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Still really need to learn to think "whatever"

Was gonna have another rant about one of the guys at work, but I'm tired and I think I'm gonna just crash.

But it's just work. Really. I have to think big picture. It's just work. I don't have to stress about it *after* work, so why should I stress about it *at* work.

And on the roads also. Just "whatever" when people are stoopid.

I can see!

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My last set of glasses finally decided to die on me, so the other week I went out looking for a new pair. Yesterday I went to pick them up, and it was a miracle! I could see! I haven't seen so clearly in years. My old glasses really were very out of date. And contacts aren't that much better. Especially for astigmatism - if they aren't lined up exactly right, everything's distorted anyway.

So I'm seeing the world in a whole new way at the moment. :)

The only problem with these glasses is, they're smaller than the last ones, which means I can actually see *under* them. This is not good when I glance down the keyboard - as I'm either trying to look under the rims (so not looking through them at all), or *through* the bottom of the glasses where the rim is, so can't see a thing. Very annoying.

4 days to go!

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Order of the Phoenix

..til the next Harry Potter book goes on sale. I haven't decided if I'll buy it yet or not. I'm dying to read the story, but I was wanting to wait til the 7th book comes out so I can get the whole set together.

Plus it'll be a Saturday which would mean confronting shopping centres which is never a good thing on a weekend at the best of times. I wonder how popular it will be on its first day. I suspect that this one will sell even quicker than previous ones because of the two movies that have been released since the last book was released, and I'm sure more people have taken up an interest in the books since (I know I did).

Went rollerblading today. Went for forty minutes straight. It felt so slooow though - we used to hoon around the park in like 15 min flat, but it took 40 min to do two laps :( At least I didn't get passed by any other rollerbladers, not that there were too many around, but I did pass a couple of others, so that was good :) Have decided I need to get fit, and this is the only exercise I've ever been able to bring myself to do. Plus I was inspired after ice skating the other night to get back into practice :)

Ice Skating

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Ice Skating

Tonight a bunch of people from my boss's old work went ice skating at Fox Studios and I tagged along. I didn't even know they had an ice rink there until last week. Apparently it's been there for a couple of years during the winter, but I hadn't even heard of it. Anyway so a bunch of us went along, and I had an awesome time. I haven't been ice skating in *years*, so it took me a little while to get back into it. Fortunately I've done a lot of rollerblading in recent years (ok not so recent), so it didn't take too long to come back to me.

After skating a bunch of us went to Cafe Ciao in the Spot for dinner, which was all very pleasant. Overall I had a thoroughly fantastic night. This is precisely how Friday nights should be. None of this sitting at home alone stuff that I normally do. Friday nights should be a go-out-with-friends thing. Not to mention all the endorphins that get released with exercise, so I'm in a great mood at the moment :) Almost can't bring myself to plod through the rather depressing support mail that's there. Ah screw it, I think I'll just do it tomorrow!

night! :)

I got an email from my best friend in Year 7 today!
This was after her little sister found my blog (scary) and posted to it.

We haven't spoken in well over 15 years and we've been filling in a few plot holes. Very cool! :):) Hoping I can catch up with her soon, it'd be excellent to meet up with her again.

On that note (and the fact that I think I'm coming down with a cold), I'm off to bed


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24 (series 2) only has four hours to go and it keeps getting better. It was all rather silly up until the bomb went off, but since then it's gotten really good.

Apparently there is an Amazing Race series 4.. I wonder if we'll get that also.

The funniest thing of my weekend was this website: It had me ROTFL. The office and computer pranks were the funniest, but some of the others were fantastic also.

Also got to catch up with my uncle who lives in Melbourne which was good. Haven't seen him in ages.

haha my little plot last night to raise my Google ranking worked beautifully! A search for "kazza" on Google now puts in me in position 6!! Awesome!!

Well we certainly haven't had an autumn, and winter is only vaguely starting to look like it might happen.

I've worn my jumper about half a dozen times this year - it seriously hasn't been that cold. And so far this winter I've worn my jumper about once. It's been so warm in Sydney during the day that I simply haven't needed it. How weird is that for the first week of winter? I'm still wearing summer pyjamas to bed and still have summer sheets on (although I'm going to put the flanalette sheets on this weekend).

Last year was a similar story - I wore my jumper for the first time literally a week before winter. Another year without an autumn. All very silly really!

There's been some pretty big storms further south though, violent windstorms making rather a mess of things :(


This blog used to rank number 4 in google on the search for "Kazza". The first mention of it now is not until the 90s :(

I'm sure I'd continue to rank higher if it weren't for the likes of Kazaa, but I'm using that here to my advantage. You see the more times I mention Kazza (and Kazaa) in a page, the higher it will rank in Google.

At least this is the theory.

According to my logs, search referrals from the term "kazza" numbered 1208 in March, and 1010 in the month of April. In May this dropped to 628. So obviously I'm not mentioning kazza enough :)

So for all of you lusers out there doing a search for Kazaa, that rather evil file sharing program, liable to infect your computer with trojans and spyware and the like, click here and push up my Google stats - go on, I dare you :)

blah de blah

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Had a nothing day today. Got my flat mostly tidied up tho, so I suppose that's a good start.

I'm watching Armageddon at the moment. It's an utterly ridiculous movie, but still a lot of fun. I was just thinking as they were launching the shuttles that it would be very cool to see a real life space shuttle launch.. but the chances of that happening any time soon are pretty remote. Nasa probably will go back into space eventually, but I suspect it will be a while yet.

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