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Choosing not to do the Friday Q this week. Actually it hasn't been updated (Dave I know you're in Ireland, but *you* did yours :) ). It's all about criminal activities which I have no interest in. It's bad enough dealing with companies like ebay that support criminal low lifes.


Let it go

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ebay are continuing to be bastards, they ignore emails of complaint and I can see I am not going to get anywhere with them. So I could just forget about it all. Know in my heart that Raffaele Favia (faiele) is a thief and let it go, even if I can't warn the rest of the ebay community that this guy is a thief and a liar and a fraud and a cheat. Even threats to take my business elsewhere if I can't leave feedback are ignored. So I am in this dilema. Now that my space lego collection is complete, it's time to start selling off the duplicate sets. I could probably sell them on bricklink, but that is a lot of work to setup. I just don't want to give ebay any money that they definitely don't deserve.

beep beep barina

I can't sleep. Lying awake stressing over what a pack of criminal bastards ebay is.

So downloaded the last two weeks of photos I somehow hadn't gotten around to doing.

Tradition has it that I photograph my friends new cars the day they get them. Well when I was away, I lent my car to James for six weeks. They got so used to be a two-car family that today they went and bought a new second car. Scary really. And it's all my fault.

I think also the fact that I have to get up early means I can't get to sleep tonight.


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USA Route Canada Route

I've finished putting route lines all over my scanned usa maps and exported them all to jpgs. The above two images are the total maps, I also have more detailed maps of each state. Now all I need to do is generate all the thumbnails and label 3800 photos.. ! Still thinking of writing a php application to manage it all for me. Either that or just do it all in excel and make html from that.

Also a shoutout to Nicky, who is posting comments, but not sure if you are getting any of my emails? I've sent a couple anyway.

My weekend

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My weekend went something like this:

get up
stress over fish tank
setup new fish tank for kribs
relatively lazy afternoon
go to parents for dinner
get home
go out to party in town

go to party
get home
go to bed
get up
go to church
get home
put on a load of washing
go out to lunch
get home
hang out washing
go out to dinner
get home

If I had the energy I'd talk about the "interesting" events of last night's party, the 25 minute wait for a train there but a 5 minute wait for a bus home, the fact that Chris has recently become single again, the four hours sleep, the nice lunch with David and Yvonne, and the nice dinner with Ric. I have eaten so much today it's ridiculous. And on that note, I'm going to bed.


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I've had a bit of a fiddle with the layout of my blog side bar. I've removed the calendar and recent entries links altogether, so if anyone misses them and wants them back let me know. I've also rearranged my reading list. Before anyone gets offended I'd just like to point out that the order is based purely on the number of days blogged in the month of July. Dave was the winner, posting every single day :)

I also added an imood icon. No points for guessing who I'm actually smitten with. Hint - I watched the Chamber of Secrets tonight while fiddling with this :)

Comment Spam

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As suggested here I have renamed my mt-comments.cgi to kazmt-comments.cgi and edited mt-cgi/lib/MT/ to reflect this, then rebuilt the site. Will do a test. Email me if you have any problems.

Well I'm still trying to sort out my USA photos. The first hurdle was to rename them all to have a date/timestamp in the file name. Finally got that working with a relatively simple php script.

The next task was to rotate them and resize them. But the issue then became which do I do first. If I rotated them and then resized them, I'd end up with larger than normal vertical shots because the PIXresizer tool I found doesn't differentiate between landscape and portrait pictures when it's resizing, so it makes 1024 the horizontal dimension no matter how the picture is oriented. I suppose I could have looked for another resizing tool, but this one was free and easy. If I resized them all first and then rotated them, I'd have to find and rotate the images three times - one at full size for archiving, one at medium size for the web, and a thumbnail. Definitely too hard.

So I decided to rotate then resize. But then what I did was to find all the rotated ones and copy them to another folder, so I could do a batch resize of those separately and overwrite the big images. So far so good.

