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Snake Eyes

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Gary Sinise

Watched Snake Eyes on telly tonight for the sole reason that Gary Sinise was in it to be drooled over. Damn that guy is hot. I'll definitely be watching CSI NY this summer :) (assuming they show it)

Survivor tonight was brilliant. Leanne had absolutely no idea she was going, it was hilarious. Go the underdogs, lol!

Sydney fell short of the 42°C predicted today, only reaching 35 where I was. Last I checked it was still hotter outside than in, so I think I'll be sleeping (or attempting to sleep) with the fan on tonight.

This is probably why I'm not likely to be renting out my domain name again ..

Taken from SMH:

The developers of file-swapping technology Kazaa produced the biggest music piracy system ever seen, the Federal Court has been told.

At the start of a trial over the legality of Kazaa software, the court was told today that Kazaa had 100 million users worldwide, sharing three billion music files a month.

The software allows users to swap free digital music files over the internet.

But five major record companies are suing Sharman Networks, which develops and distributes the software, for copyright infringement.

Sharman will argue it has actively encouraged Kazaa users not to infringe copyright and it cannot control what users do with the software.

But lawyers for the record labels - Universal, EMI, Sony BMG and Warner and Festival Mushroom - contend Sharman was fully aware of how the software was used and did nothing to stop infringements.

Counsel for the labels, Tony Bannon SC, said the Kazaa system facilitated systematic copyright infringement on a scale never before seen.

He said Sharman "paint themselves as the defenders of the interests of fans of music".

"It's all a charade," Bannon said. "They are trading off the copyright-infringing activities of its users.

"Far from inhibiting infringements, they are actually encouraging them."

Sharman promoted Kazaa as "the world's most popular file-sharing system" but the profits did not go to the record labels or artists, Mr Bannon said.

The cornerstone of Kazaa's popularity was the free downloading of music files, most of which were unlicensed, he said.

"The vast audience only exists because of the rampant copyright-infringing activity," he said.

The trial, before Justice Murray Wilcox, is expected to last three weeks.


Silly really :)

Photo Management

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I installed ACDSee today. I uninstalled it tonight.

I've been using an ancient version of acdsee for years which is quick to load when you double click on a photo, and lets you rotate by pressing ctrl-r. Simple.

But I'd really like a nice program to remove red-eye.

Some time ago I installed Google's Picasa, which does red-eye very nicely. It actually modifies the file without altering the last change file-stamp. The problem is, the folder interface is utterly impossible to use. I can't figure out how to simply view folders by how they're arranged on my hard disk. It wants to arrange its albums in its own mystical ways - seemingly by date or name or size. But I just want a windows explorer style view dammit!! I simply can't find photos I'm looking for because I don't know where it's put them.

So I was hoping acdsee would do a better job. Well the folder navigation was more managable, however the red-eye feature is messy and not as good as picasa. It's also a slower program to load, and ctrl-r to rotate wants you to save a new file rather than just modifing the exif details (and so does red-eye). I was also hoping it'd manage resizing images, as the program I'm using at the moment, Pixresizer, is ok, but it's image quality is very soft. But the other stuff annoys me too much.

Back to google I guess.

Go MT-Blacklist!!

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After I installed mt-blacklist, I had only seen one block on comment spam, and I was thinking this was a little low for the amount of comment spam I used to get. But after fixing my archived comment problem last night, I've had a dozen or two comment spams logged and blocked. Very exciting :) mt-blacklist rocks hard!

When I upgraded my blog, all my old pages were still using "kmt-comments.cgi", and those never got updated, so still had the all the old entries not being able to be commented on. All betterer now :)


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I'm sure there was something significant I was going to write about tonight. Can't think of anything meaningful now though.

And just when DaveHarker was asking me if I was getting burnt out with blogging.

I couldn't even be bothered doing the Theme Thursday/Thursday Challenges anymore. What's wrong with me?

