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Afternoon Off

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So there's this mob that wants to fight for an official Afternoon Off on Melbourne Cup day for the rest of Australia. Personally I'd rather be at work. Where would be the fun in Melbourne Cup without office sweeps and gathering round a telly and just generally being silly and having a relaxed afternoon anyway? If I had the afternoon off I'd be at home watching it by myself and it would be rather boring.

That's not to say that an extra half a day off a year wouldn't be a bad thing, but it just wouldn't be as fun a way to enjoy the race.


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So the first time I'd heard of this game, I saw it written "Runescape". So naturally I assumed it was called RunEscape. Then a week or two later I heard someone on the radio call it RuneScape. I still like RunEscape better :)

So anyway, Arian is somewhat addicted to it, and last night, with Stu being out and me being bored, I decided to have a go at it.


I've never played games like this before. And I'd had a few beers earlier in the evening. So saying my brain hurt was a little of an understatement :) Spent the first hour or so decorating my character and working slowly through the tutorial. Then spent the next hour or so trying to figure out what the heck was going on, and which way was up. Managed to fumble my way through a quest with a lot of help from Arian telling me which way to go. Slowly started to get an idea of what I was meant to be doing. Solved another quest more by good luck than good management, and then finally found the big picture map. Oh what a difference that would have made to have found earlier :) Ended up staying up til well past midnight, only to realise it was the start of daylight savings, and it was really well past 1am. Oops.

So today I get home from church to find Arian playing and Stu decorating a character, so I joined in. And Arian and I played literally all afternoon (while Stu did housework and slept heh).

I can see this becoming an *enormous* time waster in the near future!

The Mole

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Still torn. Craig or John. Find out soon.

8:36pm. It was John. Didn't surprise me. Actually one thing I forgot to mention last week, and it turned out to be possibly significant, was that John was in the back row of every single voting session. It makes sense for him to have been in the back row, because he would have gotten the answers right all the time, and they wouldn't have wanted people looking over his shoulder copying.

So anyway, congrats to Liz :)


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Fiddler on the Roof

Went and saw Fiddler on the Roof tonight with my uncle and aunty. It was a great show, very well done. My uncle somehow managed to get front row seats on the internet, which meant we were literally about three metres away from Topol! Although sadly he is getting old (he's like 70!) and he just didn't have the *energy* anymore. His voice was still good, but there didn't seem to be a passion there. My uncle noticed it too, and we both thought it was a little disappointing :(

But it was a great night out. I sang along to myself, but quietly, resisting the urge to sing along out loud heh :) And good to find more people to be able to go out and do this sort of thing with :):)

Purple Hats

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Mum's rather fond of sending around those sappy motivational emails. I don't tend to forward them, but there was a cool line in one she sent round the other day:

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

Which reminded me - I actually have a pink candle sculpted like a rose, somewhere in storage.

I really must dig it out :)


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Had rather a lovely Saturday.

Didn't really get a good sleep, but dozed for quite a while. Meandered up to Racecourse Road for breakfast, then went fishtank shopping. The shop we went to had the most amazing marine tank display - the best I've seen outside the aquarium I think.

Came home and watched the pilot of Firefly, then played fish tanks (actually I spent most of the time doing a couple of rather tricky Sudoku puzzles heh). Then we listened to Camille Saint-Saens Symphony Number 3 (the cd acquired recently via the wonderful resource that is the interet) while I watched the sunset out the window.

Went out for Thai for dinner which was excellent, but we were a bit late for the session of Serenity we wanted to see, so went back home for a bit before heading into the city to see it there. The movie was great, and glad I watched the pilot beforehand, so I had a good idea of who was who.

All in all very fulfilling day. :):)

Who is the Mole?

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For a while I was thinking it was Liz. Then I thought it was Craig. Then last night I was thinking John. I knew Liane wasn't, but she got eliminated.

Last week Liane and Kristy were convinced that the Mole was either Liz or John. And now they're both gone.

Craig and John have both been pretty mole-like in their behaviour. John in the first week was in the team that set off in the wrong direction in the snow and only just made it back in time. Craig was in the team that went past the flags on the side of the cliff, and Liz objected to going back down, and unclipped herself costing them money. In the getting kiwis to vote themselves a state of Australia, Craig bent the rules, costing them most of their votes. But then John does really well in the shooting challenge. John raised suspicions not knowing about Juan's like of the spice girls. In the cave, Craig leads John off away from the markers. In the boats, John leaves without putting his seatbelt on straight away although blames Mark for letting go of the rope. Craig and John both were involved in poor performances in the 4wd challenge. Craig took all the camping equipment, but no money (leaving it for the mole?), but John and Liz can't get back in time. John and Craig have trouble following each others directions in the maze. But then Liz and John were both against losing money for immunity.

I'm still tending towards Craig at this point, but wouldn't be surprised if it was Liz or John either. *sigh*. The only one I've ever guessed right, quite early on, was the very first series. I guess we will find out next week :)


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I swear I should start a tech blog. Or at least a category in my main blog for tech stuff. And it wouldn't be the first time people have ended up at my blog for search terms like "upgrading emm 360 cards".

Today I want to be the only webpage in the world have "ITAdminServer" in it. Or even "ITAdminServ". ITAdminServer.exe is a process in BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). So if BlackBerry administrators see this process running on their machines, well that's what it is. It's the "BlackBerry Policy Service", or so it seems :)

A mere two and a half days from beginning of counting


Went to another cousin's wedding today. Quite a nice day really, even if it did take up the entire afternoon and night :)

Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, but at leat was partly in English (I remember going to these things as a kid and the entire services were in Greek). Followed by photos in Banjo Patterson park. With the reception at Ryde ex services club.

