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whoops, it's late

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I'm sure I had some deeply profound stuff I wanted to write about tonight, but I can't really think of anything right now. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to go to bed then. Sorry.

The Lion King

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Just got home from seeing the stage version of The Lion King with Luc and Cynthia. It's brilliant! If you haven't seen it, go see it!

It's pretty much exactly like the movie, all the songs from the movie are in it, and huge slabs of the script are identical. I was even quoting bits of it, lol. There's quite a bit of extra stuff too, a couple of extra songs and more dancing.

The coolest thing though was the puppetry. It was phenomenal. Lots of animals, even a full sized elephant! It was very cool how they did the wildebeast stampede too.

I was slightly disappointed with Jay Laga'aia's (Mufasa) performance, he just didn't seem to have the majestic voice (cf James Earl Jones, but then not much can compare to that). But I dunno, the way the mics were setup, even child-simba's roar was better than his. Tony Harvey's Scar was pretty good, but then again, not much can compare with Jeremy Irons :) Timon and Pumba are great, especially the puppetry for Pumbaa.

Anyways, it's a school night, best be off.

Which way is up?

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Not exactly sure what happened to today, but suddenly it's 6pm. wtf?? An tomorrow will be a writeoff, I can tell from here.

All I've managed to achieve today is to do a water change in the big tank, and weed the little tank. That's the sum total of my efforts.

Panic sets in as I realise how much I have to do in the next three weeks. arhgghh!

24 just got silly

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OK so it was bad enough having Kim working at CTU, but I could deal with that. But now Nina Meyers has come back. Sheesh!

Pity about Lex on Survivor. I really hope they get rid of Rob soon, I don't like him much. It's kinda funny with Lex, because I remember he wasn't portrayed very well on the African survivor, and I didn't like him much on that show. The runner up, Kim, said though that she thought Lex would have won if she'd taken him to the final two, because he was actually different in real life.

urgh can't believe it's so late. There's just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I was going to do a water change tonight and I need to water the plants. arghghg

Been away, sorry

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Was hoping I'd get some opportunities to post, but motels in Australia are pretty slack at having phones in the rooms. I'll upload my travelogue prolly tomorrow.

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