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Opened the blinds to my balcony this morning and was met with this spring's first azaleas bursting forth with petals. Then I opened the door and was met with a blast of deliciously warm air. So I opened all the windows in the place to let some of the warm air through.


Just went and bought some fishies - two new Juli cats. Cutest little things.

It also appears that Jeans West have changed the sizes of their jeans. I bought a couple of pairs a couple of years ago, so went in to buy another two the same size. When I tried them on (after getting them altered - I assumed they would be the same) they are actually looser than my old jeans. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean I could get fatter without noticing so much :( Looks like the story they did on one of those current affairs type shows is true - clothing manufacturers are making their clothes a little larger so that people can fit into a smaller size and feel good about it *sigh* Needless to say I'm "not happy, Jan".

A google search on "Black Mountain Tower" brings up my holiday photo page on conspiracy from last year (here) as number 3! Go figure. I have no idea why, really, it's got two mentions of the place on the whole page, yet it ranks really highly in Google. Spins me out.

Didn't quite get around to posting last night, I realised after I'd turned the monitor off. Of course then I couldn't really be bothered as it was way past my bed time anyway. As it is I've got nothing to say anyway. Oh well, so ends another day in the boring life of kazza.

On the way to Striker's the other night, I ran over a screw in my car. Being a Saturday night, there wasn't anywhere to get it fixed, so we pressed on, and decided when we arrived that it was a slow enough leak not to have to do anything then and there. I checked again later in the night, and got home on it ok. I checked it again on Sunday, and it was still fine. Even on Monday morning it still hadn't flattened very much. I tried to take it to the last place I'd had a tyre fixed, but they weren't open, so pressed onto work and took it to the one down the road from work. When I came back to pick it up, it was $27.50 ! Which is about $17.50 more than I expected to pay as the last time it was only $10 at the other place. Grumbled to myself about this but let it pass.

So then tonight I needed to fill up with petrol and stopped at the Budget Petrol nearish to home. It took ages to fill the tank, and I thought it was running really slowly. Then when the bowser said I'd only half filled the tank it cut out. I didn't believe it (my guage had been on empty) and continued filling. Only when fuel started bubbling out did I decide it really must be full. I went in and paid, grumbling but not knowing why it was being silly. I started the car, and sure enough the guage was full to overflowing. As I drove off, I pondered the situation and decided I'd saved about $15 in petrol. I also decided I should call them and let them know their bowser was faulty. But I can't actually find them in the phone book (they've changed names), so they're just going to have to live with it until someone else tells them.


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I don't care what anyone says, 30 year old + 15 year old = disturbing

Lost my bet

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I had a bet going with one of our customers about the cia support mail. I said they wouldn't ask me back, he said they would. I lost.

Not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet. I was starting to get used to the idea of not having to do the support mail when I got home. Although I am in a much more of an "I don't care" attitude. So I'll do what I can and not stress over it. I was only asked to help out until the new staff can be trained up. :)

All in all my birthday was a pretty suckful day. A few things did help though. Like subway for lunch, picking up some space lego in the afternoon, Luc and Lizzi's for dinner (I couldn't face going to dinner with my parents), and then firetwirling at Glebe with Striker.

Friday morning I woke up to find my fish tank siphoning itself off onto the floor. The air hose to the air stone had worked its way loose off the stop valve, so there was nothing stopping the water coming out. Fortunately it had only been going for a short time and only a centimetre or so had siphoned off. If I hadn't slept in I may have gone to work before it started and would have come home to an empty tank with 100L of water all over the floor, which would have been an absolute disaster. I repositioned the stop valve to the top of tank, so even if it comes off now, it won't be able to siphon anywhere.

Friday at work wasn't any better. Dinner at James and Georges was nice, but a little wine and I lost it a couple of times over absolutely nothing.

I had all this other stuff I wanted to write about my birthday, except it's all too depressing.

Yesterday was somewhat better. Met up with Jacqui for lunch, and we chatted for three hours at Maccas of all places. Then last night was the Jannali Girls High School reunion. It was interesting but rather strange. Most of the people I was interested in seeing weren't there, and at least one that was wasn't really interested in talking to me anyway. I actually enjoyed catching up with some of my teachers more than many of the students. But then I was always the unpopular one at school, and a teacher's pet, so that's hardly surprising.

Today I finally finished Vic's latest project that he wanted me to work on, so that was good. I'm sure there'll be plenty of bug fixing to do though.

So here I am facing another week. I'm not at all looking forward to it. In fact I'm rather dreading going back to work tomorrow.

aus lightning
So I get home and load up my blog, and it's a balmy 23C (it's mid winter) and my weather pixie is wearing her light pink dress. I open up all the windows in the flat because it's so warm and dry and there's a strong breeze going so a good chance to air out the place.

So then a few hours later I'm sitting on the loo and I hear rain. Not a lot, but it just seemed so strange when the air felt so dry. Reload my weather pixie, and only 37% humidity. Check the radar - yikes, big front coming over from the southwest with lots of rain. Check the lightning tracker, and well, that's the picture you see above.

So not only is the weather crazy, but Google has moved me up from number 4 to number 2 on a search for "kazza" .. woohoo!

So this is all after a mind-numbing day spent patching people's machines against the threat of the latest Microsoft exploit. One floor down, only about 8 to go :/

So according to the radar the rain is getting closer. May have to go close all the windows.

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