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iOS 10.3.3

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I've been keeping wifi turned off on my phone since the massive wifi bug was announced a while back.  This weekend I finally got around to backing up my phone (manually backing up the important stuff cause I don't trust Apple), clearing space, and upgrading it.

First I had to upgrade iTunes, so I did that.  But iTunes was separate to the software updater, and so it (not sure which) went off and downloaded the upgrade.  Meanwhile I came back to the software updater (or was it iTunes??) and it wanted to me to restart.  Whoops.  So I quietly ignored that until the download had finished, hoping I'd be able to do it before I started the upgrade.  I also left my phone plugged in for the entire process.

Three hours later.

At our crappy internet speed of 2Mbps it took three hours to download the 2.4GB update.

But when it downloaded it just went off and did the upgrade quietly, I think with a couple of reboots of the phone (it did it while we watching tv).  Then it was done.  No drama, no errors, no hassles.  I know this is how it *should* be, but my experience has always been a lot more awful than that.

It removed the Game Centre and added "Home" and "Videos".  And made the notifications and home button behaviour different.  Haven't really used much else to comment on anything else.

And in related news, Optus finally have 4G where we live.  It's been 3G until just this weekend.

Not Winning

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So that progress I made yesterday?  All failed today cause I'm a retard and stuffed it up and now need to go for a half hour drive just to access the device to kick it in the head so I can try again.


Not to mention my "communication skills" suck.

Just sayin.

Kerry and the kids came over for dinner tonight (they very nicely brought pepperoni pizza nommm) .. but sadly Scotty didn't come as he's meeting up with them later.  Oh wells......

Here's a photo of some iphones I took at drinks the other week.  All iPhone 5 form factor, including an SE in there .. Why can't Apple do an iPhone 7 in a small form factor??


Also.  Ward and I are *literally* surrounded by sick people at work.  *Six* of our team are sick with colds, and with Violet coughing all over us tonight, if we don't get sick it'll be a miracle....

No news is.. no news?

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Nothing much of note to report lately.  

Had a weekend at the club for one of the long weekends.  Stu worked on his assignment and Heather, Lynn and I cleaned out the office.  It looks sooo much better now!

Club office

Had a bit of a walk last week to try and get the step count up.  Saw cool skies and fairy rings of flowers and swanlings.

Fairy ring of flowers

Ominous clouds


Had a dinner with the sweetie at Pappa Rich in town last week which was nice enough.

Pappa Rich

Pappa Rich

Popped into Kit's when we got home.  Chloe was there with her new iPhone 7 which does take pretty good low light photos

iPhone 7 photo

Last weekend had a dinner at EffanC's and Scott came too and we just chatted all evening which was nice.

Other than that, I finished sorting Lego and picking out pieces for all the sets.  Now I'm putting them all together.  Fun times.

iOS 9

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So I upgraded my phone from 6.1.4 to 9.1 on Sunday night.

Yeah yeah yeah, shut up.

I spent ages and ages on the weekend making sure I had everything backed up.  Because given my history with iTunes, there was no way I was going to trust my content to Apple.

As it turned out, I did get errors.

iPhone upgrade fail

I tried upgrading iTunes (my phone was a brick at this point).

And in the end it did in fact want to completely wipe my phone.

iPhone upgrade fail

But then it upgraded ok, and restored the backup ok.

So far the only thing I've noticed that I've lost was all the gold I'd spent months accumulating on Candy Crush.  So was pretty pissed off about that.  But at least all my other rewards and my level were maintained.


iOS 9.

Having not ever used 7 or 8, the "new" interface is new to me for the first time.  The calendar and photo sorting differences have been around for a while, but are new to me.

