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Say whatever you want about Steve Irwin and his death, but for me the saddest part is Terri (and the kids). Seeing her grief is heartbreaking. She was obviously so in love with him and her loss so obviously devastating. My heart goes out to her.


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It wasn't my fault! The weather was too nice.. the flowers were too beautiful.. I had lots of memory and battery power... my boy was unbelievably patient....

So I took 430 photos at Floriade today :) And got rather sunburnt in the process... oops......

Small(ish) selection of photos in an extended entry .. :)


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Did this today. It was pretty cool. Looking 260m straight down to the street below, over the edge of the tower, and being so close to the panelling I'd only ever seen from afar, and seeing the windows from the *outside*, and seeing the view without having to look through a window.

It was a bit pricey for what it is, but the mid-year special certainly helped (at $50 off!). And they get you again with the photos ($20 for a single print-out?? hrmm).

But it was a great afternoon, and spent nearly two hours doing the whole process. I think Mum enjoyed her birthday present :)

Star Wars Dilema

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As mentioned by Dave the other day, the original original Star Wars movies have been released on dvd. Yes, the actual theatrical releases, as opposed to the Star Wars Fantasia collection of releases where each version was different, but not the original. But as he also mentions, they are in letterbox format not widescreen. So I'm still in two minds about whether to buy them or not. I have refused to buy the Star Wars films on dvd until I could get the theatrical versions. Well now they are out, but the question is, will they ever release a widescreen version? Big W has all three of them in two-dvd sets - a newer version with commentaries, and the original theatrical release, both letterbox format - for $20 each, but labelled "limited edition" ... if I don't act now will I miss out forever? The dilema....


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I actually got something in today's crossword that Peter didn't know (which never happens cause Peter knows everything...!) The clue was "Wooden shoe". We had _ _ B _ T .. and I got it - Sabot. The only reason I knew this? Star Trek VI. Where Valeris is explaining the origin of the word sabotage - where disgruntled workers threw their shoes (sabot) into the machinery to break it. Peter thought was pretty cool (that I knew it from Star Trek heh) :)

And now I'm off to eat pig........

Only in Cinemas

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Why do they advertise movies as "Only in cinemas"?? Because there's no such thing. A few weeks or months later it'll be "only on dvd" and a few months after that on tv.

Except Disney movies that never make it free-to-air. And ET which took ten years to make it to television.

Has anyone *ever* heard of a movie that's been on "only in cinemas" ?

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