The tragic thing is, I was in such a good mood tonight because I had nothing to do except watch Die Hard and two episodes of the Amazing Race, and build lego.

oo oo and I got the Labyrinth Photo Album today!! This was the book I borrowed for several consecutive months from the library to drool over Jareth, but haven't seen since 1990. Very excited :):)


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I need to learn temperance. I need to control myself when people piss me off.

There's this woman at work who chronically doesn't log support calls when she needs help (of which she needs a lot), and will grab us whenever we walk by to ask questions (which happens a lot since we need to go into her office to collect our mail :/ ). Today she came into our office because she couldn't remember her password (even though she uses it multiple times per day) - more likely something weird had happened. But even when we reset it for her it still wouldn't work, so she came back again five minutes later to bug us again. Of course this time I had to go and have a look at her computer, then reset the password again. The thing is, I'm not even meant to be doing support calls, and was in the middle of trying to make something in my database work, and the constant interruptions were already bugging me. But having to get up and go do someone else's job *when she hadn't even logged a call for it* made me lose it, and I grumbled very loudly to her all the way down the corridor that she *has* to log calls, and this is exactly why.

Must learn self control. Must be patient. Must help the lusers, er, users because they don't know any better.

Or in the case of the Wizard of Oz, I do believe in spooks, I do, I do. Every time I watch the Wizard of Oz, I pick up stuff that's been referenced in other movies. Although the reference list doesn't include Labyrinth. I was only half watching Oz, more just listening, and lots of stuff reminded my vaguely of Labyrinth (Didymus had the exact same voice manerisms as the wizard dude). Nothing really specific though, just a feel.

I finished the Star Destroyer :)

Tilt Train Wreck

How freaky is this..
Queensland's Tilt Train derailed last night at ~160km/h


how awesome is that! Plenty of injuries though, but only a few serious ones..

amazing stuff

Six Months

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Six months ago right this moment I was on a 747-400 on my way to the States. Scary really how fast time has gone this year. Hopefully I'll have my photos sorted out before the six month since I returned home deadline.. :)


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Finally got MT-Blacklist installed. The installation wasn't tricky, only importing the updated blacklist file, which didn't want to seem to work. Finally cracked it.

We shall see how we go.

Jacaranda Season

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I love this time of year. Everywhere you look across suburbia there are little patches of purple dotting the landscape. Every so often a bigger clump of several trees together. And they're the best trees to climb!

One of these years I'm going to trek up to Grafton. Was going to go this year but just didn't get organised enough.

Also came to a scary realisation that it's been six months since we left for the us.. (six months next Tuesday). Los Angeles is the exact same latitude as Sydney, and took some pics out the plane window of jacaranda stands as we flew over them.

Big lunch + two doughnuts in a meeting = not hungry for dinner
10pm and just starting to feel a little peckish.


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I need more of it dammit!!
Either that or give up on ebay and Lego and do something more useful with my time!

I was thinking I should have a one hour per day anti-computer limit, where I go off and do something else other than just sit here. Of course I'd probably just sit in front of the telly or something. Somehow there wouldn't be much incentive to do boring things like housework...

The boss reacted as predicted when I suggested I might die skydiving - he said I couldn't go until I'd downloaded my brain :) I appeased him by telling him I'd wait til after Christmas when things were a bit more settled :)

So I was watching Finding Nemo last night, and during the part where Marlin and Dory were getting ready to "jump" I suddenly had the urge to skydive. So emailed Ric and he said he'd be interested in doing it with me. Cool. Then I was thinking how great it was that I'm not answerable to anyone, and don't have to get permission from anyone to do anything silly like that. The only person that'd really miss me if I died would be my mum (and maybe the odd blog reader out there ;) ). But then I started thinking about work, and the number of things I'm in the middle of at the moment, and if I died what a mess there'd be to clean up (literally and figuratively :) ). Even though my boss doesn't actually like me, I think he'd rather I didn't die, so that he wouldn't have to find someone else to setup three new servers, redesign the whole website, electronicify a bunch of our forms and reconfigure the external disk array. So I think I might organise a jump for January, when things have settled down somewhat :)

Space Lego logo

As I've been putting away my lego, I've been trying to find the patterns in lego piece changeovers. The original space lego was released over a ten year period, and there were several design changes in various pieces. I've been trying to figure out when they were so thast I can put the sets away with the right style of pieces.

