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Like spending two evenings in a row with your parents and managing not to kill either of them.

Or finding the season finale of ER on a video tape that you didn't realise you had, so not missing it after all.

Or that The Mole has started up again!

Little things like this are the sorts of things that easily amuse me.

Which is good, because my flat looks like a bomb has hit it because I've been out for most of the weekend.

As I was driving home tonight, I saw parked on the side of the road a car with the number plate "NEWHAIR". I did a double take, and looked again to make sure I wasn't imaging it. But yes, there it was, a number plate of 7 letters, something we just don't have here in Australia. As I was pondering this, wondering since when did Australia have seven letter number plates, I pulled up behind a van, literally 200m up the road, with the number plate "FOREVER". OK so now I was totally spun out. The writing around the main text was very fine, so I could only read the text at the side which said "AUS" but not the text at the bottom.

Has anyone in oz seen these plates around?

Service Pack 4 Setup Error

An error in updating your system has occurred.

Windows 2000 has been partially updated and may not work properly. It is recommended that you use your Emergency Repair disk to repair your system. To do this, insert the Windows 2000 Setup Boot Disk into the floppy drive, restart your computer, and then select the Emergency Repair option.

ok at this point you know it's going to be a long night. The mouth goes dry. The stomach feels queasy. All you can do is call James and beg for help. On ISP production servers downtime is not an option.

So I read out the error but there's really nothing out there about it. One post from someone who just tried reinstalling it and it worked. Another about some incompatibility with a piece of software we don't run.

So we tried just reinstalling the service pack. This time it decided it would install with no further errors. So we let it reboot. Two minutes later and it starts pinging again which is a good sign, however nothing is working. Web isn't responding, neither is anything else. This is where the real panic sets in. I was all set to go into the exchange to kick it, when suddenly it comes back (about 15 minutes later all up). According to the event log it had been running a consistency check on the web drive. Major sighs of relief are released. We rebooted it again to make sure it was all good, and it was.

Tempting fate, I then ran a quick backup of the system, then ran windows update to get the two post sp4 critical patches. Again it rebooted ok, and everything seems to be working. I think I can safely go to bed now.

and I don't think it has anything to do with the glass of wine I had 5 hours ago. We just had a four hour annual owner's meeting for our block of flats. Talk about children bickering. Three people that didn't turn up to the last meeting (that was cancelled due to lack of quorum, but perhaps they put in proxy votes) came along rather upset about a few things, and it all ended up in swearing and name calling. It was all rather unpleasant, and not something I'm used to. Then we had a show-and-tell out the back where the Moreton Bay fig tree is tearing up the driveway, garages and even the building which changed the atmosphere markedly, as everyone then had something in common to be on the one side about. The second part of the meeting was a whole lot more civilised than the first.

It also looks like I might be getting my own support queue to look after at cia, so that'll be kinda nice. It'll just be for the windoze support .. although they're yet to set it up for me.. maybe after the team meeting on thursday..

eek I just stopped the video and the tv is crystal clear.. I've just been watching a tape of last night's episode of Brides of Christ, which is on channel 2, which we don't get good reception for. It was somewhat painful trying to watch it through all the snow and lines, I think I'll have to get someone to tape the other episodes - there's four left, turns out I only missed the first one.

Just saw last Thursday's ER too, which was hard to follow because they did "night shift" and "day shift" in parallel. Had to pay close attention because a lot of things that happened in the night shift parts had earlier events linked to in the day shift parts. And Romano told Elizabeth he loved her ... awwwwww :):)

And while we're on TV, they're doing a 10 year reunion for 90210 which is about to start.. I have to admit I used to watch that show. I watched it for about 5-6 years but skipped the last season or two because it was just getting too ridiculous. Actually I think I stopped watching it when Donna finally lost her viginity. egads.. I didn't realise it went for 10 years! yikes!

38 Days to Go

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Carl at cia turned 30 today. Striker turns 30 in 31 days. Kazza turns 30 in 38 days.

Funnily enough it's not depressing me as much as it has done in the past. I think I'm just in denial at the moment, not wanting to think about it. You may hear more again soon.

24 finished tonight, was not bad. It certainly picked up a lot after the bomb went off. The whole Kim thread was enough to make you want to rip hair out, but the rest of it was pretty good. Although I'm sure all of them went the full 24 hours without ever eating or going to the toilet :)

Meanwhile, I'm feeling a bit fuzzy, so I think I'm going to go to bed.

Just as much as Friday nights rock, Sunday nights suck. There's that awful feeling I get when the sun goes down that the weekend is nearly over and I haven't gotten as much done as I should have.

I used to get that feeling a lot more badly when I was still at school/uni because usually it meant I hadn't done enough homework/study/assignments, and it was going to bite me hard the next day.

It's not so bad anymore, but there's still the power of association. Not to mention being alone which is never helpful either.

Countdown begins tomorrow.

Just wondering .. as noone has commented for a couple of weeks.. :P Is my life really that boring? ok, maybe better not to answer that ;)

ok then, since I have nothing better to talk about, here's today's idea from
How long do you think you will live?

well according to the stoopid quiz I did a while back, I'm going to live to be old. But I'd actually rather die young.. or youngish rather - maybe around 65-70. I couldn't cope with being old and either in pain from chronic disease or with no short-term memory.

But, with the amount of fat/cholesterol I eat, I wouldn't be surprised if I had a heart attack at 50 and got it all over and done with really quickly.

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