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Was catching up on Kevin's posts tonight (yeah I got behind in them again :( ) and saw his tribute to a 9/11 victim as part of Project 2996. Had a look at the list and read some of the other tributes. Not quite randomly - for want of some better method, I read all the tributes to Karens. There was quite a lot of them. Some of them were beautifully written. Very touching. Very sad.

Fun movie night

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The boy was out tonight, so treated myself to some cointreau and vodka/vanilla coke, and watched dvds. First up, Stu's copy of Muriel's Wedding, which I didn't realise was directed by another of my favourite movies' (Peter Pan) directors - P.J. Hogan. Followed by Shakespeare in Love, which makes me want to watch Romeo and Juliet - which I also have on dvd but have only watched once as part of the Red Curtain trilogy of Baz Luhrmann.

/me grins stupidly :)


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Does anyone remember ASTRA? I can't imagine too many people would. I probably don't have too many Star Trek loving-Australian-newsgroup readers from 1995 reading my blog. ASTRA was the Australian Star Trek Ratings Analysis. Maintained, apparently, in excel, with regular postings to (and probably others).

I have wondered over the years whatever happened to astra. So tonight I went looking. Apparently it merged into GEOS in 1997. So there you go.

Tragically, I still have some of the postings from 1995 when I was into newsgroups, and The Original Series was being aired again. .. heh

Watched Space Seed tonight. Actually one of the better episodes. Makes me wanna watch Star Trek II again to see what happens next :)

.. and I think I'm coming down with something :(

Saw "Where No Man has Gone Before" tonight (taped off tv in 1998 some time). Part of a series of 12 episodes I have from the original series that I taped off tv, all the rest in 1995. Supposedly some of the better or my favourite episodes. It was a bit cheesy. But after all, it was a second pilot, and the series was just finding its feet. Not that the original series improved a whole lot. I didn't think it really matured til about Star Trek II. heh.

I have too many passwords for too much crap ...

Happy Girl

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Daniel got all my mail back for me this morning, so now I'm a very happy girl :):):):):):):)

Spent a bit of time saving the unread messages to folders where it'll be a lot easier to manage them. Also got the mailbox down to 3mb :) But my eudora is a bit confused now, so think will just delete everything left on the server and start afresh.

This has been a good kick in the pants to keep my emails organised, and I'll have to come up with a method of dealing with emails that I need to action.


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There's somewhat of a trend of nostalgic tv shows at the moment. And I'm finding myself rather enjoying them. I liked a couple of the specials on around the time of the 50 years of television last month. The 50 years of news (done by channel 9) I kinda wish I'd taped to keep. And I've been enjoying the 20 to 1 shows since they started some time ago. And the other one I saw last night was What a Year. Last night's was 1975, so before my time. Next week is 82 or 83 or something.. should be fun heh.

I dunno why I like them... maybe I'm just getting old..??

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