The most common variations are:
* the chinstrap - early minifigs had a thin chinstrap, this changed in mid eighties to have a "reinforced" chinstrap; futuron have the modern style chinstrap
* the horizontal mounting level of the twin laser gun - this was in the middle in very early sets, but dropped to the bottom in most later sets
* the "clip" and "headlight" 1x1 plates - the round ones have two types - type 1 in classic and type 2 in futuron; the clips have three types - type 1 in classic and type 2 in futuron.. type three came just after futuron
* 1x2 slopes - very early ones were studless (hollow) but most have an internal stud
* big cone rockets - had no axle hole in early sets but have a hole in later ones
* small cone rockets - same deal
* 2x2 round bricks - have a differing style of central axle hole
* all the minifig heads should be solid stud

the biggest problem is that Bricklink and Peeron sometimes vary, and are often completely wrong. I've been charting it all out in excel trying to figure out when the changeover years were so I can get it all right in my sets. How sad am i? :) I'm also charting colour schemes and minifig colours because I read an analysis once on what sets were release with which colours... and a very funny page on the potential of a grey minifig...

The tragic thing is, I cared more about the election in someone else's country than in my own. Not a lot mind you. But it does seem like a bit of a blow for world peace.

Had a thoroughly sucky afternoon at work. Got myself into trouble with the boss because I assumed somebody knew something they didn't and they found out badly and he had to clean up the mess. I'm going to have to share an office with someone who I really don't want to. This is a guy that spends his entire day browsing hifi equipment, music, australian idol and other such stuff on the internet all day. I honestly cannot tell you what he's *supposed* to do with his today. Technically he's the backup administrator. But he's not even very good at that. And now he's going to be even further from supervision, and the fact that he doesn't work all day is just going to stress me out. sigh.

The only thing I achieved today was getting closer to getting file replication working. But really need to test it with gigabytes of files rather than just half a dozen empty directories.

Watching Air Crash Investigation. I've actually seen this episode before, although no idea where. Probably at Vic's place on Foxtel or something.

After two nights of broken sleep thanks to cia's servers, I'm going to turn the pagers off and sleep through. Maybe then tomorrow won't be as sucky as today was.

Two years in a row

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Melbourne Cup

Well this makes two years in a row that I've won something in the office sweeps for the Melbourne Cup. Last year I drew Makybe Diva and won the sweep; this year I drew Vinnie Row and came second (to Makybe Diva - the first mare ever to win the Melbourne Cup two years in a row).

Onya Vinnie Row :)

It then took me a good half an hour to find a website that listed the complete race results and not just the top three. Very frustrating if you're trying to find the last place getter for the booby prize!


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To any American readers, go and vote on Tuesday. And do the world a favour and get rid of Bush. I have no idea what Kerry is like or their party policies, but he couldn't possibly be any worse than the idiot you have running the country at the moment, *surely* ? (and don't call me shirley!)

Bitz and Bobz

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Firstly a welcome to all my lurkers. I asked for one response, and got two, go figure! :) It's nice to know my insignificant rantings keep other people entertained at work :):)

Top things that piss me off #7:
People that honk you when you stop at a sign that says "Left turn on red permitted after STOPPING". By law you're supposed to wait something like three seconds after stopping, or at the very least until you can see around the truck that's blocking sight of the oncoming traffic. But nooooooo some twats want to beep you the second you stop. Next time someone does that I think I might just stop there until the light turns green, just to teach them a lesson in patience.

I watched Behind Enemy Lines tonight. I really liked the cinematography and camera work. The scene at the beginning where the F-18 gets shot down is fantastic, and the scenery throughout the rest of the film is bleak but beautiful. The story itself is a bit lame, and it gets a scathing review on IMDB for not being accurate about the Balkan war. But have definitely seen worse.

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