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Very early start today - had to be out the door at 7:30am. Fireworks went off last night at 12:15am and 2:15am. Hrmm..

Today was just a driving day. Left Copenhagen and drove across the Oresund bridge (and tunnel) into Sweden. 239 Euro for the coach - ouch! Got pulled up and the border crossing and they came through the coach and checked out passports.

Had a pitstop for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. No ATMs on the pitstops though, so still don't have any Swedish krona. Had to pay for some fries on credit card. Silly really. Given that we're only going to be in the country for less than 24 hours, I wonder if it would be possible to get away without any local currency at all. Except then I don't get any coins.

Arrived in Stockholm a bit after 4pm.

Then had to wait three quarters of an hour for our bags. In the end I went down and just took ours cause I got sick of waiting in the room with nothing to do.

And of course, once again we are cursed with the lesser of two views. In this case looking directly across to the building opposite, while people on the other side of the corridor get a fantastic view of the river and the old town.

At least there's free wifi. And the room isn't overheated (someone's set the fan to max cold previously).

Tonight's optional dinner experience was a "Swedish summer" dinner at an old farm outside of town (Langa Raden). There was "prawns on toast" which was actually prawns on a dark bread that wasn't toasted. The teeny prawns were very nice though. Mains was salmon or beef. I had salmon and it was *lovely*. Dessert was a chocolate fondant which was very nice but very rich!

Then another half hour drive back to the hotel to crash in a heap (after only about three thousand steps today!)