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So it's 5:15, and Kirk calls me up. They've had a drop out and did I want to come along to see Transformers. And I'm like.. Free movie? Gold class? Count me in!

So you've gotta go into these movies not expecting much. You enjoy them a lot more that way. And really I did only have one major gripe - that the transformed robots were a lot "bigger" than their vehicle alter egos. I'm happy to accept a certain degree of "movie physics" but not when it involves magic as well (that's for Harry in a couple of weeks ;) ).

That said, it's has that wonderful big-budget feel to it with great cinematography, gorgeous scenery (not to mention the "been-there" factor with Hoover Dam heh), tonnes of action and some cool military stuff. It was just a whole lot fun all the way through.

Worth seeing on a big screen, if you're ok with extreme morphing the whole way through :)

I think sometimes I just need to complain loudly enough. After lamenting last week that I'd probably never get to see it, I dragged Stu out of bed at 7 am and we went down to the airport to see the last ever flight of Qantas' first 707. Along with several other plane-spotters, we saw it take off quite noisily for the last time on a very grey and wet Sydney morning. It was faster and noisier than I thought it would be, and within a few seconds it was just a small dot in front of a long dark exhaust trail.

Qantas 707 last flight leaving Sydney

Qantas 707 flying away

Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

Went and saw P3 tonight with Kirk and George.

It wasn't hugely great. It was still kinda fun, but nowhere near as much fun as 1 or even 2. Kinda too much going on but not enough properly resolved at the end.

Definitely the weakest of the three.

Last year around this time, when I last dragged my Canada jumper out for the first time of the season, I wondered if I'd been in Canada that day two years previous, and I was. I did the same thing this morning. Two days earlier. This time three years ago we were staying in Canmore, and drove up and down the Icefields Parkway, seeing Banff National Park, Sulphur Mountain Gondola, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Travelblog entry here, and more photos here.

It was also three years ago I saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban on opening night.

Maybe I should have made this entry Boring Blogger Part IV ..? :)


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Went and saw The Amazing Human Body today (as featured in Casino Royale). It was ultra cool. Unfortunately overcrowded, and not really the time to look at things I would have liked. It had cleared out a lot more by the hour before closing, would have been better to go an hour later. The "complete" bodies were also really badly lit, with most of them having a single spotlight from a distance, so when people stood around them they were in shadow. Stupid stupid.

The dissections were very cool though. And the slices. But my favourite things were the casts of the blood vessels, especially some of the better ones like of an arm and hand. Really intricate and tiny blood vessels were captured. Was really really annoying that you couldn't take photos.

Only a week left in Sydney, then it's off to Melbourne.

Amazing Human Body poster

Addiction revealed: Veronica Mars, season 2. Started with a few episodes a couple of weeks ago, then was too busy to watch any more, then watched the rest of the season this weekend (had been watching all of season 1 again before moving onto 2). Far out, the number of times my jaw hit my keyboard draw .. sheesh! heh Seriously one of the best tv shows ever made. This season somewhat more depressing that season 1. Wanted to slap Logan on multiple occasions. Thought she had a much better hair stylist in season 1, with many cute, altho perhaps not so "realistic" (in terms of being able to do them all yourself) hairdos. Biggest complaint: how the hell does a school girl get the *time* to do everything she does? She's in a different location in every shot, and there just aren't that many hours in a day. As per usual, more questions raised at the end. Will need to start downloading season 3. And watch season 2 again.

Feeling a little down now. Don't really know why. Maybe just too many things in my head.. heh

Boring blogger

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I was going to post about my addiction. But it would have sounded lame, given that I'd rather not say what the addiction is about heh. But really, I have nothing interesting to say. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Oh, it was the first day of winter today and I went to work in a tshirt. Global warming perhaps??

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