But I still also need to go through the list of the images that didn't get resized at all in the first pass, because they were 1024x768 or smaller to begin with. That and have to create 42 day folders and then split the images back into day folders from one big folder..

May not get the pics uploaded tonight after all :/

I, Robot

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I, Robot

I just saw I, Robot. Thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it was a little predictable.

Went with Sami, he rearranged his social life and could make it. It was a 6:00 "arrival" so that's when we got there, and wandered in with the rest of the crowd down the red carpet - very exciting, never done that before! :) Media and fans everywhere, not to mention rain! hehe Of course all the fans were waiting for Will Smith, and there was a stage setup where Will was going to perform a few songs. But us, we wandered down the red carpet and before we knew it we were in the cinema already. They had the screen setup to show the action outside though, so we got to watch the whole proceedings from inside, out of the rain! We actually saw Paul Mercurio arriving on the screen. Then Will arrived and took him about half an hour to make it down the red carpet, before he got changed out of his fancy suit into rapper gear and did his songs. When that was finished the people that had braved the rain outside joined the rest of us.

We were a group of mostly competition winners by the sounds of it. The people next to us won it from their newspaper in South Australia. The press and celebrities must have been in another cinema.

Someone that had just come in said that Will was waiting outside and was going to come in. First I think it was the producer came in and introduced the film and Will Smith, which was very cool. He just said how much fun the movie was to make and a few other things that I didn't really pay much attention to because I was trying to get a photo. I took my old camera cause it was easier to hide than my big beast, but in the end I needn't have worried, and I should definitely have used my flash, as other people were taking photos of him and didn't get stopped. So alas, none of my photos turned out, but you get that.

The movie itself was highly entertaining. If you liked Minority Report you'd probably like this too.

Thanks TripleM for the freebies, good to know being a Freq was finally worth it :)

Found this little list of questions I put together while reading the Harry Potter books for the third time through.

The first list is questions that I'd like to see answered in the last two books:

  • Why does Snape not get the defence against dark arts job?
  • Why does Dumbledore trust Snape so much? What did he do on his "first chance", as mentioned in book four?
  • Where did Harry's parents' money come from?
  • Why is Voldemort so anti mudbloods when he is one himself?
  • What about making things work just by thinking about them? No wand or words like when harry blew up Marge or made the glass disappear at the zoo. Surely if he could do that powerful wizards could make things happen just by thinking them?

    And the next list is more just inconsistencies (there's stacks more, some of which I've read on other sites)

  • How could the kids practise quidditch on their holidays if they couldn't do magic outside of school? What about Fred and George making joke stuff all the time? What about the floo network?
  • When do the kids bathe?
  • How did Tom Riddle's diary know Ginny was talking about him as Voldemort? - presumably she never would have written his name...
  • How did Dobby disapparate from the hospital at Hogwarts?
  • If Dumbledore and Moody were such good friends, how come Dumbledore took a year to recognise the imposter?
  • How come you can't apparate inside the grounds, but you can use unauthorised portkeys?
  • Why is there no mention of the thestrals at the end of book four as Harry is leaving?

    And finally, one I may just have missed..

  • Who's the head of Ravenclaw?

  • Just excuse me while I wipe up all the drool .. been watching The Patriot, and all the deleted scenes that I've only seen in screen-dumps on the web until now. When I told Luc I was getting the dvd, he said "is that the one with Mel Gibson?", and I said, "no that's the one with Jason Isaacs .. oh yeah, Mel Gibson is in it too" *grin*

    Sami mentioned yesterday that BigW had a lot of Lego on special, so today I trekked to the local BigW to get some more Harry Potter Lego. Well Lego wasn't just on special, the Harry Potter Lego was *slashed* in price. The best saving was the Hogwarts Castle, which was $114. Now the normal price at BigW was $144, and the recommended retail is $159.95!!! At $45 off retail I could put a couple away and sell them in a year or two and get a 50% return on investment easily, perhaps more. I've actually already got a couple of sets stashed away unopened that I got on special for just this purpose. Of course the biggest problem with all of that is storage, so I won't be holding on to them forever that's for sure :)


