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A function that worked quite happily last night (uploading pictures) is completely broken today.  I get a horrible Apache permission denied when it tries to create the file.

Also, the "Tags" metadata of the blog entry is not loading my previous tags when I put in a keystroke.

Also, the gallery app I have on one of my other sites is broken in a similar way.

*however* the gallery app *can* create images from another web site, but not uploading through my browser.

Tried rebooting, another browser, even another computer, all with no luck.

I haven't done anything to my site that could affect this, and it's the weekend so doubt my hosting provider has done anything (although you never know)..

It's exceedingly distressing :(

UPDATE:  /tmp is full on the host.  This may or may not be related to problems that MySQL had on Friday morning which also broke my blog and gallery.  *sigh*
UPDATE: /tmp has been cleared somewhat, picture upload ability restored!  woot!
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