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Gone Potty

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Further feeding a couple of my obsessions, I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone this weekend. I want to read all the books again before Azkaban comes out. I think I am also going to make Luc read all the books. He's the biggest reader I know yet he's never read them.

I also watched Dragonheart specifically for the Felton scenes.. ;) There's a couple of amusing Harry Potter-Dragonheart links. So we have Jason Isaacs who is in both movies, plays a character called Felton in Dragonheart. There is also a character called Draco. In Harry Potter Jason plays a character called Malfoy. There is also a character called Draco Malfoy played by an actor called Tom Felton. It kinda starts going round in circles in your head :)

I also spent over half of today cleaning out dead accounts on gamera. Backups aren't fitting onto the backup drive anymore, so it was time to nuke stuff. It's such a painful process though - looking up sites to see which aren't hosted with us anymore, then checking the accounts to see which have been closed, then going through all the sites and manually removing a virtual web server entry, ftp virtual directory, web virtual directory, user home directory and entry in a server list text file. The agony. Then clearing out gigabytes of sql transaction logs. Really must write a script for that sometime.


Very sad night for me tonight - they wrote Robert Romano (Paul McCrane) out of ER :(:( I *loved* him, and thought he should have gotten with Elizabeth at least. He was so much nicer around her.

What was sadder is that nobody cared, not even it appears the producers. When they wrote Greene out, he got a whole couple of episodes to be remembered. With Romano it was like, oh, he's gone, oh well. But I know that he was the character people loved to hate, but still..

oh well..

Lucius Malfoy

James was going to get home late tonight, so George and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I warned them they may have to clean up my drool *grin*

George just couldn't see how I could like him. And yes, George is actually a girl :) *Some people*, I don't know :)

Had to have a laugh over an ebay auction item that finished today - it was a Jason Isaacs autographed figure of Felton from Dragonheart. I had a look through the items that the girl that won it, "ladytav", had won previously .. seems like she is somewhat of a Jason Isaacs freak as well :) Although prepared to spend a hell of a lot more money on her obsession than me! :)

Apologies to my regular readers who must be tired of my ranting by now.. I think I must sound like a school girl or something. I tell you what, it's certainly had a big affect on my mood this week. I haven't had a new crush in *ages*.

/me floats off in the general direction of bed :)

Lego Logo

For the first of my lego mosaics using my own lego, I thought it would be appropriate to use the Lego logo. So may I present the Lego logo in Lego. I actually did this the other night, but just haven't gotten around to posting a pic yet.

The hardest bit was actually designing. Clicking it all together took next to no time. Now I just need to find pictures to make mosaics out of.. :)

I spent far too long this afternoon drooling over pictures of Jason Isaacs. Well the alternative was cleaning the toilet and doing the dishes, I know which activity I'd rather be doing :) I was also looking at the movies he's done. Except for the odd occasion where he's played the good guy, he mostly plays the bad guy, and plays a bad guy damned brilliantly. That softly spoken voice.. and that sneer.. wow. <remembers to breathe>

I've also been reading the book of Labyrinth. I was watching it for the anniversary last night (just a few days late), and looking up pictures and stuff on the net. I found this site which has a very cool collection of Labyrinth resources, including the script of the movie (which I wrote down in longhand fourteen years ago) and the novelisation! I'm probably half way through the book, it seems very short. I quietly did a wget of the site to have a look at some of the pictures in my own time. <more breathless moments as I skipped ahead last night to read the ballroom scene>

Jason Isaacs in The Patriot

Yes, apparently I have. Just watched The Patriot where he plays another wonderful bad guy. I think I need to go on a mission to see all his other movies :)

I also think I need to move to England. British accents do it for me.. :)

Had a thoroughly unmotivated day today. Seems to be a habit lately. Not getting anything done which is frustrating. I think I need a holiday. One where I can stay home for three months and catch up on all the things that need doing. I miss the three month holidays I used to get at uni :(

So my todo list for the weekend now all has to be done on one day. fun fun fun

Google have redone their rankings again. I've gone from a ranking of 5/10 to a mere 4/10. Dennis had an even bigger cut - from 6 to 4.

I also had a post from Gazza in New Zealand who found that I'd read his blog from a link on the Friday Five. He in turn read Dave's blog and is going to start doing the Theme Thursday.

I have visions in my head of those diagrams where you have points around a circle and you draw a line from one point to all the other points to get a mesh of links. The internet is such a silly place.

I've been playing around with making lego-flavoured images.. that is, images pixelated and resized to make lego mosaics out of. It's proving to be a lot harder than I thought.

