.. which kinda reminds me of Sydney and I kinda miss it and listening to her dramas ..



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So Stu and I went along to see Juno tonight. Everyone I know that's seen it said it was brilliant.. which is always a little dangerous for me because I expect too much of it (I had the same problem with Amelie).

But it was indeed quite good. Very funny and very sweet. Ellen Page as Juno is great. I liked her parents too, and it was cool that they made the "stepmom" nice and not narky.

Perhaps a little unbelievable and not going deeply into the many issues she was sure to have had, but a lovely movie nonetheless.

I wonder if, like Amelie, more could be picked up with repeated watchings..


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Started watching Ali tonight.

I say *started* because it was just too crap to watch it all the way through.  I seriously *never* give up on watching movies, but this was an exception.  Unless you actually knew the story about this dude (which I don't really), you'd have absolutely no clue what was going on.  So I'm sitting there wondering what the hell is going on.

Life is too short for crap movies.
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