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And he can't either!!

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John has resigned also :( Gonna change the whole lunch time dynamic it is. Everyone keeps leaving. *sigh*

Campbell's leaving to go work in London.

But he can't do that.. cia just won't be the same without him :(

Stale Twisties

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Fun fact about Kazza #52:

I *love* stale Twisties!
Is that weird? Does anyone else love stale twisties more than fresh ones? Am I a freak? :):) Stale twisties have a certain texture to them, a chewiness that I really like. Totally love them :)

So there

I have that damned song in my head. Playing "Ticket to Ride" with J&G tonight couldn't possibly have had anything to do with it.. surely..


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So the new version of webalizer will now process raw IIS log files. So no more munching them up into NCSA format with perl. Coolness. Spent a decent chunk of the evening changing over gamera. That'll free up a couple of hours of processing time on the machine every night. Always a good thing on 5+ year old hardware.

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