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It took nine minutes to republish the entire site.  So all old entries should be commentable now.  I didn't change the side bar much, just updated it to match the front page.

Now I can go back to thinking about Japan photos...


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I've faced the fact that my hosting provider is never going to fix Perl, and hence my blog.  But, since I'm not actually paying for my hosting, there's little I can do about it.  It's not like I can refuse to pay! ;) 

Sooo, I've been looking at replacing the Captcha. 

As it turns out, Movable Type 4 comes with another Captcha provider - called reCaptcha.  So I signed up and with a bit of fiddling (I'm still using 4.01 so had to do some manual hacking) managed to get it working (for at least the Japan blog).  It's even uglier than the default Movable Type one (if such a thing were possible), and you can't use OpenID or other authentication methods, and it relies on another site, but for now it will have to do.  

I'm going to have to rebuild the entire site for the changes to take effect, and this takes a good ten minutes of solid CPU power on the host, so I'm going to have a re-think about my sidebar and decide on any changes I want to make there before going ahead and doing it. (I've only ever rebuilt the entire site *once* since moving to MT4 and that was when I actually migrated to MT4 - all my old pages are still using the original design I had then, unless someone's commented on them to get something a bit newer).  This entry should work though, so please leave me a comment if you're still reading this blog! :)
The sysadmins got back to me and agreed that an update they'd done had broken my captchas, and that they were planning to do another cpanel update that would fix it by the end of the week.  So this is a good thing! Hurrah!

Except I wake up this morning only to discover a whole stack of spam comments in my blog.  Upon investigation it seems that now the Image::Magick perl module isn't there.  *sigh*

So hopefully this fix will come soon, because a tonne of spam is much worse than no comments at all.. :(
(on a lighter note, at least anyone can leave comments at the moment...)


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Just letting you all know my captcha generator thingie is broken at the moment so you won't be able to leave comments unless you login with one of the appropriate authentication thingies.

Have asked the adminy type peoples if they've done any upgrades in the past day or two.. 
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