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Internet Mood

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Ever wondered how the internet is feeling? Well according to imood, the internet currently feels tired.

Well at least the biggest number of users of that site are :)

I found the imood site on a random blog - I put "boring life of geek blog" into google and found Moonstomper at the top of the sites returned. Silly really!

I also changed the subject of my blog today to "Boring Life Of a Geek" - cause I reckon that's what blogs really should stand for (as opposed to the shortened version of "weblog"). One of these days I'll find an appropriate picture or graphic to stick up there as well.

About to go off to the Powerhouse Museum for the afternoon with my Daddyo - he hasn't seen the "Star Wars Magic of Myth" exhibition yet, and I get free entry so going to see it again.

The Blog has Landed

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Well I haven't exactly achieved much tonight, I still haven't been able to find a template/style I like. More searching tomorrow night I guess. Meanwhile it's 11pm on a school night, I think it's time for bed!

Well the time has come (apparently) for me to run my first blog. Until two days ago I knew what blogs were, but never heard them defined. I don't for a second believe that this blog will be useful or interesting to anyone, but hey, you never know :)

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