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I'm the first to admit this blog is boring. Heck I'm still surprised that after four and a half years anyone actually reads it.

However, the advantage of it being boring is that I rarely get any sort of hate mail or idiotic comments. Except today I got one complaining that my blog is full of crap. Which made me giggle, because, well, yes it is, but if you think so, why on earth do you bother to read it? It was on an older entry though, so presumably they came from a google referral. Remind me to check the logs later.

In other nonsense. Well let's talk about food shall we? There was the Red Rooster we had today before going out in Scotty's new boat. There was the toffee apple I had while we watched some Veronica Mars. Then there was the delicious steak I cooked and ate while we watched some more Veronica Mars. And don't forget the dark chocolate Maltesers and Mint Intense Lindt square I had for dessert. There we go, is that a crappy enough entry for you? :):)


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Been half watching the Freddie Tribute Concert on ABC2 tonight. Well I'd be watching it more except ABC2 is having a bad night here and the signal keeps cutting out. I remember watching it my parents' bedroom .. 15 years ago!!! Holy crap I'm getting old fast. It's cut down to an hour though, with documentary inserts, not the whole thing.

This was after seeing another Queen concert a few weeks ago on ABC2, filmed in Montreal in 1982.

I was first introduced to Queen in 1986, when we learnt Bohemian Rhapsody in year 7 music. It was one of my favourite songs for years.

Then in 1991 I met my first boyfriend who was a *huge* Freddie fan - to the point of naming his car Freddie, and doing Freddie dances in front of his video. I got into Queen then in a fairly big way, collecting cds and videos. My boyfriend was not impressed. He thought I shouldn't be a Queen fan because of him. And then he got annoyed because I picked up Greatest Hits I and II on cd for like $15. Shrug. He was an idiot anyway.

In 1998 (Nov 25) I saw Brian May live at the Capital Theatre. I actually only heard about it that day on the radio, and rang up on the spot to get a ticket, and trundled along by myself to it. I was soooo sick that night (had the flu), which made belting out the songs somewhat more difficult ;) But it was such a special night, because it was the closest I was ever going to get to a Queen concert.

Here's something I did when I was much younger and had the time...

Queen Logo

So trundled along to another cia poker night. Omigosh it was frustrating. Because I was this >< close to getting my money back (actually coming out $20 ahead). Bennett and Vic and I were all down to a big blind's worth of chips each. They got lucky in their rounds. I didn't. And that was the end of me. So, fourth. Again! *sigh* :) But still had a good time and Kirk went on to win, although he almost didn't see his winning flush on his final hand, very funny :)

So Google has reverted to older images of the Sydney CBD. Possibly in anticipation of APEC, and being all paranoid-like. Personally I think it's an improvement. The images they uploaded after Australia Day were a disaster, with an awful mish-mash of buildings and streets that looked terrible. At least now all the buildings are facing the same way. Maybe when they revert to the newer images they'll fix everything up. We can only live in hope.

Google Sydney - mish mash Google Sydney - normal

Have I ever mentioned that I was once on Burgo's Catch Phrase? Seems I've mentioned the auditions.. So. In October 2002 I was on Catchphrase. I happened to be on the same night as Dawn Lewis. I lost. She went on to win the car. I don't feel so bad about losing to someone who was good enough to win the car. There was one other girl who was there at the same time as me who was lucky enough not to have to go up against Dawn. She was on for two nights I think. I wished I was her :) Of course it wouldn't have made much difference. I was wearing contacts at the time and couldn't see across the floor to the monitor to actually see what was coming up. I was at a distinct disadvantage. That, and going up against Dawn :) At least I won something, the other girl I was with didn't even get a single thing. The only reason this came up tonight was that mum was printing some photos and printed the one with me and Burgo and Adriana Xenides, who happened to be co-hosting the week I was on.

Burgo's Catch Phrase with Adriana Xenides

Oh yeah, I turned 12418 days old today. Minor achievement.


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Last night I accidently clicked on my Google Sketchup icon in my quick launch. Well I couldn't resist playing with it. And tonight I thought I'd have a go at doing my building. ARRRGGGGHHHHH!! I'm totally incompetant with it, so really had no idea how to do the complex roof we have. Well after watching this and fiddling and screaming and getting more frustrated than happy, I finally made some progress. Maybe I might actually finish it! If I do I'll post the results.

Can't wait...

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* for Friday night when my boy will be here
* for September when I might stop working
* for October when my life gets thrown upside down, but also get a week on Lord Howe Island


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So tonight we had the CIA et al company mid-year dinner. Which for the first time I was actually um-ing and ah-ing about going. I'd gotten home and had decide whether I should go out again to see people that I didn't know as well as I always used to. But I needn't have worried. It was a really nice night (even tho I didn't get to sit with Kirk (sorry!) ) and got to talk to Vic and generally have quite a nice time (even tho the restaurant tried to squeeze 40 people into a tiny room really only designed for 20). Feel like it will probably be my last cia event ever :( which I suppose after not having worked there for now exactly ten years is kinda understandable....

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