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New Orleans Blog

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Was going through some of my old mail in an attempt to clean a lot of it off the server, and found this. Was written by a dude whose team was in a data centre in downtown New Orleans trying to keep their servers going for the duration. Have only gotten through a few days of it, but will go back and read some more....

Sore foot

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So Saturday when I put my shoes on to take the washing out, I noticed my foot was hurting. Sort of in the top of the foot-ankle area. Without shoes on, no problem. So I wore a different pair of shoes on Saturday night/Sunday, and didn't have too many problems.

But today even with these other shoes on, sometimes there would be really bad pain, other times next to nothing. But the pain has also gone up my calf along a muscle to my knee. I don't know if this is from wearing different shoes and walking differently, or if it's all related.

All quite annoying really.

Along Came Polly

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Finally watched Along Came Polly tonight. This was one of the movies on the plane on the way back from america in 2004. Mum watched it, but I think I was watching the second half of Return of the King or something. Not too bad, for a Ben Stiller movie. Or maybe it was just the wines I had... heheh .. and never realised that Jennifer Aniston's nose was that big... hrm.... heheheh ...

ok sorry .. ;)


also didn't realise that Hank Azaria was Claude until looking at IMDB just now... and Alec Baldwin was looking old....
ok so it really all was very silly :)
but then, it was a Ben Stiller movie... :)

ok I should shut up now.. :)


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I was once a Brownie. I've been trying to remember the names of the groups Brownies were divided into. But I've had a few too many wines I think to be coherent in my searches :) I only started looking because I've been watching the special features on Strictly Ballroom (a movie I *love*), which feature a whole stack of ballroom dancers, including one family which had a daughter in her brownie uniform.

Maybe I'll have a look tomorrow... :)

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