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Queensland Highlights

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Brisbane from Mount Coot-tha Stu's tank with six Harlequin Rasboras Hawaiian shirt day at Stu's office Sillouette of Stu's Chinese sculptures Close up of some of the Harlequin Rasboras The hotel room we had in Noosa was bigger than my flat! (and Stu's too) One of my favourite ever photos of Stu The beach at Noosa The pool at our hotel Lion fish we saw in a marine tank setup in a club on Hastings St At Jasper's Restaurant Noosa from the lookout Pelican at Maroochydore Whale breaching off the coast of Maroochydore (taken at full zoom, at 8 megapix, and cropped to actual pixel size - I love my camera :)

The NeverEnding Story

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Watched The NeverEnding Story with George tonight. Haven't seen it something like 18 years. Realised how much of it I'd forgotten - probably because it's somewhat of a forgettable film in a lot of ways. Which is a bit strange because I seem to recall fond memories of it heh.

Haven't heard the theme song in probably that long too, although there is part of the sound track that I have as a trance track somewhere, although finding it would be a bit difficult :) Might make it a project for the long weekend :)

Not so painful

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So had our annual general meeting this morning for the flats. It went for two hours but turned out to be not so painful as I thought it would be. None of the inflammatory people came, and we turned out not to have to raise as much in a special levy as we first thought we would. So all in all not too bad.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight with Crossfire and Jess and a few others. It was pretty cool. It was actually closer to the seventies movie than I thought it would be. Usually when they do remakes they make them significantly different from the originals. I haven't read the book in *years* so can't remember all that much about it, so can't compare it to that unfortunately.

It had the usual Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Danny Elfman whackiness to it. Charlie (the kid from Finding Neverland) was cute in this too, and the rest of the kids were sufficiently obnoxious.

oo ooo oo and I saw a preview for Goblet of Fire!! Was very excited. Although without the John Williams soundtrack, and the likely chopping of lots from the book, I don't hold out as much hope for it being that good. Well, not as good as the first couple anyway. Decides not to get hopes up too high for it.

Oil Storm

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Watching "Oil Storm" on telly at the moment. It's a tv movie dramatisation made this year about what might happen if a hurricane hit and wiped out New Orleans and the surrounding oil infrastructure. Truly spooky timing for it to have been made, just months before it actually happened.

Considering all that's happened, and the Peak Oil crisis about to hit, it's surprising petrol prices haven't already gone higher than they have.

The Lost Lost Legionary

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I was pretty distracted at work today, and found myself missing the Lost Legionary. If it weren't for that blog, I never would have met Stu. And now it's gone. Well, not entirely. As luck would have it I wgeted it just two weeks ago, so all is not lost, for me anyway. But it's still really sad to know it's not online anymore for anyone else, and won't be being updated.

Well after several months of work, the new website was declared ready for soft-release to faculty office staff. There's still a stack more work to be done on it, but it's mostly just cleaning up now. But it was still pretty exciting. Might also be why I felt so distracted this afternoon, I felt like all the pressure was suddenly off, at least until tomorrow when we begin the process of making the thing really live.

Somehow I had cause to say "kazza, the blank one" in front of Josh tonight. And he says "oh I saw that, online" .. a truly ominous statement from a seven year old. Mainly because it means the family (or at least George) could be reading my blog. Well if you are, George, leave me a comment :)

Now just waiting for the washing to finish before I can hang it out and go to bed.


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Sunday. Not nearly so interesting as Saturday. Kept myself in an impossibly good mood with the Babe soundtrack, reliving yesterday's conversation with Stu. Did some work on the new CMS in the arvo, although not terribly successful getting things actually done. Ended up reverting to cleaning out the baby krib tank which was starting to putrefy due to lack of attention.

Then dinner at Alan and Marylon's, where much fizzling was to be had. Still fizzling away quite happily here.

And then Stu says, oh have you seen Aurelius' blog? To which I go and look and it's like "wtf????" .. I guess he'll explain himself one day. Either that or I'll have to rely on msn for updates on the life of Aurelius :)

<must keep head horizontal> .. for a while at least anyway :)

If I had words

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How is this for a really sweet song:

If I had words
To make a day for you
I'd sing you a morning golden and new
I would make this day
Last for all time
Give you a night
Deep in moonshine

I recently ripped my Babe soundtrack cd and this morning I sent the song to Stu. To which he responds: "the original tune comes from Saint Sean's Symphony No. 3" .. and I'm like "it does?!?" I had no idea! I assumed it was written for the movie. That boy never ceases to amaze me :) He then proceeded to find me some better variations on it, and promised to play me the whole thing one day, or even better see it live in concert. And then he likened that part of the symphony to a musical orgasm and I tell you I'll never watch Babe in the same way again :)

And speaking of songs I'll forever associate with him.. the other night I put on "Where were you, 1988" before I went to bed, something I really rarely do. And the song "Perfect" by Fairground Attraction was one of the songs on it. Now when we went to World Expo 88 in Brisbane, I had a walkman that I was listening to the radio on in the car the whole way up and back, and while there as well. And two songs really stuck with me from that trip - "Perfect", and "You'd Better be Home Soon" by Crowded House. As I had to change radio stations every so often on the trip up, I heard those songs over and over again on the different stations. So whenever I hear them now, I think of that trip to Queensland. Well the other night when I heard it, I made the association with Queensland as usual, but my association with Queensland nowadays is all about Stu, so as I lay in bed listening to it a new association developed. This was cemented today by Aurelius saying how he liked the chick in the band (which, as it turns out, was actually false, but too late now the damage is done ;) ).

What else. Well Crossfire sent me a link today that totally spun me out. Turns out he knows one of the guys in my office, and this guy has had a blog for three years. He posted me the link to his description of the BitComet bust we made the other day. So then I read a decent chunk of the rest of the blog. Will finish it soon. Problem is, it's a livejournal, which don't have rss feeds as far as I know, and I'm hopeless at keeping up with those (CC, JC, this means you as well ;) ). But then I vaguely worried if Crossfire knew about my blog (he probably does) and may in turn send Jake my blog, which could be a bit scary :)

I had plans to do some overtime today to get our new website a bit closer to a Monday release. But I spent most of the middle of the day talking to Stu, and half the afternoon talking to Aurelius, and suddenly it's 4:20pm and I haven't even started yet. Oops. :) And I need to do some water changes and the filters everywhere keep dying (two filters and an airpump have all gone this week). Gonna have to make a pilgrimage to Strictly Aquariums to get some more.

Then tonight it's the dilema of what movie(s) to watch. On 9 there's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (perhaps not a good idea to watch if I'm gonna see the Tim Burton version), and Ransom (Gary Sinise is *brilliant* in this movie, much drooling to be had). And on 10 there's Star Wars. But I also thought it would be nice to watch Babe. Or I could just not watch anything and get some overtime in.

And so that's Saturday in the life of Kaz. :)
Oh yes, and I just remembered, I *finally* finished Rising Sun - it only took seven months!

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