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Home and Away

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Kate Ritchie

I watched Home and Away for about 6 months when it first started airing in 1988. Tonight I was channel flicking after finishing watching a video, and happened to stay in Home and Away just long enough to see Don Fisher (the school principal) have his farewell episode. Now I seriously do not watch this show, and the chances of me seeing this particular episode out of all of the others that have aired in the past 15 years are so small it's amazing. It was one of those sentimental sorts of episodes with footage from the past 15 years that I like in TV shows.

But the coolest part (and probably only redeeming feature) of the show is Kate Ritchie. She was 9 years old when the show first started in 1988 and has literally grown up on the show. She went all through high school and university and has just been named the new school principal. And I found out tonight that she has the same birthday as me (14th August), exactly 5 years younger than me.

The Recruit

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The Recuit

A bunch of us from work went and saw "The Recruit" tonight, courtesy of Dell. Dell "feature" a laptop, and the beginning opens with the dude working on a deal with them.

It was an ok movie, but it really does try too hard to get you thinking it's supposed to turn out one way, which of course makes you think the opposite and it still ends up being predictable. But it was a free night out, with popcorn, drinks and ice cream thrown in as well so we really can't complain :)

Just when I thought that *noone* was reading this blog (certainly noone I knew, much less someone that would get upset about it), someone I ranted about the other day happened to stumble across themselves on a google search.

My apologies to that person, they know who they are.


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Star Trek Nemesis

I went and saw Star Trek Nemesis tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it wouldn't be classified as one of the better Star Trek movies. It had the feeling of just a big episode, with not a whole lot of plot or character development. Again it's a Picard/Data story with the rest of the cast thrown in for good measure. The wedding at the beginning was pretty cool though :)

Mirina Sirtis had a stack more lines that Gates McFadden yet somehow managed to be below her in the credit list .. wonder how she felt about that! The bad dude reminded me of the bad dude in Dragonheart, not really sure why.

Luke said he fell asleep a few times, although I don't know how, I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie.. or maybe that was because I needed to go to the toilet. No, really, I quite enjoyed the movie, except for the sad ending.. I don't want to spoil it for anyone (not that anyone's likely to read this before seeing it anyway) but someone dies. They may as well have destroyed the Enterprise E as well to end the series so finally.

Striker and Rainbow had seen it before downloaded off the internet and said not to expect much, and their expectations were lived up to. Campbell also enjoyed it, but again said it wasn't a good movie.

But after all that.. I reckon you should go see it anyway ;)

Space Shuttle Columbia breakup
And no, the image to the right is not a picture of a high altitude jet stream - it's the breakup of the space shuttle Columbia.

Found out last night at Evilhouse just as I was about to head out the door home. Actually, didn't fully find out til I got home, there was just the indication that something might be wrong and they'd lost contact with the shuttle.

What is it with disasters this month? First Canberra, then Waterfall, now this.

So that's two shuttles down, three to go :/

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