Things I like:

* I do like the photo sorting.  Rather than one big folder of thumbnails, now they're separated by date and location.  Much easier now to find and clear photos.
* the predictive text feature that I've seen on Android is there, although I've not really used it.
* the clock actually works on the home screen now!  And it even has a second hand!
* it *seems* like the battery life is a lot better
* EDIT: OMG! You can see all the attachments on SMSes!!  Will be easy to go through and remove excess crap

Things I'm not sure about:

* not sure I like the new icons
* the music player is no longer on the left of the home screen, and doesn't come with a double click from the lock screen unless you already have it open
* reminder alerts don't go away from your lock screen until you've actually swiped them to unlock/read.  But at least swiping to open an SMS actually opens the messages app and doesn't just unlock the phone and then expect you to load messages after that.

Things I really don't like:

* the notes application has now split up my notes based on some arbitrary decision about whether they're in my mail file or on the phone.  Dumb dumb dumb. Just give me a notes file.  I'm constantly having to switch between the two views of notes to see the notes in the two different locations.
* lack of consistency in switching between *stuff*.  Want to switch between an app?  Scroll left and right.  Want to switch tabs in Safari?  Scroll up and down.  Completely retarded.  Plus the animation is too enthusiastic and you end up scrolling past apps, or accidentally closing them when you meant to scroll left or right instead of up or down.
* lack of response to clicking the home button or scrolling.  Previously when I clicked the home button to unlock, the screen popped up straight away.  Now it can take up to a full second before the screen comes up, making me think I haven't pressed it properly.  And previously swiping between home screens was quite sensitive and responsive.  Now sometimes it just doesn't swipe until you've *really* swiped - otherwise it'll just bounce back to the screen you were on.  Super annoying.  EDIT:  This mainly seems to be after unlocking the screen.  Presumably when unlocking the screen it starts up a bunch of processes to do *stuff* when unlocked.
* I've really not liked the calendar interface since iOS 7 (when seeing it on other phones).  iOS 6's calendar let you show a month at a time, and when you clicked on a day it showed you the events at the bottom.  Simple, and it didn't change layouts around.  Now you *can* get a month view, but if you click on day you get taken to a list view that shows all events in a list.  Yuk.  And actually part of the reason I put off upgrading my phone.
* photo location map.  This was a super cool feature that showed you on a map where all your photos were taken.  I have photos all over the world on this phone and it was cool to see on a map.  Don't know if this feature is still there but hidden, or gone forever.
* EDIT: really not liking the reminders anymore.  Just clunky and awkward to use now.

Really the main reason for upgrading was just too many apps these days need iOS 7 or later to work.  So I had to bite the bullet and do it...

Weekend socialising

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Last Saturday we went over to EffanC's to celebrate C's (ahem) 25th.  So that was a lovely afternoon of drinking bubbly and chatting.  In the evening we watched Juno on the big screen.

Red flowers



Last Sunday Chrispycon and Anne were in town from Hong Kong, so we met up with them and a bunch of their friends at Manuka for drinks.

Last night was a BBQ at Kit's, just because.

In between has been working, house cleaning, fish buying, mandarin learning, cooking.


Yesterday I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the state of the house.  So Stu wisely told me to just work on one pile, which I did.  So that was good.

Dad's photo scanning is coming along.  I'm up to 260 out of the thousand-odd needing to be scanned.  I'm half way through his photos of our Kangaroo Island holiday in 1994.

Stu has bought a heap of plants and some native fish for his four foot tank.  I've gotten some danios for the two foot, and some more danios to start again on the "angel" tank.  Stu has also setup a tiny little tank with some cherry red shrimp which are very cute.

Red Cherry Shrimp

I've pulled apart the Ingress Lego logos.  I'm really wanting to find a new mosaic design to use.  The current big mosaic was made in February 2009!!  And has been hung up in the spare room since November 2009.  That's just insane. 

And tonight I've got a better than average chance of completely bricking my phone by upgrading it from 6.1.4 to 9.1.  I might have spent ages today making sure I have everything that I care about backed up off it.

