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In this case, it's just under six weeks before I head off again on my next big holiday.  The sweetie decided some time ago that he was going to go to Japan for three months to go to an intensive language school.  He's doing that for nine weeks with a few weeks at the end to travel around.  So I was going to be home alone for three months.  Then the parents said they were going to go to Israel and Jordan on a church tour, and did I want to come.  I debated for quite a long time whether I would or not.  Personal safety being the biggest "con" against the trip.  Also the fact that it would be a good month after that trip finished before I'd be wanting to meet up with Stu in Japan.  Then the parents decided to add an Egypt trip.  Which cut down the in between time to about two weeks.  Well since I'm going to be over that side of the world, why not go back to Europe.  Go to London and try and get to Legoland this time, as well as Leavesden Studios which is opening to the world this month.  Then meander around Europe through Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Hamburg and up in into Denmark to see the other Legoland.  Then finally to Copenhagen before heading across to Japan to meet Stu.

So it's mostly all sorted.  Spending obscene amounts of money on this trip.  Longest and most expensive holiday I've ever been on!