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It was a day of conversations today. Well just a couple that kinda stuck out. Like the one with my boss about Stu. Or the one with Luc about Dave & Yvonne, but *not* Stu. Or the one how I somehow managed to upset Arian over a conversation that started as to whether more-ish was a real word.

What really struck me today is Luc appears to be deliberately uninterested in Stu. He has not asked me a single question about him or my relationship with him. And yet he spent lunch time asking me all about my brother. It just weirded me out somewhat. Even my boss, who's really not that interested, was more curious about the picture I have of this boy on my blackberry. For entirely professional reasons of course. He pointed a finger at me and said "no moving to Brisbane allowed".

At least the day finished with a nice phone conversation with my boy.


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I've been staring rather intently at my screen for the past few hours which I'm sure is doing terrible things to my eyesight. Was quite an emotional night, all told.

Ironically the thing that started it all was a question of whether to censor what goes into blogs. I've found myself in recent weeks having issues with posting days' events, simply because I now have real-life readers who care about what (or rather who) I am writing about. Complicated by the fact that some of these people don't get along with each other.

I'm almost 32, and have only recently learnt the value of keeping my mouth shut sometimes. It didn't help that for most of my life I was always the last one to find anything out, and so recently when I *haven't* been the last to know, I've assumed that I have been and gone blabbing, only to find out that I've upset people or spoken when I shouldn't - there's been a couple of cases at work in recent months. But I digress. While this blog was only about me I had no real issues saying whatever I wanted. But when friends are involved that read a blog, sometimes it is more appropriate to keep things private.


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No matter that it may be irrational, I hate being the cause of angst in others. I find it distressing. Apologies to all of you.


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So VirginBlue had some $48 tickets for sale today.
Guess who's going to Brisbane in two weeks? :):):):):):)

Probable spoilers..


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I am going to be spending the weekend with another boy. His name is Harry. I won't be online as I will be spending every moment with him.

See you on the other side ;)

24" Baby!

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Check this out!

24 inches of screen goodness

Sadly not to keep, just a loaner. But oooohhhh so nice :)


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I'm in such a weird mood at the moment. Sad because of the events in London, yet utterly in love. Which leaves me somewhere in the middle feeling subdued yet enormously content.

Really need to get to bed soon if I'm to have any hope of getting any work done tomorrow.

My thoughts are with Londoners tonight. Just a day after winning the right to host the 2012 Olympics, the city is ravaged by probable terrorist blasts. Such awful news. Certainly puts everyday problems into perspective.

<plays Eventide on the recorder>


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<incoherent ramble>
I'm in a little bit of a dilemma with stuff at the moment. Like how much to write. Suddenly it's not just me and my personal life, but someone else's. And my personal life was not very interesting before. But this is all somehow different. Like it's intensely personal. Previously I've ranted and raved about stuff, but I don't tend to express my feelings about stuff. Not with any depth. And this all feels so much more private in a way. And with half my family and all his best friends reading all this... And then there was the comment he made about being open on a public forum..

Anyways, I'm just a little confused/torn at the moment.
big *sigh*
</incoherent ramble>

I think the easiest/safest thing to do is just stick to the facts. And the mundane. Like the box full of Blackberries I picked up today :)

I'm home alone tonight, as my special boy left this morning to go visit his family. Which means I can catch up on four days of blogs, and post finally :)

So Saturday I spent the entire day cleaning the house. Was fairly impressed with what I managed to achieve. It's a bit sad that it takes a house guest to finally motivate me to clean properly tho heh :)

Stu arrived fairly late on Saturday evening after a 13 hour drive. He rather nicely broke the ice, and after dinner we chatted and snuggled and watched Monty Python til very late.

Sunday after getting a late start, we headed into town and caught a ferry to Manly. Actually, that was the plan, although we ended up with a "free upgrade" to a jet cat, presumably because the Narrabeen was out of action after crashing a few weeks ago. It was actually quite disappointing, because we couldn't go outside, and I wanted to photograph the city. But at least we didn't have to sit in the middle for long, as the jet cats take half the time of the ferries. At Manly we wandered up the Corso to the beach, then sat and chatted for a while before heading back to town on a real ferry this time. Got some cool photos of the city, and even some of the Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier which was in town. Proceeded to dinner at Alan and Marylon's, where Stu held his own, horrified Lizzi with his interest in bell ringing, and was well liked by all.

On Sunday Stu also brought in his recorders, and on Sunday and Monday we had a go at playing some music together. Not very successfully, not having much good music for two players. Was still very cool though.

Monday afternoon I dropped into work before coming home and spending a very pleasant evening together just playing music and having dinner and watching videos and just hanging out.

So all in all a wonderful few days. Sadly over all too soon. So now the countdown begins again.. 166 hours to go (give or take) :)

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