Quotes from 1997

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So I decided today to export all the blood pressure readings (and heart rate and weight) from the app I've been using for the past four years (iBP Tracker by Finger Taps).  Turns out the export to email function doesn't actually work.  Neither does the online backup option.

So I was forced to go through each day's entry and manually record it elsewhere.


I got through the past month, which is what I want to take to the doctor.

What a piece of crap.  Guess what application I *won't* be using anymore.

Another thing I realised tonight is how much crap I have on my computer.  At least twenty year's worth.

I did find this list of quotes (file was last saved 16.10.97) which I remember well..

Life is short and DNA is long
If at first you don't succeed, destroy all the evidence
An optimist: someone who hasn't been given all the facts yet
Friction is a drag
Very funny Scotty. Now beam up the clothes!
Recycle!! Today's garbage is tommorrow's world!
Marriage is grand. Divorce? 20 grand.
Marriage - it's not just a word, it's a sentence!
Hello? Constipation Hotline? Yes, I can hold...
Support mental health... or I'll *KILL* you
If you're 1 in a million, there's a thousand Chinese just like you.
No matter where you go, there you are.
Psychic midget escapes from prison... Small Medium at Large!
World to end at 10pm! Film at 11
Floggings will continue until morale improves.
Who tested Preperations A through G, and why??
9 out of 10 men who try CAMELs prefer women.
8 out of 10 people suffer from hemmorhoids. The other 2 enjoy them.
Who is All, and why does he get so much mail??
Who is General Failure, and why is he reading my drive??
Who is General Protection, and why does he always find fault??
Who is Joy, and why does everyone jump for her??
Who is Will, and why should I fire at him??
Warning : Breathing may be hazardous to your health!
Shin : device for finding furniture in the dark
Stick : A boomerang that doesn't work
No trespassing... prosecutors will be violated!
Warning : research causes cancer
Ok, I pulled the pin, now what? Hey, where are you going??
When I get bored, I beam myself back and forth - Worf
The only way to avoid temptation is to yield to it.
Today's subliminal message sponsered by : Ben Dover
Today's subliminal message sponsered by : Justin Hale
Today's subliminal message sponsered by : Mike Rotch
Despite the high cost of living, it still remains popular.
The world is like a kleenex.. you use it, then you throw it away.
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... no, it's a bird.
2 wrongs don't make a right, but 3 lefts do.
Tonight's forecast : darkness, followed by light.
In God we trust. All others require a credit check.
If practice makes perfect and noone's perfect, then why practice?


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I clocked my phone last night.

Ten thousand photos taken on my phone in two and a half years (although a number of those were on my last phone that were ported over to the new one).


Work has been super stressful the last little while.  On Friday night stayed back a little trying to resolve a problem for someone, which I did, so that was a relief leading into the weekend.  In fact I was just packing up to go when EffanC called to see if we wanted to go out for dinner.  Sounded great!  So we went into Mezzalira.  I'd never actually been there before.  At C's suggestion we had the five course degustation menu with matched wines.  On my!  So delicious.  A really great meal.

Pan seared scallops with smoked eel and jerusalem artichoke

Tortellini in sage butter

Mushroom risotto with truffle oil


Lemon tart

Saturday was a nice quiet day at home.

Ice burst

In the evening we went to the Ha Ha Bar for drinks for Kit's birthday.  It's not the sort of place that's really designed for that sort of gathering though - it's more a restaurant than a bar, so they say they do table service, but if we'd waited for table service we never would have gotten drinks.  And when I went to order some nibbles they said they'd come over and take food orders, but they never did so didn't end up getting food.  Anyway things settled down a bit when we all just went to the bar for drinks, and several platters of fries were ordered.  Pool at the Lighthouse afterwards.  A good fun evening.

Ha Ha drinks

Today was another quiet day of getting things done around the house.  In the afternoon we went for a walk to hack some portals and do some missions, then did a little food shopping.  Cooked honey mustard chicken for dinner.  Yum!

