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2005 Year in Review

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I'd done this the two other New Years I've had this blog, but last New Years I was away from home and my computer, and it was too hard. But I did spend quite a bit of time reading through my blog and picking out highlights, and it seems a shame to let all that effort go to waste. That and I've spent some time today reading the icq log with Stu from June last year - that momentous June where I fell in love with him. It was certainly a roller coaster year.

I'm going to back-date this, so probably only people that get this via a news feed will see it (Stu and Dave I guess heh).

Some highlights:

* By far the biggest highlight was meeting Stu. I knew very early on that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him
* Dave & Yvonne engaged (well technically they got engaged in 2004)
* Jumped out of a perfectly good aeroplane (with parachute attached). It was great, but too expensive to do regularly. That and the risk of dying and leaving Stu is perhaps a little high
* Had a great night in January where I had about 15 people over to watch a "slide night" on a data projector of my USA photos
* Installed apache on my photo server conspiracy so I could put in referer rules and stop people bandwidth-stealing my pics
* Went rock climbing with Campbell
* Saw Peter Jackson in person talking about the Lord of the Rings and King Kong
* Went snorkling a couple of times with Campbell
* Went to quite a few BookCrossing meetups, mostly to see Yvonne and me brother
* Lost many many hours of my life staring at the world from space with Google Maps and Google Earth
* Had a second lot of krib babies in May (six of which are still alive - would have been more if I'd taken better care of them)
* Watched all six star wars movies in order in one night. Probably a once in a lifetime but a must for any Star Wars geeks
* Got a blackberry and used it primarily for communicating with Stu
* Read Harry Potter 6 in a day
* Went live with a new website/cms at work after half a year of work
* Lots of trips to Queensland, one to Noosa, one to Yass to meet Stu's family
* Took up guppy breeding
* Saw Fiddler on the Roof and Topol live
* Took ~1500 photos of the renovation process of Luc's place

Some lowlights:
* Grandma Coates died in January, which was expected but still really sad
* Wasn't invited to George's birthday, came very close to never seeing her or her family again
* Expensive fire-safetyifying of the building
* Three days sick off work from two different flus, the most sick I've been since 1999
* Had a server get compromised from a week-old exploit in Backup Exec. Found within half an hour and rebuilt it that night
* Regular video nights pretty much stopped, as Striker was working over the weekends

In the fish tank department, got a brand-new-second-hand tank off a neighbour, and all its fish. Lost the biggest (4cm) tetra (which was 2 1/2 years old - old for a neon tetra!), a black angel, and the parent kribs. Took a tank to work for the krib babies and added guppys to it later. Somehow got ich in the big tank.

Was commenting to Stu today on what a mad year the past year has been. Certainly meeting him has been one of the highlights of my entire life.

Pushing things..

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You know you're stretching the limits of fate when you run windows update on three different domain controllers on three different domains and reboot them simultaneously.

Which is what I did tonight. heh.

Haven't done much work this week. For some reason I haven't felt like it. I wonder why that would be? Been doing some manual labour actually, moving servers and upses between buildings. At least it gives me something tangible to do :)

I was going to post a picture, but something just happened that made me so furious I actually don't feel so good.


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Realised today I had to make a choice.

So for better or for worse I've chosen option 1. Probably tougher, but also more rewarding.


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So Tuesday night Stu and I were talking on the phone, about the riots, and he said that Sydney wouldn't be a very nice place to live.

Wednesday I began a downward slide of hopelessness, despairing of ever living within 50km of him. Didn't get to talk to him on Wednesday night, so by Thursday I was completely without hope for the future. I honestly just wanted to die. Didn't start coming out of it until Friday, when a couple of beers at lunch rekindled the affectionate/positive side of me, and I began to have hope again.

So anyway, it's been a rough week, hence the lack of posts.

Tonight I am somewhat ashamed to be a Shire girl. The problem with the Shire is that for the longest time it's been almost exclusively WASP. And inherantly racist (cf the rest of my family). The race riots there today disgusted me.

... you don't feel like putting up all your Christmas decorations. I have the lights in my room, and the tree, but that's it. And even on the tree I didn't put out all the tinsel and decorations.

Sad really.


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I'm hoping that hydramethylnon will be the solution to all my cockroach woes. Bought a tube of it off Daniel today and put dots of it all round the kitchen. It'll take a couple of days for it to take effect - it blocks ATP pathways, so the cockroaches die of lack of energy. Hope it doesn't hurt the fish either. Shouldn't do, so long as any dying cockroaches don't fall into a tank. And Daniel's never had any problems with his fish.

Fingers crossed.


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I've blogged about this recipe before, and even posted an almost identical picture before.. but it looked so good and tasted so yummy, I thought I'd share it again :)

Potato Bake

Most of today was spent packing up the rest of the office for the renovations which start tomorrow. Lots of things are getting thrown out, including the first computer I used when I started there eight years ago. I had to get a photo for sentimental value:

Compaq laptop

And here's a cute (if slightly out of focus) pic of Rachel and Ryan I snapped in the car yesterday:

Rachel and Ryan

And I'm putting up my Christmas tree (slowly - had to clear a space on the lounge room floor for it first, then it got dark. Will post a pic when it's done - even though I know I've posted several pics of it before :) )

Goblet of Fire

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Well I have to say this movie exceeded expectations.

Mind you, those expectations were deliberately set quite low. I mean, the book was twice as big as the last one, how could they possibly make a movie of it all without chopping out great chunks of it? Well they did chop quite a lot out, but what was left worked really well. I was quite impressed.

There was a lot of rain and darkness, but also a lot of humour, more than any of the others. I was cracking up laughing out loud in lots and lots of places. The Quidditch World Cup scene was fantastic and the dragon scene not bad either. There was definitely not enough Lucius action - only the two small scenes - one at the world cup and one in the graveyard. mmmmmmmmm :) Voldemort was pretty cool. The John Williams soundtrack was sadly missing, so I don't know that I'll be buying the soundtrack. And Emma Watson is stunning in this movie!

It's been a year and a half since I last read the book, which was probably a good thing, or I'd have been missing more. But overall I thought the movie was great. As Dennis said, lots of thumbs and stars up :)

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