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It's hot, damn hot!

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.. real hot! Hottest things is my shorts, I could cook things in them .. .. if I'd been wearing shorts that is, heh

It got hot today. 39C at one point according to my weather pixie, with 8% humidity. And then around 5:30pm a change blew through and dropped nearly 20 degrees in an hour :)

.. it's 27C at 5:30am ...

Today is going to be icky ...

Six years

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Six years ago today (well in a few hours in real time), I took this ..


.. and this ..


.. and this ..


.. and this ..


Just ten months later they were gone ....


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Came 5th in cia poker tonight. Eight starting players but two buy-ins, so essentially I made the top half .. heh.. mucked myself up early though, so didn't have much chance of making it to the top three. Oh well :) Still fun.


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It snowed in Canberra yesterday. It snowed in Armidale today. Flipping heck the weather is nuts :) And I want snow dammit!! heheh

Liking tonight's episode of the Amazing Race. Plenty of been-theres in DC. This series is proving to be a lot of fun. I already have a favourite family I want to win heh. Very American road-trippy, just the way I like it :) I wonder how much international travel they'll end up doing....


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As any FlyBaby will tell you, routines are vital.

So when you get home late and Stu gets online early, then when you get up at 9:15 and the fish haven't been fed, emails haven't been downloaded, photos haven't been downloaded, and you haven't had your drink, you get somewhat grumpy with yourself.

All I did manage to achieve tonight was finishing Google-earthing my flight yesterday. 200-odd points marked off :)

Party Man

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For some reason I have Prince's "Party Man" stuck in my head... no idea why ..... :)

Other than that, had a slow day at home, followed by fizzling at Alan and Marylon's ... very nice.. :)

Goldilocks Season

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Every year about this time, railway verges are dotted with dozens of golden flowers reaching for the sun. These annuals have always been a favourite of mine. We even had a crop of them every year in our backyard until my mother went on a weeding spree before they flowered, and that was the end of them.

I was very sad.

I could never say coreopsis when I was little - they were, and still are, Goldilocks's. I think I like my name better.

coreopsis aka goldilocks

Heard the year's first cicadas tonight too.

Ah summer!

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