Honey mustard chicken

So nothing of any particular significance for May 16 this year.


The latest drama: trying to unlock my phone from Optus.  Apple in their infinite wisdom dictated that the only way to unlock your phone from your provider is to do a backup and then a restore of the phone.  How retarded is that on every level?  The last time I tried to do it it wiped an app off my phone and I lost all my UK 2010 GPS tracks.  I was devastated.  

Tonight I was having another go at it on my new phone.  I dutifully backed up the phone, then hit the restore button.  Except I got an error:

"iTunes could not restore the iPhone "Kazza the Blank One" because not enough free space is available on the iPhone".

Except there was over a gig free.

So I *BATTLED* clearing things off it.  Photos are easy enough through Windows Explorer, but podcasts, music and audiobooks play hard to get, and it's not intuitive how to do it.  Had to fight and fight with it to remove the files.

Got to nearly 3.5 Gb free.  But do you think the phone will restore? NO!  I renamed the backup file directory and did a whole new backup.  Both directories were only 6Gb in size.  Still it wouldn't restore.

So now I'm going on yet another trip where my phone won't onlock and I'll be forced to use Global Roaming if I want to use my phone at all.

Apple, you SUCK!!!!

Edit.  I deleted another couple of gigs of photos to get it to more than 6Gb free, which was the size of the backup directory.  Now it seems to be restoring.....  Let's see if Apple screws me over in some other way next ...


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These were taken with my iPhone...  *my iPhone* !!!

Slightly cropped, but otherwise just resized
iPhone flutterby

More closely cropped, a little bit resized
iPhone flutterby

Actual pixels
Actual pixels

Actual pixels
iPhone flutterby


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I very sadly sold my iPhone 3GS today.  Heather had been wanting to get one, and really, mine was just going to sit in a box until the battery exploded, so I figured *someone* may as well get some use out of it.  I'd had it for nearly three years.  Just for fun, I decided to wipe it remotely using the "find my iPhone" utility on my new phone.  Seemed to work!

3GS box
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3GS


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Haven't played too much with Siri yet, but did ask her the obvious question (which she mistranslated, but still got there in the end).


Well the first step in the drama that is Apple was moving my 3GS to another computer.  I wasn't interested in any music or playlists, just my apps and settings.  So did a final backup on the old computer, made a file system backup of the backup, and then hooked it up to the other computer.  It actually went ok, showing up and doing a backup.  I then told it to "transfer purchases" which downloaded all the apps off the phone and saved them to the new computer.  So yeah the first step went ok.  Although I'm not entirely sure that the new computer thinks it's the "true" owner of the phone, but more on that later.

Tuesday night I thought I'd upgrade my 3GS to IOS 6.  First step was another full backup.  Followed by backup of the backup files on the file system.  

Starting the update, I got this message.  To which I'm like "but I just *did* a backup!".  So I did another backup, and another transfer of purchases.
iTunes sux
"There are purchased items on the iPhone "Kazza the Blank One" that have not been transferred to your iTunes library.  You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone.  Are you sure you want to continue?"

I also got this message.  Which in retrospect suggested that the new iTunes/computer wasn't the "owner" of the phone.  But I thought it would be ok.  I had backups after all.
iTunes sux
"Updating to iOS 6.0 will delete all the apps and media, including iTunes Store purchases on your iPhone.  To preserve your content, apply this update on the computer where you sync apps, music, videos and photos.  Updating on this computer will only preserve contacts, calendars, text messages and other settings.  Please do not interrupt the update, which may take an hour or more to complete."

The next battle was with our router, which keeps dropping off the internet, and so it took me three goes to download the 900mb update.  Eventually it came down.  

During the update I go this message.  Again, I had backups, so I wasn't *too* concerned.

iTunes sux
"An error occurred while backing up this iPhone (-50).  Would you like to continue to update this iPhone?  Continuing will result in the loss of all contents on this iPhone."

