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My scode thingie is back *yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy* :):):):)
And all it took was to stand behind Marc and beg heh :)

Of course then it took me ages to figure out why it was still allowing comments through even with the code enabled.. the same problem as I had trying to make the text hack work .. was getting terribly frustrated.. and then I remembered... that code never worked with mt-blacklist enabled, because it uses a different version of the file. Once I disabled mt-blacklist again, it started working yayyyyy :)



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They moved everything to a new web server last week. All fine and dandy, except that the Perl GD module is not installed on the new server, so my comments have been broken since Thursday. Grunties.

I've had to disable the scode comment thingie for now until they either install perl GD, or I can find something different to use. I might check in with Neil, he was doing some research on it. Or I might just write something basic of my own. Just have a word printed that people need to type in. That'll still stop most of the bots....

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