Caught up with the various uncles/cousins. Drank wine. Ate lots. Danced.

The music wasn't entirely Greek for a change which was kinda nice heh. Still too much deafening treble tho.

They also had some "traditional" dances that my parents *knew* .. it was really scary. They probably haven't danced these dances in over thirty years and yet they were dancing along as if no time had ever passed. We just grew up in the wrong generation for that sort of thing. No such thing as "dances" where there are specific dances you can learn.

I was just content to bounce along to the techno Greek music heh :)

I'll upload a piccie tomorrow or something.

Remus and Romulus

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Weren't these the founders of Ancient Rome? Why then would these be the names of planets in a remote section of the galaxy in the Star Trek universe? Surely one wouldn't have influenced the other?

Medical Shows

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Is it just me or has there been a marked increase in medical shows in the past few years? I, personally am fascinated by them. My favourite show for a long time was ER, but shows like Nip/Tuck, House, RPA, Amazing Medical Stories etc grip me. But they also scare me. Well sorta. Nip/Tuck was enough to turn me off plastic surgery (which I'd never been interested in anyway, but the procedures are positively *brutal*). In fact all surgery looks brutal. The idea if people cutting into me and poking at me and drilling holes and using screwdrivers, for heavens sake, is rather repulsive. And then there's the cancer stories and stories of what could happen when things just go *wrong* with bodies. And I'm not afraid for myself. I'm afraid of what might happen if a loved one (specifically Stu at this point) had a terminal disease or a life-threatening injury. The thought is terrifying. Have I ever mentioned I'm rather fond of Stu? Sorry, have had one too many beers I think :)

Comment Spam

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The amount of comment spam that is not actually spamvertising anything, but is just putting up random links to pages on other people's blogs is growing, and it is quite disturbing. Sooner or later everyone will be blocking everyone else from commenting, and the blogosphere will start dying.

It's also really difficult to delete, because you don't want to add people's sites to your blacklist, and so you have to delete each one individually rather than a big sweep through with mtblacklist.

So I'm going to have a go at installing a graphical text plugin, and see if I can't stem the flow somewhat.

Did I mention I get to keep my Blackberry? :) /me very excited :)
Although a condition of keeping it is I have to give up my 6100 (which I hated from the first time I used it). The loadspeaker feature and its small size are the only things I'm going to miss. But I want to keep my Vodafone number, but all our Blackberries are with Telstra, so had Vodafone out today to talk pricing. Pricing is pretty much the same, so may end up doing that instead of porting the number.

There's a default image on some models of the Blackberries called "Mountain Lake", which I recognised instantly as Moraine Lake in Canada. Well actually I thought, hang on, that looks like Moraine Lake, and went and looked up my photos from last year. Sure enough, that's what it was - spooky really :)

It started off with me looking at my log files to see how much traffic my site does in a month, and ended up with me getting all nostalgic and reading through my June archive page, which included the trip to Queensland where I met Stu. The path I took to get there included my referer logs list a Google search on "queensland(wild west falls)" which brings up a bunch of pictures I took of the Wild West Falls ride at Movieworld (and even one I took while *on* the ride :) ). A search for Robert Wadlow brings up the same archive page (on the second page of images). Other than that there are the usual searches for star destroyer, super man, lucius malfoy, lego, bionicle, jareth, jason isaacs, lego logo, train wreck, grand junction etc etc. Mostly all image searches bring people to this blog, not anything interesting I've said (other than my AquaOne AR-620T support forum, and my creative cockroach control page).

I wanted to be in bed by now dammit! ;)

Industrial Relations

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I'm sure I'm going to get flamed by someone for this, so I'll just don the asbestos suit now :)

I've been getting annoyed about the ads on tv at the moment complaining about the industrial relations crap and how it'll be easier to fire people now, and how this can only be a bad thing for Australia. Now while as a general principle I tend to agree, I also disagree from an employer's perspective (of which I'm not nor ever likely to be), or a fellow worker's perspective. My theory goes something along the lines of this: bosses don't want to fire good workers. I am quite sure they'd be willing to make similar compromises they may be asking staff to make in order to keep a good worker. Rehiring and retraining new staff is a tedious, time consuming and costly exercise. The only people who should be worried about the IR reforms are bad workers.

I work in the government sector, and know that it is near nigh impossible to fire a bad worker. Unless they do something illegal or whatever, you're basically stuck with them, and it's bad for morale all round (I know this, being in the same office as a "bad worker"). If IR changes mean it's easier to get rid of people like this, then I'm all for it. As Vic says, it just makes it less expensive for employers to get rid of dead wood.

This is just my very uneducated theory, borne of no reason or interest in politics whatsoever, so feel free to flame away :)

I've commented before on how my blog readership list is all interconnected. But I discovered something new today. It seems that Huggies, a regular reader of Di's blog, is also reading and commenting on Brooke's blog. Now I know that Huggies came here once when I posted my story about how I met Stu, so I guess it's possible he may have made the connection then. Or perhaps he got there of his own accord, which would be even more freaky - I mean what are the chances of happening to see someone comment on a blog that you only read because you saw a link once in another blog you read, and someone *two* thousand kilometres away also happens to be reading it?? But then again, the internet is rather a strange place :)

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