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Well after two double vodka and vanilla cokes, I sat down to watch the black angels lay another batch of eggs. I'm now convinced that they're both females. I may take up Fiona's offer to borrow their male. After watching them eat their flyaway eggs I suddenly had a hankering for eggs for dinner. These were leftover from the pre-olympics do we had at work the other week (the leftovers of an egg and spoon race). Yum. Love fried eggs.

So then it was 9:30 and I thought I'd put on the handball. I've never actually seen any handball but Luc keeps talking about it and saying how great it is, so thought I'd have a look. My first thoughts were "a cross between basketball and soccer". Followed a few minutes later by the commentator saying "it's like a cross between basketball and soccer, or water polo without the water" .. silly really.

That is the question.
So much for a happy birthday.. have spent four hours awake feeling like absolute crap. Chucked a couple of times although had to force myself to do that. Dunno what's going on. *sigh*

OK so I hadn't gotten around to posting an entry for this week's Theme Thursday, and now it looks like it's going to die a neglected death as well. Will have to start meme hunting again.

Azkaban take two

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I saw Prisoner of Azkaban again tonight. Enjoyed it a lot more the second time round, was less hung up on all the things that annoyed me the first time and appreciated the fun things a lots more. Like the whomping willow bashing up birds and losing all its leaves at once, and Hermione altering things in time a bit more than in the book. I still felt a bit cheated with pretty much all of Lupin's thread though. He shows he knows how to use the map, but gives no explanation why. The meaning of who Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are isn't explained. And the twist with Peter Pettigrew is hinted at too early and then badly handled in the shrieking shack.

We also saw I, Robot and the Chronicles of Riddick last night at Evilhouse (thanks to Simon and his lovely collection of movies hehe). I, Robot wasn't bad a second time around, but it was taped in a cinema and a couple of times a dude gets up to leave and comes back again. Don't think I've ever seen a bootleg copy of a movie like that. The Chronicles of Riddick was very average. Didn't realise til I got home it was actually a sequel (to Pitch Black). Not that there was a lot of plot to the movie to lose track of anyway.

Starting the feel the effects of a 3am bedtime and a 7am wakeup call from godzilla which crashed again.

Do it now

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I am the world's worst procrastinator. If the first step in doing something is the slightest bit difficult that thing just does not get done. So it was with some notes programming I had to do. This task had been hanging over my head literally *all year* because every time I thought about it I thought "urghh" (literally!). Well after fixing the thing I fixed yesterday I was without much left todo, so asked my boss what I should do next. (This in itself is always a dangerous thing to do, because he will always allocate the stuff that I've been trying to put off as long as possible). The response of course was this horrible notes job. As it turned out however, the task wasn't too complicated or even difficult, and I had it done within an hour or two. So all those months of stressing over this stupid job, and it was over and done with in an hour. How tragic is that? I really should tackle other such jobs, both at work and at home, with the same gusto...!

Oo oo oo!!

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The Weather Pixie is back!!!! Yaayyyyyyy!!!

From their site:

News Flash: The reason Weatherpixie wasn't working last week was due to a denial of service attack on the server hosting Weatherpixie. This happened whilst the two people who could have fixed the problem were off at a music festival camping in a field with no access to the internet.

Weather Woes

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  1. The Weather Pixie The weather pixie is dead! She's gone! What's the story? No response from dns server
  2. Decapitation Alert A couple of weeks ago part of our building fell off during heavy wind. Today they were taking no chances, taping off the whole area in front of the building in case more fell off during today's high winds
  3. Blackout Our area was blacked out for an hour today. There go all the computers. And the clocks

The Others

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Watched The Others tonight which I taped last night. That's one spooky/scary movie, even though I'd seen it before and knew what happens.

urgh it's only Monday isn't it?

Did a water change in the big tank to give me a supply of water to water the plants, clean filters, top up the smallest tank for the kribs etc. It's just about ready for the kribs, just need to put in some more gravel and another rock, and turn on the heater for them. Then I think I will bring the black angels back into the big tank, they look very grumpy in the other tank. But then I'll have a spare 2' tank. Anyone got any suggestions for it? :)

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