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Well Subway, after having stopped their loyalty sticker program in America last year, and in Queensland a few months ago, are finally phasing it out in New South Wales too. They won't be giving out stickers here past the end of July, and you'll have until the end of January to redeem them.

End of an era really ...

Sunday nights

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I hate Sunday nights. From about 5pm as it starts to get dark I have this feeling of loss as the weekend draws to a close. The impending dread of work the next day. The feelings of lack of achievement of getting things done. It's worse in Canberra in some ways, because I know I have to get up very early the next morning and drive for three hours.

I did actually get some stuff done this weekend, so it's not all bad. Replacing one set of "lego dust" with another, with the purpose of having it all out at once to be photographed, so it can be dismantled and I can also dismantle the Hogwarts mosaic and move onto new things.

Bowling for Columbine was on the other night, so taped it and finished watching it tonight. It truly paints a frightening picture of America. Which is ironic because a major message in the film is that everyone in America is kept living in fear. The South Park-like video of the white people living in fear is very well done.

The statistics on gun deaths in America are just staggering. Like over *eleven thousand* per year in the US versus sixty-something here and a couple of hundred in countries like England, Germany and France.

I seriously don't get how a country with sooooo much money has problems with so many people on low incomes and next to zero health care unless you have insurance. Surely if they didn't spend all their money blowing up other countries and just taking care of their own people instead, it really could be a great country....

Shiny Sink

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Keeping the sink shiny (or at least all the dishes done) has not been a problem. I've been doing this for years in an attempt to keep cockroach numbers down. Incidently, keeping all my dishes washed made no difference whatsoever to cockroach numbers in my kitchen, but two applications of hydramethylnon in January and I haven't seen any in there since.

But I digress.

Keeping the bed made is the shiny sink of the bedroom. So they say. Easy, never been a problem. The bedroom is always easy to keep tidy.

No the problem has always been the study. My computer desk. The chest of drawers next to this desk. The other big table with the fish tanks on them. They are my biggest ever hotspots. So I realised these surfaces had to be the shiny sink of the study. It's now in my get-home-from-work routine to make sure these surfaces are completely tidy. Every day. With these clean, other surfaces will follow.

So the theory goes.....

Google Earth

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Somehow I got a computer capable of Google Earthing at home.

So I've been Google Earthing rather a lot ....

I've marked hundreds and hundreds of places over the past few months, so the danger is that suddenly Google will disappear .. but at least if it does, my myplaces.kml file has all the latitudes and longitudes to import into whatever else may come along...

Just need to remember to save the file every so often....

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

So a bunch of us went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest tonight, courtesy of Dell :)

It was a bit silly of course, probably not as good or as much fun as the first movie, and of course the hanging on until the last movie comes out.

Not to mention this movie, scored by Hans Zimmer, sounds exactly like The Rock. heh.

But a free night out, with popcorn and mint choc-tops and everything, is always a very good thing :):)


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So we went and saw Cars tonight. It was pretty good. It started to get a little slow in the middle and felt like it needed to *go* somewhere, but had a lot of humour and some exciting bits too. The funniest funniest bit was the tractor-tipping ;) And the dude that did the voice of Mack parodying himself and his role in Pixar films. Pixar's graphics are certainly improving too - the scenery and light reflecting stuff is just awesome now.

I kinda liked Jake's assessment of it - not the greatest Pixar film but that's like saying one of Beethoven's symphonies wasn't his greatest heh.

It was funny walking back out into the carpark afterwards and seeing all the cars, and half expecting them to be animated :)

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