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I finally had a dream about Captain Hook last night. This is only the second dream I've had about Jason Isaacs this year. When I was younger and had my obsession with David Bowie, I used to dream about him all the time. I must be getting old or something.

Other than that, spent the whole weekend putting lego away.

There is also an anonymous Big Puddle user reading my blog; care to leave your name some time? :)

Drank somewhat more carefully at Alan's tonight. I don't think my stomach has completely forgiven me for last time.

Really need to update all my clocks for daylight savings. And put up my fairy lights for the year :)

I've been fairly convinced that I'm going to die single, but I was thinking that because of my attraction to older men, I may just have to wait a few years. The only glitch with that theory is that there aren't too many single men in their late thirties. Especially Christians. Oh well.

Manchurian Candidate.jpg

Not bad. Better than Collateral I thought.

Went with Striker. This is becoming somewhat of a habit.

Thanks to TripleM for yet another freebie movie!


And how hot is Liev Schreiber!?!? I think I'll have to add him to my sexy older men collection!

I just did my tax. But being the somewhat moral person I am, I felt I had to declare the income I got from the rental of Which means I now have to pay a bucketload of tax. Not to mention the Tax Office will probably see this odd entry on my tax return and decide to audit me or something silly. grrr. Sux having a conscience. Anyone else would just have not declared it and kept it all. sigh.

Rainbow Connection

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They say there's never anything on tv at three in the morning. So when you find stuff it's always somewhat of a miracle. Like Rage. They seriously just played The Rainbow Connection by the Muppets. Now they're playing David Bowie/Bing Crosby doing the Little Drummer Boy. And there's Queen coming up. It's just a pity I can't actually get the ABC, I can hear it ok, but it's like trying to see the images through a snowstorm.

Well my file copy has finished. Bed time.


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Sometimes I spook myself out. Like hearing a "wooo" at the end of Australia's Funniest Home Video Show, and recognising the "wooo" as being from Ewan Campbell, an audience warmer-uperer at channel 9. It was the exact same "wooo" that he released prematurely when James was on Catch Phrase.

Silly really.

3 down, 19 to go

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I accidently let the cat out of the bag about my domain name to John today. Have decided I should do what I've been meaning to do for a while now - censor my blog. That is, remove stuff that makes people (including myself) too easy to identify, and perhaps some of my more embarrassing or heated comments. Not that I'd mind if people like John/Luc/George actually read this.. really the only person I'd rather not have read it is my mother. So I've been through 3 months of entries, and have 19 to go.

Today was a much more civilised temperature. In fact it was just about the most perfect you can get. Warm, with a fresh breeze. Not too hot or humid. It was great. Got home and opened every single window in the place to get rid of some of the heat pent up in the past three days.

There was a video night at Striker's tonight, but after finding out what movies were on offer, I decided not to go. It's rather a long way to go by yourself if you don't want to watch any of the movies. So just catching up on stuff instead. Will prolly go to bed soon!

What a Super Man

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Christopher Reeve as Superman

Christopher Reeve of Superman fame died today, which is very sad. I thought it would be appropriate to watch Superman on dvd tonight. I definitely need to get the soundtrack at some point too. And the twin towers look so naked without all the other buildings around them. Unfortunately this version is the slightly truncated version missing all the little extra scenes, including "You must have been a beautiful baby.."

Really dunno what happened last night. I didn't drink any more than I normally do when I go to dinner at Alan's.. I guess I must have had the first couple of drinks too fast. Was still very queasy this morning :(

The two corys are still alive in the tetra tank. Hopefully they'll recover. Then I can try them one at a time in the big tank again - after a couple of water changes.

There's a few blogs, linking to a few of my images which is really annoying. Not that bandwidth actually costs me anything, and it's not huge anyway, and half the images they're using aren't even mine, but it's the principle of the thing. It's just plain *rude* for bloggers to steal images off other sites. The very least they could do is save them and upload them to their own sites. Dave posted about the same thing happening on his site, and he uses "hotlink protection". Not sure if I'll be able to do that on our server. I found another cool site yesterday that talked about doing this with a .htaccess file, but when I tried it, it blocked access to my images even from my sites! doh. Must be a weirdness from running Zeus not Apache.


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Chucked for the first time in two years from alcohol tonight.. not a good thing

Bought three new fish yesterday for the big tank.. one dead already, two sick, transferred them to the tetra tank... v.bad.. cursed tank at the moment it seems .. :(

crash time..


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The problem I have with a huge todo list, is that I don't know where to start. I'd like to do the fun things, but then I feel guilty for not doing the more important but boring things. So nothing gets done as I sit in indecision.

The problem with looking for gifts for people that have everything, is that they have everything, and can't tell you what they'd like for a birthday, and chances are anything you can think of they already have.

Election 2004

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So today is Australia's federal election. I confess to having no interest whatsoever in politics, and I tend to think they're all as bad as one another. The heated discussion on Oz-ISP has been somewhat interesting though. Then someone posted a link to a quiz on political preferences, and I was rather surprised at my result:


I was very surprised, because even though I don't consider myself to prefer any of the major parties, I have a tendency to prefer labour, because they seem to support the little guy a bit more. Which in itself is ironic, because under a liberal government with the introduction of the GST and the associated tax cuts I'm actually quite a bit better off than I was before the GST. But I voted against liberal at the last election because I didn't want it, as I think it hurts lower income earners more than higher ones.

I would have thought my Greens preferences would have rated much higher, as I do care a lot about the environment.

So I still don't know who I'm going to vote for today. But I'll still do what I do every time - vote for *everyone else* first, then labour and liberal at the very end.


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A little alcohol and the thoughts come tumbling out. Like how cool it would be to see Brian May again (I saw him in concert a few years ago and it was utterly magic... It's a Kind of Magic? :) ) and seeing We Will Rock You (I'd know all the songs, would just need to find someone to see it with), and how the soundtracks to the Chamber of Secrets and the Prizoner of Azkaban are going to forever remind me of our trip to the US (I got the cds there and we listened to them a lot while we were away in the car) and how lucious Lucius is.. mmmmmmm yumm Jason Isaacs..

I didn't get nearly enough sleep this week.. damned servers.. definitely going to make an effort to get a proper night's sleep tonight..

and how lovely Alan Rickman's voice is.. and how much I love British accents .. and that I should probably cook some dinner... and how much Tom Felton grew in between the two movies .. and how much the rest of them grew between movies two and three..

Mt St Helens

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Sometimes I wish I'd take more photos of things. Take for example the Johnston Ridge Observatory at Mt St Helens. There's half a chance it may not be there for much longer. Of course there's every chance that it will be, but it's closed at the moment for fear of a devastating eruption wiping out thousands of tourists. I'm just glad that we got to see it when we did, it could be months or even years before they reopen it.

Mt St Helens in June Mt St Helens in October

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