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Fishy fishy

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Have been sifting through the material on the Meaning of Life bonus dvd and came across a 16 minute segment of a camera setup in front of a marine fish tank. There's a stoopid commentary from one of the fish, and it's not a big long take, but more a like a 2 min loop. It's still pretty cool though.

I organised my todo list this morning and started ploughing my way through it. I didn't get through everything I wanted to today, but at least I made a decent start at it.


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Been looking at getting a new digital camera. My Olympus C-900 Zoom is five years old now, and it's had an excellent innings. I've been incredibly happy with it and taken thousands of photos on it. But it's only 1.3 megapix, 3x zoom and the picture quality is starting to look a little sad next to newer cameras. The camera I'm looking at which is highest in features/ratings for what I want is the Olympus C-750 UZ. Guy has one so I might see if I can borrow it for a few days and try it out. For future reference a couple of galleries are here and here.

Needs more cheese

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Pizza Hut's pepperoni pizza needs more cheese.

So I'm ordering a pizza, and they've introduced a voice recognition system which is just not what I'm expecting, so makes my slightly fuzzy brain start to think things are weird with the universe. Of course it doesn't help that I've had a couple of drinks. Not that many, but still weird. And this is after watching a couple of scenes of ET that I'm sure I've never seen before. OK so I've only seen the movie like twice in my life, once at the movies when I was 9 and again a few years ago. But I generally have a fairly good memory for movies and I'm quite sure these scenes are new. I guess that's why they call it special edition.

Had our work Christmas party today, which was altogether pleasant, except of course for the flies. Tip to newbies: flies appear to be more attracted to prawns than anything else, so to stop them trying to eat the rest of your food, empty a few prawn shells onto a plate and let the flies swarm around that :)

off to go get my pizza... mmmm pepperoni pizza... mmmmmm :)

Or so the slogan for Pringles goes. Being a rather small person, I have no trouble sticking my hand all the way down to the bottom of a Pringles container to get pringles at the bottom. So it was with Darrah on Survivor VII - winning her third immunity in a row by being able to stick her hand furthest down a tube to reach a key. I thought that was absolutely a classic - cause there's not a whole lot of advantage in being small (like me), except in the odd situation like this and then it's like, you go girl :):)

Other than that, all I managed to achieve today was to mostly clean up my flat, which was pretty much all I wanted to achieve this weekend, so it's all good.

Check this out for an error:

The DNS server machine currently has no DNS domain name. Its DNS name is a single label hostname with no domain (example: "host" rather than "").

You might have forgotten to configure a primary DNS domain for the server computer. For more information, see either "DNS server log reference" or "To configure the primary DNS suffix for a client computer" in the online Help.

While the DNS server has only a single label name, all zones created will have default records (SOA and NS) created using only this single label name for the server's hostname. This can lead to incorrect and failed referrals when clients and other DNS servers use these records to locate this server by name.

To correct this problem:
1) open ControlPanel
2) open System applet
3) select NetworkIdentification tab
4) click the "Properties" button and enter a domain name or workgroup name; this name will be used as your DNS domain name
5) reboot to initialize with new domain name

After reboot, the DNS server will attempt to fix up default records, substituting new DNS name of this server, for old single label name. However, you should review to make sure zone's SOA and NS records now properly use correct domain name of this server.


That took about 5 hours to find, and made a job that should have take two hours take over 8 hours. But lets start from the beginning shall we?

This morning was our big print and dhcp server swapover. Two new servers that needed to brought up to replace two aging ones. As much as I can figure, everything went absolutely smoothly, and we were all done within two hours. A chunk of that time was just spent waiting for a server name to be removed from the domain.

So, being all said and done by 10am, I went over and gave John a hand with his active directory upgrade on their domain. I was really just going along to watch, but things started going wrong, and somehow or another I ended up troubleshooting for them. Three reinstallations of 2003 later and we were still no closer to figuring out why DNS wouldn't work. We kept getting a DNS error during the active directory upgrade wizard, complaining there was a DNS server error. Then, quite by accident, I noticed the above error (event ID 414 for anyone doing a google search). Turns out that under My Computer, Properties, the machine had only been configured with a short host name, and didn't have the full dns suffix. Hence the above error on machine startup. Once we fixed that up, everything else fell into place. Talk about a massive waste of time. Every single time I've had problems with active directory, it's been DNS related. So the moral of this story is, if it's broken, check DNS. Then check it again. And check it once more just be safe.

Decided not to stay up and finish "Enchanters' End Game". Decided to be a good girl and go to bed. It's still late though! doh!

Blew up my test AD domain today, and starting setting up the test servers as our new print and dhcp servers. Only two days behind schedule. Still think I should be able to get everything done by the weekend, especially if Sami does the dhcp stuff. Was even toying with the idea of taking Thursday off, but think that may be a little dangerous at this point. If all goes well I might be able to take next Tuesday off instead.

Anyways, really going to bed now!

I was looking at the logs for this site just now. Everything's so much quieter since I changed the url of my blog and it's taken google a few weeks to catch up. I was looking at some of the referal terms that people have put into search engines that have brought them to my site. Would you believe that I'm number one in google for "kambrook timer" ?? I am also number one for "mcdonalds is evil", "dstore e-voucher", "i hate kazza" and "federation starship quiz personality" !! I'm number six for "blog australia strictly aquariums".

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