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Four weeks

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So four weeks ago today I met this boy. Three weeks ago when I got home we started chatting. Two weeks ago today I began to watch him for hours on his webcam.

I could never have imagined four weeks ago where we'd be right now. And if someone had told me I would have laughed at them. This sort of thing doesn't happen in real life. Well at least not mine anyway.

Defining Moment #1
When Aurelius said he'd drop me off and Stu said "awww", from that moment I knew there could be something special.

Defining Moment #2
At Infinity when I threw a big ball at him and it hit him, he gave me this look, a look impossible to adequately describe. He smiled and there was something in his expression that told me this was a gentle soul who should never be hurt.

These are 21 things that I want in a lover
Not necessarily needs but qualities that I prefer
      - Alanis Morissette

Or so the song goes. I thought about this entry on the way back from Queensland (when you're in the car for hours on end with nothing better to do). I thought of the first few things but hadn't thought too much about it since then.

Now as I procrastinate over doing USA pictures, I thought I'd put this together. No particular order (although the earlier ones are probably more important).


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Finally saw Memento tonight. Not bad. Got more and more interesting as it went a long. Found a cool summary of scenes in the correct order too which helped to try and remember.

Also watched My Fair Lady which I picked up on my recent trip to Judea.

And now I can't sit still (I blame my mother for my genetic problems - in this case restless leg syndrome), so I'm off to bed.

I love my boss

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I truly do. I was all set to trek into the office to kick a server that hung in the process of rebooting, but I called him up to make sure he'd be happy for me to claim the overtime or just let it go til tomorrow, and he said he'd do it. What a sweetie :)

One for the ewwwwww books, from The Pen - Kangaroo vs Snake

And one for Aurelius, from OzGuru - "it's is not"

I'm so tired. Three or four nights in a row of midnight sleeps and 6am wakes. blah.

I've memed about this before, but I've changed my mind. I think if I were going to be an animal, I'd be a seagull. I mean look at all the things they have going for them:

  • They look good
    I mean how many animals can be such good scavengers and still look as good as they do?
  • They can soar
    These birds are designed for flight. They can soar for as long as they like with next to no effort at all.
  • They can swim
    This bird has it all - they can fly, walk on land *and* swim! How good is that!?
  • They can eat *anything*
    I could live on any diet I liked as a seagull and still survive

    They're just an all-round great animal. I think I'd be a seagull if I could be an animal.


  • Go the Goose!!

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    I managed to last the entire week I was away without finding out who won My Restaurant Rules this season, and just catching up on the videos now.

    Go the Goose!

    I was hoping they'd win, although I thought Sydney would. So was excited when they called Adelaide as the winner :)

    I've caught up on my main mail, my ebay mail, my uni mail. Still have several hours of videos, scores of blog entries, unpacking and dinner yet to catch up on.

    Back to it!


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    I really will do the last two Friday Qs. Honestly. :)
    But not tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

    I'm still alive, honestly! And so is Dad, miraculously ;)

    Regular programming will resume shortly :)

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