This is where things started to get messy.  The phone updated and rebooted.  It came up blank and wanted to be restored.  At one point it came up in the "activation mode" - where nothing actually works until you go into iTunes and activate it.  Another restore.  This time a blank phone with no apps (although seemingly all the settings for the default apps).  Another restore.  This time the phone kept rebooting and not staying up.  This was after midnight now and I thought I'd bricked the phone.  So went to bed but couldn't sleep.  Eventually got up again to check on it and the phone had come back up.  But still in a default state with no apps.

The next morning I got up thinking I'd lost all my apps/data.  But I thought I'd try synching a few of the apps to the phone anyway.  And miracle of miracles!  All my app data was there!!  I was so happy!

So happy that that afternoon I went out and bought an iPhone 5.

I couldn't use it straight away, as I was going to Chris B's for a halloween party.  But I was able to use it on wifi there. 

Came home and plugged it into iTunes.  Also got it going on wifi.  Or so I thought.  It dropped out twice.  A turn off/on of wifi in settings seemed to help.  Activated the sim, and was all up and running late that evening.  Synched a small set of apps to the phone, and they had all their app data.  So I thought I was set.

Not so much.

As it turns out, the wifi problems were actually a lot more major than I thought.  What I thought was the wifi dropping out completely doesn't seem to be the case.  And it seemed to be intermittent too.

Friday night I installed 6.01, which was *supposed* to fix the reported problems with wifi and wpa2.  Yeah no.  Not at all.  In fact if anything it's worse than it was before.

So this is the latest.  I know that wifi connects.  In fact I can use a ping app to prove it - 

And actually, when I turned wifi off/on it seems that when things worked initially before dropping out, it was simply because it was still using 3G before the wifi kicked in.  The ping times are quite high on 3G before it switches to wifi.

So then I thought maybe it was DNS.  But my DNS utility continues to work while other apps don't - 

DNS ok So it's got me stumped.  Why would ping and DNS apps work, but not regular applications?  It's just not logical.

And the other weird thing is that push notifications continue to work.  For example, I was on Echofon (Twitter) this morning.  I'd get the push notifications to my phone even before my computer showed them in the Twitter timeline. But I couldn't use Echofon to load the timeline.  Same thing with DrawSomething.  I'd get the notifications that it was my turn, but couldn't actually load a game!  How the hell does that work?  

So after a week of drama with Apple/iTunes, I'm this >< close to chucking it all in and getting an Android.  I don't know if there's any point asking for a new phone - because it's likely to have exactly the same problems right?  I feel like I should do some more testing.  Try it out a few people's places to see if it has the same problems there.  Maybe it's just the interaction with our wifi access point?  I don't think there's anything physically wrong with the phone.  In fact last night it seemed to work for a couple of hours.  So replacing it is not likely to help anyway.  The whole thing has made me super depressed.  Coupled with lack of sleep all week (even after late nights my body refuses to sleep in past 7am) and I'm just over everything.

Have done some more testing with DNS.  In safari I can access websites by ip address, but as soon as I try their FQDN, things don't work.  I've tried static and DHCP for IP address settings.  Maybe I should try another DNS server?  Maybe IPV6 is confusing things??

Tried static entries, and tried Google's DNS servers.  No luck :(

*some* sites work ok just as IP addresses - others still don't work

iPhone Tracking

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Last year (I was shocked that it's been over a year!) I read this article (and others like it) about how you could get your iPhone location data pretty simply out of the backups that iTunes keeps on your computer.  Putting it in the "hey I should do that before I upgrade to 4.3.3 and lose the ability to do it" basket, I put it off for the previously mentioned year.

Today my phone crashed and I was reminded to do this so I can upgrade the OS on it finally.

There's a few utilities out there that will do it.  I tried one that only showed 190 points (out of the 12452 that I have).  Then I tried iPhoneTrackerWin which at least worked.  How cool is this!

