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The rest

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Even though I knew the outcome of the Amazing Race, I was still hoping Kris and John would win over Freddie and Kendra. Oh well. The next series starts here next week. So if I miss an episode I will *not* go looking for what happened, as I don't want to have the ending spoilt for me yet again! :)

And a happy fourth "birthday" to Alan. And ninth birthday to the new Pressy church which was rebuilt after the January 94 bushfires. And also nine years since the Port Arthur massacre.

Even more worried

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So tonight I finally remembered to go next door and try and get up to the flat that's had its light on since before Easter. It wasn't a security building which made it easier. Looks like they have five flats on each level, the one in question being the middle one on the top floor.

Knocked on the door. No answer. Knocked again. Nothing.

So knocked on the next door neighbour's door. The dude that answered said that an old guy lived there. Who couldn't walk very well. And they hadn't seen him for a while. This is sounding ominous.

As I left, I stuck my hand in the letterbox, and sure enough there's a stack of mail there.

Worried (although nothing anyone can do by this point), I reported it to the police and asked them to let me know what comes of it.

Worse case is that he's been in there for four weeks....
Or perhaps he's just staying with family and left the light on.


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I need more of it.

Tonight I spent entirely too much time reading Aurelius' blog trying to decipher all the place names mentioned. When I first started reading his blog, he was talking about moving from "Rome" to "Jerusalem". It didn't take long to realise that he was actually an Aussie, and then talking about seeing the footy at the Gabba clinched it. He was in Brisbane. Finally this post today made me decide to go back to the beginning and try and sort it all out. I'm up to February so far, and will refrain from asking my questions (scandal that made the news? legal saga?) to the end. I am guessing that Rome is Canberra, Jerusalem is Brisbane, although I have no idea where Judea and Ostia are meant to be. Probably one of them is Sydney, but I'll have to keep reading to get more clues. Unless Aurelius would like to share here :) The funny thing is, the deliberate act of renaming everything makes me even more intrigued about this dude. Even more so that some of the blogs I read whose names I never knew and didn't even realise that I didn't know them (eg mushroom).

So anyway. What I *should* have been doing tonight was the washing, changing the water in fish tank #5, doing the washing up and changing the url for my blog. Which I'm about to go off and do. See you on the other side (hopefully :) )


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So my day started with someone commenting on my 100 things list about how lucky I am that I know what I want in life (although I'm not sure how he got that idea).

It descended dramatically when I had to buy petrol this morning. The local Mobil was 115.9c/L, yet across the road it was 108.9c/L. The problem is, to get across to the other side of the road takes a good ten minutes as it requires getting through the same intersection twice against peak hour flow. After having to stop at the same set of lights three times I decided to bite the bullet, put $5 in at the Mobil and get more after work. I'm not sure which works better as a protest, not buying anything, or buying just enough to give them the message that I don't want to buy from them.

Then Marc sent this link round the staff list. You put your income in and it tells you where you rank in the grand scheme of things.

(big chunk of post removed, the thoughts had no socio-economic basis in reality)

I know damned well that I have it good in Australia. Every so often I have to convince myself that I do actually have friends, even though it doesn't feel like it sometimes. I probably have more money that most people I know. I know that complaining about the price of petrol between different petrol stations, and the ten minutes extra out of my life it takes to get a discount is among the shallowest things you can do.

I would simply like the ability to appreciate the good things and not get stressed out by trivialities.

Another one last night and another one this morning. What's the story? Industrial sabotage? Some company trying to put others out of business? Weird stuff.

Had a lovely night out tonight with James and George and Steve and Donna. Trekked half way across the city and ate lots of chicken. heh.

And channel seven was off the air for at least fifteen minutes from when I got home, no idea how long it was off before that. Their website was offline too. Strangeness.


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So two nights before Easter, I noticed that the light was on in the neighbours place directly opposite my bedroom and up a level in the next block of flats. It was on all night. It kept me awake because every time I looked out the window the light was on. Something was wrong.

At first I thought that perhaps the flat was up for sale or lease, and someone had left the light on while showing people around. It stressed me that the light was going to be on all Easter weekend using up electricity. Saturday I looked up on Domain to see if it was for sale or lease. No sign of it.

Then I thought that perhaps the owners were on holidays and had left the light on and gone away. But it's now been two and a half weeks. And school holidays have only just started.

So then I started thinking bad things. Like perhaps someone died in there and noone has noticed yet. Presumably the neighbours would have noticed the smell in the stairwells by now, so it's probably not that. But certainly a possibility. Was wondering if I should try and get into the building and have a look.

So anyway. What can you do hey.

Thanks everyone

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Thanks to everyone that commented (and those mystery lurkers out there whoever you are :) ). It's nice to people out there have some sort of interest in me after all.

Ironically it comes at a time when I'm questioning the sanity of having this blog at all (or at least many of the posts I make to it). I was actually debating whether or not I should remove old entries altogether and start afresh. The only real reason though is that I really don't want my mother to read it. I think she'd flip out if she read it. I'd rather not have her knowing my problems.

I'm also starting to think I've bitten off more than I can chew with my feed reading. I've doubled my feeds in the past few weeks, and while I'm nowhere near Dave's 112 December count.. I think I'm only on about 20 active blogs, it seems like my whole evening is dedicated to the task of catching up on them. That, and too much tv watching, is meaning the fish tank still hasn't had a water change. I really should go do that before wandering off to bed.. at least it's Friday tomorrow .. and the rate I'm going the Friday Q will be up before I get to bed.. heh

I don't get it!!

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Thanks to Ben for some cool links on Technorati and found another couple of links back to me (eg Gary, a fellow cadbury creme egg lover, and someone who stopped blogging a while ago) .. (as well as one that posted recently to my blog - Aurelius, and a link on yahoo from linux forums hehe).

But I don't get it! What on earth interests people about my life? All I do is whinge about crap. Honestly, I don't lead an exciting life, and I'm not the sort of person people get know in real life. It makes no sense to me!! As Pauline would say "please explain"! :)

As seen at G'Day Mate the other day..

Nobody ever ruined their eyesight by looking at the bright side of something.

Sounds good to me.. (goes off to bed with the sounds of Always look on the bright side of life ringing around my head..)

St Moritz

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The Great Outdoors went to St Moritz tonight. The problem with travel shows is that they give me a huge longing to travel, and a huge ache that I have noone to go with.

Does anyone want to skiing in St Moritz with me one winter?

As Dave kindly pointed out in a comment, I am the "blank one". However, while my mind is often a blank, and I'm sure blonde jokes were written with people like me in mind, that's not how I got that nick name.

It actually comes from my dad. He used to call me casablanca (kazza-blanka), derived from my name. Blank-one was a derivation of the blanca part. So he'd call me kazza the blank one.

And so a nick name was born :) And a pretty unique one too I might add.


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Watching the final movie in the Airport Terminal pack - Airport 79 - Concorde. I've only ever seen this movie once, and the only thing I can remember from it was Patroni firing a pistol out of the window and doing all sorts of acrobatics and I was thinking "yeah right" (apparently the barrell rolls were possible, but 360 loops were not). The good thing about this Airport movie (and the previous one) is the glorious footage of the aircraft. The Concorde was such a beautiful plane. So jealous of Luc for having flown in it.

Sadly, according to IMDB, the same Concorde used in the movie was the one that crashed in France and signalled the end of all Concorde flights.

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