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    Well after beating my head against the brick wall known as Perl for weeks, I've given up and am going to use PHP. All I want to do is get the datestamp on a file and use it to rename the file to have the datestamp *in* the file. So rename DSC00001.JPG to 2004-04-28-DSC00001.JPG etc. The only way I could find to do this in perl (stat($file)) works perfectly on a *nix system, but not Win32. So I've gone with PHP, which works better when used with a webserver, but I'm sure I'll be able to beat it into submission and get it down to merely running a shortcut on my desktop.

    I will also then be able to start figuring out my USA photos in earnest. I haven't wanted to touch the files and resize them until I had the datestamp situation sorted and the files renamed.

    Living Longer

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    Channel 7 ran a show tonight called Living Longer - the National Life Expectancy Test. They asked 45 multiple choice questions about health and diet and family history etc etc and at the end you get a score which you match up against your age and it'll spit out your life expectancy. Of course the website with the calculator was getting totally hammered so I only just managed to get my score. According to that very superficial test, I'm going to live to be 82. Yay. Not. I don't want to ever get that old. Unless my brain still works properly and and I can still get around without pain. My Nana turned 76 this week and while her brain still works, her body doesn't - arthritis mainly and a lack of full recovery from broken bones after falls. It took her ten minutes just to get into the car after lunch (a decent chunk of the family took her out for lunch to celebrate her birthday). I don't think I could live like that. Still I'm most likely to die of cancer before I get old.

    I resisted the urge to watch Peter Pan again tonight and instead watched all the bonus features on the dvd. Of course one of the best things on it is Jason Isaacs little tribute to the movie in the form of a 6 minute mini documentary. Ah if only it had gone on longer.. ;)

    I also thought I'd try and get the picture book of the movie, which I saw in a couple of places before I went away. But of course I can't find it now, can I? Oh well.

    Peter Pan

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    I just finished reading the original Peter Pan by JM Barrie. It's not bad, although the language/style of it is quite different to what I'm used to. It's nice to see that they used a lot of the dialogue word for word in the movie. In fact just about everything in the movie is in the book in one way or another - however things are rearranged quite a bit and things like Wendy saying she wanted to be Red-Handed Jill was actually John saying he wanted to be Red-Handed Jack. Of course I couldn't picture Hook as anything but our (er.. my) favourite Jas (that's Jason, not James hehe).

    Now, back to the lego.


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    Still sorting out a bulk lot of lego I got yesterday. It actually turned out to be several pretty much complete sets, one of which I wanted, one more big space set, and a couple of other sets, including a couple of ancient ones from the mid seventies. It's a very sad state of affairs when I'd rather be building lego than eating or sleeping. Had a very late dinner and going to be a late night to bed.

    Never did figure out that active directory problem. Pretty much given up on the idea and will probably just contact the remaining 60 or so accounts that are left after I sorted through them today and just check them manually. Not going to be a lot of use in the future though. I wonder what the stats are for 95/98 machines.. I know that about 10% of the computers we have a macs, but no idea about old windoze versions...


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    Last night a friend of mine was looking up information on Cory Catfish, and somehow managed to find my blog. She saw this entry which funnily enough comes at number 2 in the Australian Google. She also saw the March archive page. Not sure how much she read of it, but is enough to make me rather scared ;)

    While I was away, I was collecting the US State Quarters. After six weeks, I had only managed to acquire 27 of them. It was only on our very last day in Seattle that someone actually said that only that many had even been released. Well tonight I looked it up and sure enough, I have all the ones that have been released, except Texas, which came out while I was away. Unfortunately this means I won't be able to complete my collection until 2008! In the meantime, Dennis if you're still offering to put them aside for me.. hopefully we'll still be reading each other's blogs then .. :)

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