But it didn't have any sort of export (apart from a log).

So then I tried nphonetrack which outputs a raw csv and a kml file you can load into Google Earth.

Here's a few more from iPhoneTrackerWin

Canberra.. have ranged all over here!
Visiting Chay and David last year
Jordan didn't rate a mention
Heathrow, Leavesden Studios and Windsor feature in addition to London
Some weird stuff happened in Japan.  Sapporo and central Hokkaido didn't rate a mention, yet there was a stack of stuff around Sendai.  Maybe it transposed some stuff for a while?

iPhone shenanigans

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The SIL has been playing with all sorts of photographic effects for a while now.  My brother is not impressed.  I can see where my brother is coming from.  Why take a photo of something then abuse it so it doesn't really resemble what you took a picture of.  And to some extent I agree (my biggest gripes are with the photos that take the image then mirror it or flip it around.. I really don't see the point of those).  But on the other hand, if you're just having a bit of fun, and the pictures you're taking really aren't *of* anything in particular, then putting some effects on them makes them a bit more interesting.

Like this photo of Stu taken at Knead Patisserie today.  I take plenty of pictures of Stu, but to be a bit different, I added an Instagram effect (can't remember which one!).  Not a very exciting (or even very good) photo, but the original is even less so.

iPhone fun
Or these pics of the Belconnen Markets.  The original was created with Pro HDR.  The HDR exposes for both the shadows of the shops and the bright sail.  So it's already looking better than a regular photo would.  But really the content isn't that exciting.  Why not apply an old-school filter to it, then you could look at it think it was out of someone's photo collection from the 1960s or 1970s.  

iPhone fun
iPhone fun
I really liked this picture of a random guy sitting at a table.  With the "antique" Lightroom filter it looks more interesting than the original below it.

iPhone fun
iPhone fun
And a picture of Stu's coffee.  Again, completely boring subject matter, but livened up with an Instagram filter.

iPhone fun
So I can see its point as art.  Because you're not trying to faithfully recreate the original scene.  You're manipulating something that would otherwise have little interest and have some fun with it.

Coppins HDR

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Had a good play with the ProHDR app on my phone the other day at Coppins Crossing.  I tend to find it makes things a little too bright and too saturated so have adjusted them a bit.  The approaching storm clouds certainly made for interesting photos :)

Coppins Crossing HDR
Coppins Crossing HDR
Coppins Crossing HDR
Coppins Crossing HDR

And so it ends...

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I still miss my three month uni summer holidays .. I know, it's been fifteen years since I had one, but I still miss them!


So the end of the break and I actually had a really relaxing day.  Was sort of at peace, so to speak.  Got my desk mostly cleared.  Paid some bills.  Sorted out some finance stuff.  Sorted some receipts.  Played Loops of Zen.  Played Canasta.  Did some kirigami.  Went through some newspapers.  Edged some of the front lawn.  Played with my magnets and made a buckyball.  Played with HDR, Camera+, and Instagram on my iPhone.  Cooked a nice red curry for dinner.  Watched some Star Trek with the sweetie.  Kept the kitchen cleaned up.  Did some washing.  Downloaded photos.

Really good productive day, with lots of fun as well.

I got this 7x7 cube for Christmas.  I haven't been game to muck it up yet!
7x7 cube
Bucky ball!
I'm really liking making my own red curries at the moment.
This one has:
A little bit of leftover pork, garlic mince and half an onion fried in peanut oil in a wok
Mushrooms and zucchini added next
Finally some red capsicum and pak choy
Add in three teaspoons of red curry paste and a tin of light coconut cream
Nomm!   (I also added a small handful of cashews on top).  The sweetie went back for seconds :)
Red curry

Cold October weekend

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So yesterday morning I woke up to snow.  


Actually I suppose you'd call it sleet, as there was plenty of rain too, but mixed in were little flurries of snow, which was epic cool!!

