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Yass evening

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Had a nice quiet house day today.  Late this arvo we headed out to Yass, despite the second migraine for the sweetie in two days :(

Pink flowers

I got to take a whole heap of photos of the chookens

.. before moving in the wrong way freaked one of them out and she flew over the fence and onto the balcony then the garage roof..

Chooken on the roof
Annie made a delicous lasagna, and then we all watched Nanny McPhee.

Took a photo of a very yellow looking blue moon..

Yellow blue moon

And that's mars there on the bottom left... (really!)

Moon and mars

Day in Yass

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First up, a pic of the cherry blossoms that are starting to open (took this yesterday)

Weeping cherry buds
Today was quite a spectacular spring day. Got picked up by Scott and Kerry and headed out to Yass for lunch.

The country side is very green at the moment.

Green hills
One of Annie's chooks

They have heaps of gorgeous daffodils

Cherry blossoms are making me feel like I'm back in Japan (except there were bees today)

Cherry blossom with bee
Lunch was some wonderful roast beef that Annie cooked, and a spectacular ice cream cake that Ruth made

Ice cream cake
Then we went down to Yass park with all the kids

Yass park slide

Yass park magpie
Got home very late, and had to cram a whole stack of work into a very short time before it got too dark.

Cooked mushroom pizzas for dinner (that's a base of a few big portabella mushrooms, stuffed with veggies and cheese) and played some Olympics and got another crown. Still hate hate hate fencing. And called the parents for father's day.

Is it bed time now? :)

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