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Take 2

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The Life of David Gale

I've always rather liked Kevin Spacey, so tonight I did a repeat performance of last night and trundled off to the movies. Tonight I saw "The Life of David Gale". It's a little cliched (sp?) but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tonight I was alone though. Going to the movies by yourself totally sux in my opinion. Yes I know, when you're actually watching a movie it doesn't matter if you're with anyone or not, cause it's not like you actually get to talk to them. But just being there and sitting by yourself is just depressing. For me anyway. And then afterwards the shopping centre was all shut down, so mild panic set in because I don't know my way around this shopping centre at all and I had to go outside and down a level and hope I could find my way back to where the car was parked. Stoopid shopping centres. Not as bad as your average hospital though - those things are like rabbit warrens, unless you've been given very specific instructions about where to go, it's rather easy to get lost in them. But I digress :) Bed time!

I've always had trouble reading the Bible every day, so I thought I'd try this site:

It has a daily reading plan that splits up the sections of the Bible so you don't have to get bogged down in the same section (or big book) for days or weeks on end. In one way it's not so good because it means you don't get to read big chunks together to get a better idea on context and the big picture of a book, but on the other hand, if it means I'll actually keep going, then that has to be a good thing. I've just gotten stuck recently because I was up to Ezekiel which is big and clunky and hadn't picked up the energy to start reading it.

I'll eventually add a link to my blog, so I can read it along with all the other pages I read every day :)

I hadn't been to this site in a while, as the dude didn't have any net access for the whole time of the war on Iraq. But I dropped by tonight and found it had been updated with his entries during the war. It's a long read, but well worth it. Gives you an "ordinary person's" perspective on the whole war.

Claire Danes.gif
Anna Paquin

How alike Claire Danes and Anna Paquin are?
I didn't notice this myself, someone else said this at the beginning of X-Men at a video night at Elwyn's one night. But I've just been watching Romeo and Juliet and yes, they do look rather alike.. what do you think?

Had a completely nothing weekend this weekend.. didn't really achieve anything I wanted to achieve (except the washing up). The support mail is swamping me with crap windoze problems. I did go out last night and watch "Animatrix" at crossfire's latest residence (and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - funny movie) but apart from that spent most of the weekend procrastinating.


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I kinda scare myself sometimes. Sometimes I will hear a piece of music and place the composer. Which is thoroughly bizarre considering how unmusical I am. It could also be something to do with how prolific these particular composers are.

I was watching the beginning of Gladiator tonight and thinking, this sounds familiar, who wrote that? It took me a moment to pick it (it didn't help that I'd had a little wine to celebrate the settlement of this place two years ago today) but then I realised it sounded exactly like the music in The Rock.

OK so maybe that wasn't a really a good example. One that scared me more was picking James Horner as the composer of Patriot Games just by listening to it. And not so scary is picking Danny Elfman as the composer of just about anything he's done - he's got a very distinctive sound.

Must be about bed time? whatchareckon?

You know what?

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Have you ever noticed how often americans say "you know what" ..? I noticed it a couple of seasons of Survivor ago and they really haven't changed much. Fortunately it's stayed out of most scripted tv shows, perhaps the writers realise how much it will date a show to have that sort of language.

One of the lights in my fish tank died today. I came home and it was just flashing. So now I'm forced to go looking for a tube that's the right size. May be easier said than done given the fact that the same manufacturer makes ever so slightly different sized tubes.

Been putting off the support mail all night.. must get to it..


Went and saw X2 (X-men 2) with Luke and Cynthia tonight, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Someone I know said it had slow spots, but I didn't find them noticable.

I still can't help thinking of Ian McKellan as Gandalf though. He seems too nice to be playing the bad guy. I suppose that's also because his character in X-men isn't completely nasty, rather more of a gentleman.

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