October snow
Did our food shopping, then spent the afternoon trying to tidy up the house.

I like how these coins arranged themselves when I dropped them on my desk the other day.

Coin drop

Then headed over to Nat and Andrew's and ordered Crust pizzas for dinner.  The winner for me was the "Peking Duck" pizza - with a hoisin sauce base and duck and a couple of whole leaves of bok choy.  Yum yum yum.

Crust Peking Duck Pizza

Had a go at iPad scrabble since we had four i-devices to use.  Worked ok, except that the phones kept dropping out :(  

iPad scrabble

Also played all 32 races of Mario Kart in a row.

Mario Kart scores

Today was final cleaning of the house, and then the Canberra Killifish Study Group which we had at our place.  Six fishy geeks plus Stu :)  After they had a tour of all our fish tanks they had their meeting.  I heated up lunch.

Afterwards headed out to Corin Dam, but will put all of that in a separate post.

Spring Saturday

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I'm still pissed that iTunes lost all my Trip Journal GPS tracks.  The same backup/restore didn't wipe the iPhone "notes" I took during the trip, just the Trip Journal stuff.  I dread to think how many photos I took out the window of the car that I'll never be able to find now :(  Had a couple of beers at lunch at work yesterday which helped a little.  But not much.

Today was ok.  Built some Lego.  Read lots of news feeds.  Cleaned the kitchen.  Tried to sort out finances (with the intent to figure out how much our holiday cost us in the end).  Dreading doing tax return.  

Watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone tonight.  Was epic cool to see all the been-there's we saw last month :)

Every time I think about my GPS tracks I get sad again .. *sigh*


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I've always hated iTunes.  It's the dodgiest, most bloated, unfriendliest application imaginable. 
But nothing compares with how much I hate it now.

In the process of attempting restores to unlock my phone, it managed to lose Trip Journal, which I purchased only just before I left.  I was quite shocked this morning to find it missing off the phone, as I wanted to see a map from when we'd been away.  So connected it to iTunes, and ticked the Trip Journal application and synched it.  Well Trip Journal appeared on the phone again, but all the data is gone.

I actually feel quite ill now.

All my GPS tracks from our trip are gone.

iTunes sux.

iTunes is demented.

iTunes is retarted.


Trip Journal

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I put a tweet out before I went away asking for recommendations for a GPS tracker for the iPhone that would work ok when driving (there's heaps for walking/jogging/cycling).  The only reply for a specific app was from Dave2 for Trip Journal. I'd actually seen this in his blog a couple of months ago and had kept the link.  So thought what the heck and downloaded it.

It took a bit of getting used to.  The interface may be pretty but it's not that intuitive (or maybe that's just me - I never like interfaces that you have to explore, I like nice simple menus).  So figured out how to get it tracking when we picked up the hire car a week and a half ago.  

It works as well as the iPhone GPS does  - which is of course a little crappy - but for driving this isn't too much of an issue (except on city lanes where sometimes it records you a street over).  

The biggest problem I've had using it is that *any* app that uses the GPS just chews through iPhone batteries like you can replace them.  The only way to use it safely is to have it plugged into power all the time.  Which is ok when driving and you have a spare cigarette lighter handy.  Fortunately our hire car has two!  So one for the GPS, one for the iPhone, and a USB port for Stu's iPod.  Have I ever mentioned that battery life on the iPhone is utterly pitiful and whoever designed it this way should be shot?  So haven't been using it for walking around, just for the driving.

The biggest win for this app however is the ability to cache maps (at least Open Maps anyway, haven't tried Google maps - it seemed to have trouble showing you where you were on those maps).  So if you have internet access in your hotel, you can go to all the locations you want to go to in advance, zoom in to the level you want in certain areas etc.  Then when you're out and about (and you can't afford to pay $20000/gigabyte in data roaming charges) all the maps still work and you can see where you are as you're travelling.  Win!!
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