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One year

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So it was one year ago tonight that I met Stu in real life. One year ago tonight that he said "awww" when it was time for me to leave. One year that has seen much more significant changes for him at least. One year of ups and downs, but mostly ups. One life-changing year.

Five Years

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So it was five years ago today that I moved my stuff properly into this place. I was just pondering this as I looked at my television stand and realised it hadn't moved from the spot I put it in in the five years I've been here. And it's today of all days that I'm seriously contemplating moving it.

There's a couple of problems with the tv where it is. One is that it's hard to have anybody over and watch tv/dvds. It'd be nice to be able to put it in front of a couch so Stu and I could snuggle up and watch Star Trek together. The other is that I don't get much done at night once I turn the tv on. I find it quite distracting.

Of course the problem with having it away from my computer room is that I can't just have it on while doing other things. I'd actually have to go and watch it. Now I like being able to watch the tv from my computer and chat or play games while having the tv on - I actually get bored if I'm just watching telly and nothing else. I guess it could mean that I'd only watch the shows I wanted, and could record them and watch them when Stu's not online or whatever. Alternatively I could use my old computer which would be setup next to the tv and use that to chat or for general browsing...

If I did move the tv into the lounge room I'd have an empty corner. Perhaps room for another bookshelf. Or could move Fred and George in here. Or some of the lego..

Telly corner


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Got meself a switch today. An 8-port Netgear. I discovered the other night that when backups are running, my netphone drops off the network. You see I have been using a 10mbps *hub* until now! So quite obviously something needed to be done. 100mbps switch to the rescue! Except this computer appears to have a faulty network card. At 100mbps it was getting packet loss all over the place. So I dropped it back to 10mbps and it was fine. And it also confirms my belief that my computer crashing during backups is caused by the network interface. Will have to dig another nic out of storage and put it into service.

The Da Vinci Code

So a bunch of us went and saw The Da Vinci Code last night. For free. Courtesy of IBM. :)

We had canapes and drinks provided beforehand (including constant topups of beer and wine, which annoyed me no end - free alcohol and I couldn't drink because I was driving hehe), amused ourselves with people-fluid-dynamics of the caterers and people wanting to be fed, and reminisced about the olden days of catching buses - before people queued!

The movie itself was ok. I held very low expectations of it, having heard it hadn't gotten great reviews. Which is always the best way to go see a movie - no expectations, then you won't be disappointed :)

What did annoy me (possible spoilers here) is the whole idea of two thousand years of genealogy finishing in one single person. Now I've never studied genealogies, but usually if you start with one person, their family tree grows. Outwards. Not down a single line. Surely? It seems to be a convenient literary escape (not as much of a story if there's actually millions of descendants of Christ). And not the first time I've seen it done. Voldemort the only remaining descendant of Slytherin? Garion the only remaining descendant of that Rivan King? At least in that one it was explained - "oh it was easy to keep track of, because most families only had one child". hrmmmmm :) It's all a bit silly really :)

Had a CIA work dinner at the L�wenbr�u Keller tonight. Much beer and merriment was had :)

I started the evening with half a litre of L�wenbr�u lager, which was delightful. Then came dinner. Pig. Lots of it :) All the food came really quickly so they must just have stacks of it prepared. Had this lovely pork belly roast, with *perfect* crackling. Aside from the layers of fat which I sliced out, it was really nice. I also had another beer. I would have had some schnapps as well, cause they had all sorts of varieties, but it was getting a bit late, and I was *full* - I didn't even have dessert :) The only complaint with the place was the live band which was ok, but just too damned loud. You couldn't talk to each other without shouting into someone's ear. Fortunately they took regular breaks so could talk in the breaks.

And I'm still full :)

And my boy is here!!! Yayyyyy :):):):)

Got this error on my BlackBerry this morning when updating my contact list:

Uncaught exception: net.rim.device.api.system.ObjectGroupReadOnlyException

Except Google has nothing except this. So it's a bit of a mystery.. :) cause it saved my entry just fine... hehe

This stuff totally rocks. And smells so wonderful.....

McLintocks Vanilla Fridge Wipe

I just need to not spray it everywhere all the time lest I become sick of the smell of vanilla, and we couldn't possibly have that....

By Jupiter

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Jupiter is close to the moon tonight. Not close enough to be worth taking photos though :)

It's Friday!!

Had a bit of a slow day at work.

Tried to record my ageing Fantasia 2000 video to dvd tonight but it wouldn't let me, claiming it was copy protected. Fraggle. So now I'll have to pay for all my Disney videos *twice*. I wish they'd provide an "upgrade" licence so people like me can upgrade to dvd from video without paying full price twice.

Missing Stu like crazy.

Lots of videos to catch up on.

Knees are warm again tonight.

Oh and I never did mention that Kirk lent me Pirates of the Caribbean after noticing the other day that I'd never seen it. Which is cool. Cause he's the only person I knew in real life first, outside my family, that reads this thing regularly and he not only read the entry but did something about it. It's kinda funny in a strange sort of way :) Now all I need to do is find the time to watch it :)

Sometimes there's stuff you see when you're driving that you just can't capture (usually with a photograph).

Like coming back from Queensland last week. We were driving up that mountain pass near the border on the New England Highway and the clouds were still hanging over them and it was just beautiful. One conical mountain had cloud around it but only on one side, and it looked exactly like a volcano with smoke pouring out. Way cool.

Or today driving down the Hume and passing this truck. It was just an ordinary truck. It had a bunch of those tie down straps keeping the covering taut, and the ends of all the tapes were fluttering in the air in a merry little dance and somehow the beauty of it hit me. I can't explain the effect it had on me. It was really weird. I almost burst into tears heh. It kinda reminded me of that post of Dave's when he saw a statue of a cow I think it was in Berlin (I'd look it up but I'm on the BlackBerry). Just the insane beauty you can see in ordinary stuff if you just look.

But anyway. A little nonsense there. In Canberra tonight. All of Stu's stuff got delivered. The fish tank appears to be in one piece. Staying at Scott and Kerry's tonight and will continue the unpacking process tomorrow.

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