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The latest drama: trying to unlock my phone from Optus.  Apple in their infinite wisdom dictated that the only way to unlock your phone from your provider is to do a backup and then a restore of the phone.  How retarded is that on every level?  The last time I tried to do it it wiped an app off my phone and I lost all my UK 2010 GPS tracks.  I was devastated.  

Tonight I was having another go at it on my new phone.  I dutifully backed up the phone, then hit the restore button.  Except I got an error:

"iTunes could not restore the iPhone "Kazza the Blank One" because not enough free space is available on the iPhone".

Except there was over a gig free.

So I *BATTLED* clearing things off it.  Photos are easy enough through Windows Explorer, but podcasts, music and audiobooks play hard to get, and it's not intuitive how to do it.  Had to fight and fight with it to remove the files.

Got to nearly 3.5 Gb free.  But do you think the phone will restore? NO!  I renamed the backup file directory and did a whole new backup.  Both directories were only 6Gb in size.  Still it wouldn't restore.

So now I'm going on yet another trip where my phone won't onlock and I'll be forced to use Global Roaming if I want to use my phone at all.

Apple, you SUCK!!!!

Edit.  I deleted another couple of gigs of photos to get it to more than 6Gb free, which was the size of the backup directory.  Now it seems to be restoring.....  Let's see if Apple screws me over in some other way next ...

Day Trippin

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Yesterday morning I drove to Sydney.

But first I had to fight with iTunes.  One of the crappiest pieces of software ever.  Rivalling our proxies and IDS software.  At least our proxies have a nice, friendly, easy to use interface.  iTunes: forget it.  I need to Google how to do anything in it.  Nothing is intuitive.  

Stu had the Harry Potter books as audio books, and I wanted to listen to one on the drive.  So he gave me the files.  Firstly I had to figure out how to get them into iTunes (that wasn't easy but managed it eventually after Stu figured out that you need to be in a very specific spot before File, Import will actually *do* anything).  Then I had to get the file onto my phone.  After finally finding the audio books section (there's a sub-tab under the Books section) and making sure it was ticked for syncing, I tried to sync it.  But even though I could see it transfer the file and it all looked like it was working, it simply wouldn't show up in the audio books section of the phone.  It's simply not there.  Even after a reboot of the phone.  One suggestion I found online was to put it into a playlist so I did this, and could finally see the book in the playlist (but still not in audiobooks).  I fricken *HATE* iTunes and Apple.  Get your act together guys!!

So anyway.

Book loaded, off I headed to Sydney to visit the parents before Dad's operation tomorrow.

A couple of interesting things on the trip: got random breath tested on the Federal Highway, just a count to ten one, and there was a great big rock hanging off the Hanging Rock Road sign :)

We had some lunch, and talked, and Peter H came over and we watched a slide show of the parents' last trip to NT/WA and had roast pork for dinner and then I headed home again.  Very long day.  Dad is not doing so well.  We'll know more after tomorrow ..


Well the first step in the drama that is Apple was moving my 3GS to another computer.  I wasn't interested in any music or playlists, just my apps and settings.  So did a final backup on the old computer, made a file system backup of the backup, and then hooked it up to the other computer.  It actually went ok, showing up and doing a backup.  I then told it to "transfer purchases" which downloaded all the apps off the phone and saved them to the new computer.  So yeah the first step went ok.  Although I'm not entirely sure that the new computer thinks it's the "true" owner of the phone, but more on that later.

Tuesday night I thought I'd upgrade my 3GS to IOS 6.  First step was another full backup.  Followed by backup of the backup files on the file system.  

Starting the update, I got this message.  To which I'm like "but I just *did* a backup!".  So I did another backup, and another transfer of purchases.
iTunes sux
"There are purchased items on the iPhone "Kazza the Blank One" that have not been transferred to your iTunes library.  You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone.  Are you sure you want to continue?"

I also got this message.  Which in retrospect suggested that the new iTunes/computer wasn't the "owner" of the phone.  But I thought it would be ok.  I had backups after all.
iTunes sux
"Updating to iOS 6.0 will delete all the apps and media, including iTunes Store purchases on your iPhone.  To preserve your content, apply this update on the computer where you sync apps, music, videos and photos.  Updating on this computer will only preserve contacts, calendars, text messages and other settings.  Please do not interrupt the update, which may take an hour or more to complete."

The next battle was with our router, which keeps dropping off the internet, and so it took me three goes to download the 900mb update.  Eventually it came down.  

During the update I go this message.  Again, I had backups, so I wasn't *too* concerned.

iTunes sux
"An error occurred while backing up this iPhone (-50).  Would you like to continue to update this iPhone?  Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPhone."

