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Shower Saga

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Well my shower saga started some time before I bought this place, when some idiot gentleman smeared crappy sealant all over the tiles in an attempt to prevent leaks. This sealant first yellowed, then allowed mould to grow under it.

In December 2004 I scraped off the worst of it, but still had a long way to go. When I found out Stu would be visiting, I got the whole bottom half finished.

Skip to this year and I'm about to move out, so thought I really should get the damaged grout fixed.

So I scraped off the rest of the sealant.
With a metal paint scraper.

And then I scoured with steel wool.

And a final soft scourer wipe down.

The result was reasonably good, but the old grout is damaged and impossible to clean.

So the tiler came yesterday and made it all *pretty*.

Today I used a bit of vinegar to wipe off the excess grout from the surface of the tiles. My shower has never ever been cleaner (except when it was first done)..

So here's a bit of a timeline of the stages....

While scraping off the worst of the sealant All sealant removed Finished shower


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I shut down conspiracy today. Well the website is still active, I just moved its dns and files elsewhere. But I finally turned off the box that it's been running on for about 6-7 years. This computer happened to be my second computer, that I bought in 1996. ! A pentium 166 running NT4. They wanted the rackspace back, turns out that rackspace is more expensive that disk space nowadays :) The whole reason I set it up in the first place was not clutter up godzilla with all my photos. Now they don't care that I'm taking up a few gig on one of their servers. I should probably move my blog across to it also (it's 289mb all up including logs), to keep all my websites in the one place, all managed through a funky cPanel interface.

Just another good thing coming to an end this week..


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I'm back to scraping sealant off my shower tiles. Even though I did the worst of it a few years ago, most of the top half still has yellowing sealant coated all over the tiles. It doesn't have so much mould in it because it doesn't get as wet, but I decided I want to regrout my shower before I leave, and I'll need to clean up the tiles first. Such a pity I only have a few weeks left ... this one's gonna be close...

New Blog

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Found a new blog tonight. Yvonne linked to a cool ebay auction. In it was a link to the author/seller's blog. I've been reading it, it's hilarious. Remind me never to have kids! ;)

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