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To clarify

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People may think they know why I do or say things. People may read things I say and come to conclusions about me. People may think they know how I've voted based on things I've said.

Well to those people, you are quite wrong. You have no clue how I vote, and could not possibly even *guess*. Just because I can see the other side of an argument doesn't mean I agree with that side as a whole. Even though I personally may actually be better off under one form of goverment or another, doesn't mean I would prefer to see them win.

So whatever conclusions people may have come to about me have no basis in reality.

That is all.

Finally got around to watching Kirk's Pirates of the Caribbean dvd. It was great fun, I really enjoyed it. It's always good to watch a movie with no expectations. Anyway Kirk, I want to watch some of the things on the special features dvd, hope that's ok :)

And someone pointed something funny out to me today .. what happens if you spoonerise the Brangelina baby (Shiloh Pitt) ... hehe I giggled a lot at that :)

Oh yes, we played a game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit yesterday. Josh took an early lead, with James and Stu making up ground and we eventually declared Stu the winner after we stopped for dinner. I reckon I knew about 3/4 of the answers, but I always seemed to get the questions (mostly from eps I/II/III) that I had no idea about.. *sigh* .. :)

Lost lost me

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Well I gave up watching Lost. It was just getting too tedious. And none of the characters were that likeable. And it was getting too violent. The final straw was Sawyer squishing a frog.

That's like the third show in the past few years I've given up watching. Normally if I start watching a show I'll watch it forevermore until the bitter end. I think I must be getting old!

On this day

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As I pulled out my Canada jumper to wear today, I wondered if I had been in Canada exactly two years ago today. Turns out I had. It would have been a really good day, had it not been for the rain (and the fact that I lost the shade hood on my camera the day before). We drove the entire Icefields Parkway from Banff to Jasper that day, and got to the northern-most point on the planet we've ever been.

Maybe one day I'll go back there with Stu and maybe the sun will come out for us :)


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So we were driving back to Stu's from Damien's yesterday, through the outer-ish suburbs, when we drove past an undeveloped area. I looked at the open field and said to Stu "you know I half expect to see a kangaroo in that sort of pasture", so Stu looked over and said "there's some" .. !? flipping heck there were three kangaroos just where I thought there should be some!

Crazy :)

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