This is where things started to get messy.  The phone updated and rebooted.  It came up blank and wanted to be restored.  At one point it came up in the "activation mode" - where nothing actually works until you go into iTunes and activate it.  Another restore.  This time a blank phone with no apps (although seemingly all the settings for the default apps).  Another restore.  This time the phone kept rebooting and not staying up.  This was after midnight now and I thought I'd bricked the phone.  So went to bed but couldn't sleep.  Eventually got up again to check on it and the phone had come back up.  But still in a default state with no apps.

The next morning I got up thinking I'd lost all my apps/data.  But I thought I'd try synching a few of the apps to the phone anyway.  And miracle of miracles!  All my app data was there!!  I was so happy!

So happy that that afternoon I went out and bought an iPhone 5.

I couldn't use it straight away, as I was going to Chris B's for a halloween party.  But I was able to use it on wifi there. 

Came home and plugged it into iTunes.  Also got it going on wifi.  Or so I thought.  It dropped out twice.  A turn off/on of wifi in settings seemed to help.  Activated the sim, and was all up and running late that evening.  Synched a small set of apps to the phone, and they had all their app data.  So I thought I was set.

Not so much.

As it turns out, the wifi problems were actually a lot more major than I thought.  What I thought was the wifi dropping out completely doesn't seem to be the case.  And it seemed to be intermittent too.

Friday night I installed 6.01, which was *supposed* to fix the reported problems with wifi and wpa2.  Yeah no.  Not at all.  In fact if anything it's worse than it was before.

So this is the latest.  I know that wifi connects.  In fact I can use a ping app to prove it - 

And actually, when I turned wifi off/on it seems that when things worked initially before dropping out, it was simply because it was still using 3G before the wifi kicked in.  The ping times are quite high on 3G before it switches to wifi.

So then I thought maybe it was DNS.  But my DNS utility continues to work while other apps don't - 

DNS ok So it's got me stumped.  Why would ping and DNS apps work, but not regular applications?  It's just not logical.

And the other weird thing is that push notifications continue to work.  For example, I was on Echofon (Twitter) this morning.  I'd get the push notifications to my phone even before my computer showed them in the Twitter timeline. But I couldn't use Echofon to load the timeline.  Same thing with DrawSomething.  I'd get the notifications that it was my turn, but couldn't actually load a game!  How the hell does that work?  

So after a week of drama with Apple/iTunes, I'm this >< close to chucking it all in and getting an Android.  I don't know if there's any point asking for a new phone - because it's likely to have exactly the same problems right?  I feel like I should do some more testing.  Try it out a few people's places to see if it has the same problems there.  Maybe it's just the interaction with our wifi access point?  I don't think there's anything physically wrong with the phone.  In fact last night it seemed to work for a couple of hours.  So replacing it is not likely to help anyway.  The whole thing has made me super depressed.  Coupled with lack of sleep all week (even after late nights my body refuses to sleep in past 7am) and I'm just over everything.

Have done some more testing with DNS.  In safari I can access websites by ip address, but as soon as I try their FQDN, things don't work.  I've tried static and DHCP for IP address settings.  Maybe I should try another DNS server?  Maybe IPV6 is confusing things??

Tried static entries, and tried Google's DNS servers.  No luck :(

*some* sites work ok just as IP addresses - others still don't work

Spring Saturday

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I'm still pissed that iTunes lost all my Trip Journal GPS tracks.  The same backup/restore didn't wipe the iPhone "notes" I took during the trip, just the Trip Journal stuff.  I dread to think how many photos I took out the window of the car that I'll never be able to find now :(  Had a couple of beers at lunch at work yesterday which helped a little.  But not much.

Today was ok.  Built some Lego.  Read lots of news feeds.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Tried to sort out finances (with the intent to figure out how much our holiday cost us in the end).  Dreading doing tax return.  

Watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone tonight.  Was epic cool to see all the been-there's we saw last month :)

Every time I think about my GPS tracks I get sad again .. *sigh*


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I've always hated iTunes.  It's the dodgiest, most bloated, unfriendliest application imaginable. 
But nothing compares with how much I hate it now.

In the process of attempting restores to unlock my phone, it managed to lose Trip Journal, which I purchased only just before I left.  I was quite shocked this morning to find it missing off the phone, as I wanted to see a map from when we'd been away.  So connected it to iTunes, and ticked the Trip Journal application and synched it.  Well Trip Journal appeared on the phone again, but all the data is gone.

I actually feel quite ill now.

All my GPS tracks from our trip are gone.

iTunes sux.

iTunes is demented.

iTunes is retarted.

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