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More photos

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Cause nothing much interesting happened today.

The winning Star Wars Trivial Pursuit piece:

Tank number 5, finally wihout the under gravel filter, and all cleaned up:

Everyone's been having thunderstorms. Stu and I in Sydney and Brisbane, Missyisms in Illinois (?), Karla in Texas, Dave in Wisconsin I think, and Michael in a southern state of the US (not sure which one, I'm sure it's been mentioned tho).

Ok so that's only two countries, but it just seems like everyone's commenting on it at the moment.

I'm very sleepie.

Veronica Mars

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It's entirely Dave's fault. If he hadn't ranted and raved for an entire year about how wonderful this show was, I wouldn't have missed Mythbusters for it tonight. And instead of my summer tv watching mostly being free, I now have another show I'll have to watch/tape every week.


And his ranting and raving was not out of place. I actually enjoyed it, thought it was quite good. :)

On a sadder note, the tuning on my video appears to be stuffed somehow, which means I can't currently tape anything. Might have to go invest in a dvd/hdd recorder for Christmas...


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All Ryan wants for Christmas is his two front teeth..

My workstation that I'm about to be kicked out of and moved to another office


Lollies packed in preparation for Friday night's Gingerbread House event

Philosopher's Stone

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There are people that think that Dumbledore enabled Harry to figure out how the Mirror of Erised worked so that he'd know what to do with it later. Which is a little silly. Because Dumbledore designed the challenge at the end so that Voldemort/Quirrell couldn't get it. If Harry hadn't come along it would have been safe until Dumbledore returned from London. So Harry nearly ruined everything.

Of course it's all completely silly.

SSH for Blackberry

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So since I'm getting to keep a Blackberry for at least the next couple of years, I thought I'd have a go at getting an ssh client going on it. MidpSSH was a free one I found. But I couldn't get it to connect Kristien's box - kept getting authentication errors about it needing "publickey or keyboard-interactive". So Luc installed ssh on his ubuntu box. I could connect to that, after several attempts, not helped by the fact that the Blackberry capitalises the beginning of every line, including with passwords (grunties). It was a bit hit and miss though. But the good go I had at it, it actually worked quite well. But I still couldn't get to my main mail server because of ip restrictions, so I installed openssh on my puta at work to act as a jumphost. Well it installed fine, and I could ssh into it on the Blackberry, but I couldn't then jump out again from it (although I could from my own desktop running the ssh client). The error I got was "Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal". After battling with it all for well over an hour I gave up and went home in defeat. So unless Campbell opens up connections from the blackberry server, I might have to give up on the whole idea. Which sux, because webmail on the blackberry is next to unusable :(

And we got a look at the Vodafone handsets that I'm going to have to use - they've put their own funky gui on it, which I don't like - the icons are too big and the banner takes up too much real estate. Yay.


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So I was thinking I'd have to pay $900 in tax this year. And I was a bit grumpy about it.

Well today my tax return came. A $200 refund!! How awesome is that!!

Rather a pleasant surprise for the evening :)


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Bit of an end of an era today. Marylon is going back to work and so won't have the time for our Friday lunch time jigsaw sessions. Which is a bit sad after two (?) years of doing them every Friday.

Today we finished a 1500-piece puzzle which took us many weeks.

Going to miss doing them. Oh well. Maybe when she retires again for good :)



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Got to see into the roofspace above our offices yesterday. The novelty factor was high for me heh :) A contractor was up there trying to find a leak in our air conditioning pipes, so I popped up the ladder while he was out checking outside.

I was amazed how easily the sound travelled between rooms. And how shoddy the cabling is up there. No keeping cables neat and tidy, it's just drape them along the most direct route. Use cable ties to hang em off the sewage pipes. Leave power lines just lying around. Dodgy dodgy dodgy!

Roof space Roof space


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Got 10/14 on this test. Wonder if that'd let me become a British citizen heh :)

And how freaky is this:

Lane Cove Hole

A big cave-in on the construction of the Lane Cove tunnel. There was someone in that room this morning when it happened. She got out ok. But tonight on the news they had footage of that floor collapsing into the hole, and the entire contents of her bedroom all went down the hole :( I wonder how much of the building will be left by tomorrow morning.

And Google Earth updated their picture of a decent chunk of Sydney, but they shifted the entire thing about 50 metres to the ENE. So all the marker points I placed in the southern part of the city are now a little way off to the right :(

On a Jeune

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On A Jeune winning the Cranbourne Cup

Three years in a row I've won something on a sweep at work. Second year in a row I've won on the second place getter.

Third year in a row Makybe Diva won the Melbourne Cup. Third year in a row Glen Boss was the winning jockey.

First time ever the same horse has won the Melbourne Cup three times.

All in all a pretty historic day.

If you really cared about such things.


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