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Nothing much to report. My life is boring. Working an extra half an hour per day sux. Not having much to do other than reading isn't much fun either. Christmas decorations go up this weekend. More photos of lights are sure to follow.

He's baaaaack

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So the boy made it back safely today. For which I am very thankful. He sat across the aisle from Ray Martin who was flying down for the election coverage tonight. But he did lose the key to my padlock, which was sad cause I'd had that padlock since I was a kid and it was a bit sentimental. Ended up having to go down to our storage unit to make use of the owner's boltcutters to get it off.

I ordered these off Deals Direct the other day.. cool huh? :)

LED Star Lights

Canberra Buses

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Canberra buses aren't the greatest things in the world. They're ok if you're travelling at peak hour, but prepare to wait up to an hour out of peak. At least they generally run on time.

So here's the bad news. As reported in RiotAct, new bus routes have been posted. In a word: suckage! Our suburb will have one less bus (which admittedly didn't run during peak anyway). The bus I normally catch will have a longer route and run less often, and there's no frigging direct city service!!! What a bunch of bumholes. Might end up having to drive to work after all *sigh*

Anne with an E

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I finished reading Anne of Green Gables today. Have been wanting to read the books for a while, after always having loved the movies (well the first two anyway, the third wasn't really canon was it?). Some time ago I got the books on ebay (and the Little House books too), and I finally started reading them when I started catching the bus to work. Such a lovely book. Of course as soon as I finished the first, it was straight into the second, to see what happens next, so to speak :)

Indoor Knees Show

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So the boy is flying off to another country tomorrow. A country where they blow people up. Where they arrest people for drug trafficking and if you're "lucky" you only get a life sentance and not the death penalty. That's assuming your plane actually lands in one piece and doesn't run off the end of the runway.

Can you tell I'm a little bit worried about him? :(

Eating Out

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Central Cafe, Queanbeyan

Went with my brother and Stu. Food was not bad (my chicken kiev was very good), but be warned - *huge* serving sizes. Prepare to ask for a doggy bag.

Thai Chiang Rai, Belconnen

Went with Stu, Melita and Xander. Very good food, but *abysmal* service. We waited and waited for things, and the waiters would come by to take our orders without an order book. Not very organised at all.

2602, Ainslie

Returned with Stu after our first visit with Damien. Tried other things on their menu. Pretty good, but will never match Ascot Provisions.


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I had a nightmare last night. I was somewhere, maybe an old house, trying to get to sleep but couldn't because I was terrified of things lurking in shadows and was trying to scream and Stu was there but asleep I think, and think maybe was trying to wake him up. And a couple of times was lifted into the air and was just screaming. It was pretty awful.

This is really very worrying, because really it's the first (maybe second) scary nightmare I've had in living memory. Even as a kid I never used to get them (at least not after I started having a memory about such things). I'd occasionally get bad dreams where I dreamt I'd had a fight with someone and woke up feeling resentful towards them, but that's it.

If I start getting nightmares regularly because of this new job, I don't think I'll be able to stay there.


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So this morning we met up with Damien and toddled off to All Saints in Ainslee. As it turned out it was All Saints day and the service was an hour later. So went and got some brekky at 2602.

Damien's French Toast

My Veggie Stack

Service was ok. Did a couple of hymns I knew which helped. Sermon wasn't really much of a sermon. Won't pass judgment until I go on a regular day.

Afterwards we went to Tilly's for morning tea, aka the brunch we would have had after had it not been before.

The rest of the afternoon (what was left of it after we'd spent a couple of hours chatting) was gardening and going for a drive to recharge Stu's car battery.

Tomorrow I might die. Just warning you now in case you don't get any more blog posts from me....

Open Source

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Went to a seminar today on the use of Open Source software in government. It was quite an interesting morning. Got to hear from a few different speakers about open source usage in general, and some specific examples in a couple of different organisations. Stu thought the guy from the NSW Judicial Commission was a legend, and wanted to go work for him. It's a pity Stu's superiors are so bumheadful about it all.

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