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I've finally blogged our Lord Howe Island holiday. If you have a feed reader hopefully there'll be seven back-dated entries, otherwise just click on the October archive to see them (in reverse order).

I did also manage to download nearly a month's worth of emails from half a dozen different accounts today. And unpacked nine book boxes, repacked four of them, and left plenty of books all over the lounge room floor. And freecycled my old amplifier and speakers. And got through some leftovers. And we went shopping tonight... Getting there.....

Still Alive

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Still alive. Really. Just without a blackberry. Or a phone. Or a workable net connection. Some people would think "ahhh that's the life" .. but me I'm ... "give me the internet back dammit!!" hehe

Having a great time. Poking lots of animals. Dragging Stu up and down lots of mountains. Rescuing birds.

Be home soon, regular programming will resume shortly...

Hot and Dry

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It's hot today. Nothing exciting except for how dry it is - 10% humidity! I've not seen it that low on the weather pixie until the temperature has been 37C.

Saturday was similarly dry - 12% humidity at 21-23C.

Very odd for Sydney. Maybe not so odd for Canberra...

Hot and Dry

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