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Marco.. Polo..

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There's some girls in the pool playing Marco Polo. I haven't played that properly since about 1984-85 in Lisa Wright's swimming pool for some party or other.

  • I pack of 12 poster paints I got from Kmart when I was in high school. I was going to be all creative with them, but in the end only used them a couple of times. Then they all dried up.
  • Two "cylinder" pencil sharpeners - you know the ones that keep all the shavings in a little cylinder, then you unscrew the lid to empty it? I had two - one with a cracked lid and one that didn't sharpen properly because the sharpener wasn't lined up with the hole properly. I never use them because I have a much better sharpener. I've had them since primary school and I think it's time to let them go :)
  • A couple of exercise books that I used to document my finances when I was at uni. I had all my expenses colour coded by whether they were uni stuff, entertainment, church, food, miscellaneous stuff etc. I could tell you to the cent how much I spent on everything while I was at uni. Pretty obsessive really. Also in there was a chart of when I'd written to penfriends and when they'd written back, and a list of all the Bugs Bunny cartoons when they were on tv in the early 90s before I typed them all up onto the computer.
  • A 1995 planner diary, that I used for a while when I was doing my Bible readings to write down my thoughts on the passages. That only lasted a couple of months though.
  • Some old notebooks and school planner diaries. I couldn't bear to throw out a whole bunch more though.
  • Piles of Christmas cards - a stack of impersonal ones from work, and a bunch I'd gotten off mum one year to do crafty things with but never did

  • /me ROTFL

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    Just watched the last two episodes of Nip Tuck, and was practically rolling around in laughter over a couple of scenes in the final episode. I haven't laughed that much over a tv show in ages. I know it's a trashy soap opera, but it's somehow compelling, and I found myself rather enjoying it.

    I've also started collecting lego for making mosaics. Guy told me of a K-Mart that has the blue lego tubs, so I'm going to trek out tomorrow and see if there's any left. But I want more 1x1 bricks, and bricks of different colours, like brown, grey, tan, orange, purple and more green, so I've started buying lots of it off ebay.

    Martial Air (the outsource company I couldn't think of the name of the other day) came out this afternoon after I'd left. Apparently it was not a compressor as first thought, but in fact a capacitor. So our air conditioner was out of action for a full week, we spent hundreds of dollars on portables, not to mention the cost of having the building air conditioning running all weekend, by something relatively simple. Needless to say my boss was not impressed and will be voicing his concerns with Mitsubishi.

    All out war averted?

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    The other thing I did tonight was spend ~3 hours talking to a couple of the other people on the body corporate. First one party, then a second. These are the two parties that were swearing at each other at the last meeting. So I went and talked to them individually just to see where they were coming from on a few issues, and I think we may be able to avoid a lot of gossiping and bitching just by having a meeting in a couple of weeks. A meeting of course will have its own problems, but at least everyone will have a chance to have their say.

    I'll let you know how it goes :)

    I bought a filing cabinet today. My current system of several expandable files was just not working. It was ok for the archives, but stuff I was adding was just overfilling some pockets, and they weren't stackable, and it was a disaster. So I bit the bullet and went out and bought a three draw filing cabinet. I expect to only fill a drawer and a half or so to begin with, but I got one with full sided drawers, so I could always use the third to put *stuff* in. But more likely I'll fill it with stuff that's currently in folders all around the place.

    So I started to make some pretty colour coded lables for the folders, going through the expanding files and noting down the name of each pocket.

    Now in case you don't know, I'm the sort of person that keeps *everything*. Especially if it's semi official. But tonight I threw something out.


    My Austudy payment slips from when I was a student. Something piddly like $20 a fortnight for three months when I turned 18 til the end of year 12, then $275 a fortnight for three months from when turned 22 til the end of uni. Well we only have to keep financial records for 7 years, and it's been more than that, and I really don't have any sentimental attachment to them... hehe .. now if I could just do the same with the commonwealth bank account I had when I was a kid...

    Right middle knuckle

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    I never realised how much contact the outside of the middle knuckle of the the middle finger gets with the world. Until I scraped it while cleaning the office yesterday and have been knocking it on things ever since. ouch.

    Spent a decent chunk of today stressing over the air conditioning, or lack thereof, in the server room. A part needs replacing, but of course they don't have any in stock, so we have to wait. So we hire a portable from Kennards, which only works intermittently. So they swap it. Then there's the problem of where to vent the air, when it's a sealed room with no access to the outside. It all becomes too much. 10 hour day today with no sign of letup tomorrow.

    /me goes off to collapse into bed.


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    I've been watching the Superman movie series, and I would have to describe it as "silly". It starts getting silly 3/4 of the way through the first movie and just gets worse and worse. Although I never realised before what gorgeous blue eyes Christopher Reeve has .. mmm *drool* .. and that suit.. yummo.. lol ;)

    Other than that a nothing day, the washing, the fish, the heat, the usual.

    Como bushfires

    A couple of anniversaries I forgot to mention yesterday ..

    It was ten years ago that the "January 94" bushfires swept through Como, destroying over 100 homes (a dozen of those being owned by people that we knew), my parents' church, and killing one person (three others were killed in other fires around the state). Seeing bushfire footage on tv still affects me deeply.

    And on a lighter note, this blog is now one year old.. happy birthday blog :)

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