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So I got a couple of really disturbing comment spams today.

They went something like this:

IP Address:
Name: John Reed
Email Address:


Great post! I'm looking forward for more. port a buayar: , <a href="">Fantast

Now normally I would just blacklist such entries and delete the comments without so much as batting an eyelid. Except the look of the urls stopped me. They looked more like ordinary blog entries than spamvertised websites. So I went and had a look at them, and sure enough, they were plain old blog entries, except with comments complaining of the spam. One of them even had a note at the top disclaiming the spam.

I read some of the comments on these links, and there were a few theories as to why these seemingly random pages had been hit. My theory is that someone is trying to poison the usefulness of mt-blacklist and the various blacklist sites. Start poisoning everyone's blogs with each other's so that noone can post anywhere. It's really quite an ominous thought to the openness of the blogosphere :(

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