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Onscreen Kissing

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It's really really rare to see good on-screen kissing. Really only two on-screen kisses have ever stood out for me.

The first was a very long time ago in Top Gun in the love scene between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. It was only silloutted, but you could tell there was tongue involved.

The second was just last year in Lost. It was the "promised" kiss between Kate and Sawyer, and it was HOT as! By far the best screen kiss I've ever seen, and rather a turn-on :)

20 years

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So it's been twenty years since the Challenger disaster. When everyone tonight heard this they all went "twenty years, what the..??" I was in year 7. My parents heard it on the radio when their alarm went off in the morning, and then told me about it. 20 years.. wow..

No lamb

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I didn't have any lamb handy so didn't get to celebrate Australia's birthday with it. I thought about going shopping yesterday for some, but in the end didn't bother. I may also have had some buried in the freezer, but my freezer is too much of a mess at the moment - many many meals worth of leftovers in there I'm working my way through :)


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So went to a time share presentation tonight. Seems that Luke gave them my details the other week. When they called they said they'd give me a 1-4 night stay at one of their hotels in exchange for coming along to hear what they had to say. So I thought I had nothing to lose, so I went along.

Well it was interesting. I'd never had time share explained to me properly before, so really had no idea what it was all about. I can certainly see its benefits. You could certainly save a lot of money on good accommodation, especially overseas, although local is also very good (free in fact, conditions apply heh). The problem is that you're kinda locked into staying at one place. Which is not how I travel. When I travel, I like to stay at relatively cheap places, and use where I stay as merely somewhere to sleep, and only stay for a short time, maybe one or two nights, before going to the next place. The sort of thing you get on timeshare holidays are resort-style accommodation where you stay there and do activities there. So I don't know that I'd get a whole lot of benefit out of it.

The other gotchas include yearly strata fees. Which are $300-$600 per year depending on your package. Which kinda cancels out a lot of the benefit you'd get.

It actually was cheaper than I thought it would be. But I was not prepared to say yes to their offer. More on principle than anything else. I really really hate those offers that you have to sign up on the night right then and there to get the benefits. If you don't have the time to go off and think about it and read their documentation, then really I think you're acting a little foolishly. Of course they get a little bit rude with you after you say no. And then try and give you other options - oh you can have six months to pay the deposit, or you can "rent" points, or you can go away on a little holiday, and if you decide to join after then you get the cost of the holiday off the membership. And they question you why you don't want to do it and don't you think it's a good offer, and by this time you've been there two hours and your parking is up and you just want to get out of there. So I did, with voucher for free accommodation as promised in hand :)

Tidy Clutter

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You can't organize clutter; you can only get rid of it! - FlyLady

Well not entirely true. You see I have inherited a good combination of clutter genes from the parents. I have inherited my father's hoarding genes, but also my mother's neat-and-tidyness genes. So I collect a lot of crap, but I'm also pretty good at storing it well.

Which presents me with a problem at the moment.

At the moment the house is fairly tidy. I can see all my floors. There's not too much crap floating around on the other horizontal surfaces. Which means I look around and don't feel cluttered. Except I know it's all there - hidden! All my clutter is stored neatly(ish). Which makes it hard to get rid of, because I think well it has a home, so why bother trying to decide what to do with it. And digging into a draw or a cupboard to clear it out just *makes* mess. And I'm presented with the whole attachment-to-inanimate-objects problem that I have.

I also hate hate hate throwing out things that other people might want to use. So at the moment I'm piling stuff I don't want up in a corner, and whenever I can think of who might want it, I give it away. And things I can't think of someone to give it to, I'm either donating to the parents' church's opp-shop, or saving for a council cleanup so I can put it out on the street and whoever wants it can take it :) Maybe I should put a page up on my blog with stuff I want to give away, and the first person to ask for it can have it. Or join FreeCycle or something....

Just when you thought the number plate situation in NSW was beyond ridiculous, the RTA have exceeded all silliness.

It used to be that NSW had two types of number plates - black text on a yellow background with three letters and three numbers for normal plates, and white text on a black background with two letters and three or four numbers for personalised plates.
yellow 1 black

Then in 1988 they released Bicentennial number plates which had the letters on top of the numbers and a logo.

In 1991 they introduced black text on a white background.
white 1

1997 saw special edition RSL plates

1998 saw special edition Olympics plates

2001 saw special edition Centenary of Federation plates

In 2002 they introduced "European" style plates

Also in 2002 came regional plates, the first being New England
New England

In 2003, when I thought they couldn't possibly do anything else, due to an astounding variety already, they introduced multi-coloured plates - purple, red, green and blue.

So imagine my astonishment yesterday when I get home and find my new rego papers, with advertising for metallic gold and silver plates. And not just one way around, but positive and negative.

So to summarise, in New South Wales, you might find number plates in any of the following combinations:
black on yellow; white on black times two or three; black on white in about four configurations; green on yellow; white on green times two; white on purple; white on red; white on blue; gold on black; silver on black; black on silver; black on gold

Hands up who thinks that's all just a little silly?

Full details are on the RTA website.


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I first subscribed to FlyLady late last year when I first met Annie who had also recently subscribed. I liked the whole philosophy of "a little bit at a time - you can do anything for fifteen minutes". That, and the first daily habit was "shine your sink" which I'd been doing to some effect at least - washing up after dinner to remove food from the cockroaches.

So I subscribed, and watched the daily emails go by and thought "I really should start doing some of those".

Well tonight I actually did one! Zone 3: Mission #2 Tuesday. The mission was to throw out empty detergent bottles etc from the laundry, wipe down the washer/dryer etc. So that's what I did! Well actually I only threw out one thing - the first ever detergent bottle I bought when I first moved out of home in 2000. Which I don't actually use anymore because you needed two caps to do a load of washing which I thought was a little silly. But I did wipe down surfaces that hadn't been wiped down in nearly five years, so that felt pretty good.

Don't know if I'll manage to do one of these every night, will depend on what else is happening I guess. But it's a start.

er, yeah..

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still alive, Stu's still around, guppies aren't
feeling a bit better today


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I'm very tempted by a computer in the latest Officeworks catalogue.

It's an Acer with 3.06 (?) GHz processor, dual layer dvd burner, 512mb ram, 160gb hard drive, 9 in 1 memory card reader and a 19" widescreen lcd monitor.

For $1298.

I never play shoot-em-up games. The most graphically intensive thing I do is Google Earth :) So I don't need the latest and greatest video card. It'd be out of date within a few weeks anyway. If I want to play games I'd just use my work computer heh :)

mmmm tempting..

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