Eric Harshbarger has a Pixelego Viewer which is a java applet that converts an image into a lego-flavoured one. Unfortunately it requires stuffing around with text files, and you have to get your image to the right size before applying the applet to it so that you end up with the right number of pixels.

Lugnet also has a mosaic maker where you can select the colours of lego you have and the width in pixels you want it to be. The big disadvantage is you have to upload each image you want to play with to a valid url for it to grab, and if you want to fiddle with the colours at all you have to do it, resave it, and reupload it. Fiddly.

James suggested I try Mazaika, but it pixelates things far too much and I haven't been able to get good results with it. It's really designed for huge image databases, not 48x48 pixel images with 16 colours.

So far the best luck I've had is loading the image in photoshop, reducing the number of colours, then tweaking the colour table so the pixels match lego coloured pieces. But that's really only easy with clip art or very simple images. Photos tend to look very wierd when you make colours into what they're not. You really need the dithering on photos.

So. Not getting anywhere very fast, and it's late.

I'm trying to decide which is worse, getting up in the dark or getting home when it's dark. Thoughts?

I'm definitely a morning person, but I still hate getting up when it's dark. It just doesn't feel natural.

The other silly thing is that I can sleep in for up to two hours, and still be in at work before half the people there. That's pretty tragic really.

Well I wasted far too much time tonight, and suddenly it's past my bed time.. night!

What's my type?

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I was feeling blah and bored over dinner and went blog hopping. On the Friday Five I found Gazza's blog, which had a link to a physical attraction test at

It was quite interesting.. it shows you all sorts of faces and features and at the end it shows you "your type".

Some of things it said...

Are you picky? Very Picky: It's official: You're "picky." The fact is you are drawn to the most handsome of the handsome. You know what you like in men and are more selective than most women your age. Your tastes seem instinctual. You'd make a great casting agent, because you have a good eye for men who have "star quality." In real life, your high standards may be an obstacle for you. It's hard to find a man with the strong features you like, who's also well-rounded in other ways. Still, you know the importance of a real physical "spark" in a relationship, and aren't willing (or able) to settle for less. The challenge is finding a man who really wows you physically, even if he's not the most handsome man in the room.

How You Compare?

Very Selective: You are very selective, compared to most women, in the types of men you find appealing. You're wowed by "movie star" good looks, and in general, appreciate men with "traditional" or "mainstream" appeal. You probably face a lot of competition going after the most popular guys. Let others fight over the "movie stars" and you'll find a more unique guy who can be your own personal "hunk." See the pie chart below to see how many women fall into picky or open categories.


Some may call one of your types "Pretty Boys," but all you know is that they're gorgeous. The combination of classic good looks with small noses, beautiful eyes, and full lips is hard to resist. These guys tend to be clean shaven, have clear skin, and get good hair cuts. They're taking good care of themselves so they can be "pretty" just for you! [Well, you and the 1 in 3 women (33%) that are also after them!]

Funnily enough, they were the same results as Gazza :)

What I found most interesting was just how few other women found "my type" attractive:


Here are some of the guys that came up as "my type":
guy1.jpg guy2.jpg guy3.jpg guy4.jpg

If only I discovered this wonderful utility five years ago. OK so it probably didn't even exist five years ago, but I'm sure something like it would have. The hours and hours I've spent over the years rotating jpgs in lview pro could been cut down to mere minutes.

The utility? Rota.

I was looking at EXIF utilities out of curiosity and discovered you can rotate jpgs just by modifying the image exif information. Again, why did noone tell me you could do this five years ago?

So anyway. Rota can be pointed at a directory of images. You see all the thumbnails of the images, then just click on the ones you want, and they'll be rotated. How easy can you get?

Last night, around 4am, I was rudely awaken from a dream (about lego funnily enough) by a rather intense pain in my calf muscle. Haven been awoken from a dream I was in a rather altered mental state and couldn't quite comprehend what was going on. It was really only after I woke up properly later on, and my leg was still sore, that I realised what had happened. I'd had an involuntory cramp. I did a quick search on this and found they're more common in middle aged people. So there you are. I'm getting old. Quite a depressing thought really.

Watched The Good, The Bad and the Ugly tonight. It was all right, but I don't think deserving of the #22 in IMDB's top 250 movies of all time. Then 24. Definitely the best of the three seasons so far.

I have a question

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How come I have Terminator 2 on dvd, yet I watch it on tv (like now) when it's on? Where is the logic in that? The good thing about watching things on tv is that you can get stuff done (like blogging) in the ad breaks. They're actually playing the special edition version with all the extra scenes. Extended cuts of movies seem to be getting more and more popular on tv these days.

Got the place a little tidier today. Still a lot of work to go though :/

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